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  1. I find it funny that they stated emphatically that they want the horn to match across all the branding.... then they put this out there they can’t even unify the horn for the actual Ram’s Head. I know others have seen it and glossed over it but why doesn’t the Ram have the gradient that they seem so proud of? And now I’m seeing that the lines are different thickness on the head too. how does a professional company screw this up so easily?
  2. That right there makes it look like the LA is just tacked on as an afterthought ...oh wait
  3. “Prepared for a negative response” sounds like Nikespeak for “we put in our own trademarked ideas that spit in the face of what fans want and they’re gonna dislike loudly and immensely but we already got paid so nyah nyah “
  4. So after a day of reflection, I got some hot takes that are ready to burn. It's obvious that the Rams leadership wanted to emphasize that they are the LA team, and their tenant is second banana. Using the mothership as an example, it's easy to see why. The other large-market team in that image doesn't use imagery that invokes the team's nickname. It's just a straight "NY". People immediately know that is for the Giants. Here's where their thinking is flawed though: The Giants' NY was put on the helmets in 1961 and lasted until 1975. The return in 2000 has kept it in the public eye as the logo and helmet for going-on 20 years. It's familiar and known and has a sort-of old school feel that has reached a sense of timelessness. The Rams on the other hand have used a Rams head for a good chunk of their history. They are THE Rams. Hell even the website is The Ram Head should be the primary logo in this regard. Let the brand define their return to Los Angeles. The LA pandering feels exactly like that: pandering. Now a comparison with the magic of "INSPECT ELEMENT": Tossing it up with others, i agree that it's VERY simple compared to the rest. And it stands out in a somewhat not good way (While the Chargers logo just works, holy crap was that a good update). But the Rams head being new and specifically designed for the return to the LA market helps detach from the St. Louis Rams logo and becomes solely Los Angeles Rams. The pandering and forced justification of an odd design choice for the horn is unnecessary. The backtracking now saying that they're is no "official" logo is a complete 180 from the forced LAHorn they were pushing throughout. Does the Ram head need some fixing? yes. Does it work as a standalone primary? Yes. The Rams need to stop pretending they have to be LA's team and just be the Rams and being the LA Rams will come naturally.
  5. the new head with the outline should absolutely be the primary. the LA Wave horn can easily be diverted to secondary status. The head immediately says "Rams" and they're the only one in the league so it's not like there's any confusion where they play anymore. and the LA Wave Horn can be used on more national merch for that LA Flair
  6. Rams website is using a version of the blue logo on a blue background with a white border. it's an svg so i'm trying to get it uploaded
  7. Yuck. I guess a good thing is he won't have that awkward Montana-in-Chiefs or Namath-in-Rams travesty in the Bucs Digital Number abominations
  8. LMAO. Maybe you should go back to lurking. Seems to suit you better. Someone dangling that they know something is not news. Someone coming out of the shadows to complain that people having discussions about speculation when there isn't not news. The only news right now is the possible leak of the LA Horn logo. That's what people are discussing. Maybe you should discuss that "effing news" instead of getting your undergarments in a bunch because someone else that hopefully has no connection to you (but now maybe the mods should consider that you do have ties) got suspended. ---End of Line--- Shame that Everett may have been joshing. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I feel like if we did see the LA logo in actual colors and not jumping on a stupid draft hat gimmick there'd be more to go on.
  9. I would rather discussion about "What Could be" and how it could work on a modern template than one jackhole who was a chronic, nagging, selfish individual early on (Jaguars "Not Long Now!", "I hope there's teal!", " anyone have anything") that suddenly has insider information that, in an act of self-worth, felt the need to dangle it over others in a sort of "now I have the info, nyah nyah" dismissal of other people looking to see what may be new and what is being speculated. Teal is not some pariah. He consistently admonished the staff here, felt entitled about the info he may or may not have had some access to, and in the end, got what he deserved. Him NOT being able to be active here has kept this thread somewhat on the rails...until people feel the need to keep dredging his stupidity back up. I've said this in the Falcons thread; I personally am so TIRED of clicking on these NFL threads for info and insight and speculation and discussion and having to slog through nonsense about ONE individual who is a pompous asshat. Let it be. Back on the ACTUAL topic of discussion. This is promising! Looks like they're modifying the existing head which so many people are saying they really like. Can see it with the lines near the eye. I hope that's the case. Can't wait to see what actually rolls out from this!
  10. Only 4 left as of the time of this posting. People are spending money on this kind of thing. People literally have the disposable income to spend up to $500 on a hat made up of cut-up jerseys. What in the what?
  11. The guy in line clearly has a Bruins jersey on. You can easily see one of the spokes. Also there’s a woman in the center that has the Storm S logo but backwards. just looks like a poor photoshop all around
  12. Can “I’m a Packers Owner” be the boards’ version of “Find the Vegan”?