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  1. My fantasy set-up for College Conferences ------------------------------------------------------------- Five 16 team "Super Conferences" ======================== - "ACC" (ACC + Notre Dame & WVU) - "American XVI" (Best 15 of the Go5 teams + one Big XII member) - "B1G" (Big Sixteen; Big Ten + Two Big XII members) - "Pac-16" (Pac-12 + 4 Big XII members) - "SEC" (SEC + Texas and OU) These 5 conferences play for the 12-team College Football Playoff with bowls. ______________________________________________________________________ Conference USA =========================================== - Atlantic (12 teams) 8 C-USA members + 3 independents + 1 FCS call-up - Central (14 teams) 10 MAC members + 2 C-USA members + 2 FCS call-ups - Mountain (16 teams) 9 Mt. West members + 4 FCS Call-ups + 2 C-USA members +1 Independent - South (16 teams) 8 Sun Belt members + 7 C-USA members + 1 FCS call-up This would basically be four different conferences falling under one brand and having its own separate 4-team playoff.
  2. I live down the street, I am a TCU supporter... can't tell you how many times I've been saying this to people. TCU and Fort Worth fits in with "Pac 12 culture" A LOT MORE than people think it would . . .
  3. The Cavs and Browns is exactly what I was thinking. I too would have gone with Spiders... but I don't mind Guardians because I understand what it is and what it means to the city. Either one's fine, IMO. Personally, I think the majority of the people who hate this are just mad that they can't use Indians anymore. As far as the logo goes, I firmly believe it's not going to be the primary, at the least.
  4. Jokes aside, I feel like this isn't going to be their primary logo. They may actually go with another typical roundel like everyone else seems to be doing, now. I could be wrong and feel free to correct... and I don't think it's horrible, but I feel like this isn't THE logo in which they're going to present this new identity.
  5. My thoughts on a 32 team NBA - 4 Divisions instead of 2 conferences - All expansion and relocations based on current rumors... except Seattle, because I'm pretty sure we can all agree that's set in stone. - Revamped Playoff Format explained below:
  6. Definition of trippin' (Urban Dictionary) 1. To be concerned or worried about something/someone when you act like you're not. (Especially when a guy is "sweatin" a girl and vice versa) 2. To make a big deal/get upset over nothing. 3. To be under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. Examples of yikes in a Sentence 1. He acted like he didn't want to be with her but he kept making reference to love and what not the day after he broke up with her. That boy was trippin', I know he was sweatin' her hard. 2. My mom found out I wasnt a virgin anymore and was crying like crazy. I mean damn, I'm 45 years old, she's trippin'. First Known Use of yikes The term dates back to the 1920s. When people are tripping on hallucinogenic drugs, they can act very erratic, which probably accounts for the use of trppin' for “acting insane, foolish, or without thinking” in general slang by the late 1980s. ...in all seriousness, it's a good and underrated color scheme.
  7. These are sexy. I'd gladly take this identity.
  8. I'm late, but... someone REALLY suggested this on this thread? (I shouldn't be surprised, but still...) Either way, the Southside jerseys are fire. I know a couple people down here in Fort Worth who wanted them.
  9. Although I liked the previous crest, this is a thousand times better... even though that's not really saying too much, tbh.
  10. This would be fine for like a football helmet, maybe.
  11. Oy, Columbus . . .
  12. Not criticizing... everything does look good... But I feel like if San Antonio were to ever get an MLB team, they would be called the "Defenders" or "Lone Stars" (S.A.L.S.).
  13. A Definite improvement. I just wish they got rid of that stripe B logo, but it is what it is...
  14. All I know is, if they do this with the Rangers... I can already see a :censored: storm of feelings depending on what city they choose to represent.
  15. They went back to having REAL uniforms . . .
  16. There is no historical reasons... Jerry just thinks we don't all have HDTV. There's no reason at all for the colors to be mismatched.
  17. It's safe and consistent... Would prefer white-silver-white stripes on the navy jersey and at least a pinstripe outline, but it's fine.
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