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  1. i really hate how at a quick glance, it looks like there were 4 black vs white games. MLS feels so devoid of color and uniqueness as far as kits go. it's sad especially when we see that graphic of the MLS colors and graphics how many unique color matchups there could be.
  2. The green jersey here definitely looks not as olive drab-y as the old set so that's a positive. Death to BFBS
  3. People will always try and go full-conspiracy when it comes to an unveiling that doesn't quite fit what they were expecting. Fake reveals and testing the waters never come true. I don't think the set looks bad. The helmet logo being an arched "JETS" with the new football isn't too terrible. Get an odd LSU-esque vibe from it with how it's set up. even the pointed arrows seem conservative compared to some other....recent....unveilings. Be interesting to see if it's true. I really don't mind it for the Jets
  4. Whew. if this doesn't result in a special MLS Eggo waffle in the shape of a soccer ball this is a massive marketing fail
  5. To be honest I'm perfectly fine with the torch being passed. Mahomes and the Chiefs Goff and the Rams Baker Mayfield and.....the Browns? Sure why not. It'd be great to have a new generation of QBs and different teams mixing it up now. Imagine the Chiefs and the Browns in the AFC Championship and the Rams and the uh....Who else is up and coming in the NFC again? Maybe Jimmy G and the Niners? In any case, I feel this could be a fitting end to this dynasty now. It's come full circle (started with the Rams, ends with the Rams) on the exact same day. Be a great way to close out the story. Of course watch them somehow make it back YET AGAIN for a 4th Super Bowl, tying the Bills (may as well get another record) and the whole cycle starts anew. See you all in Miami?
  6. Man if you're a fan of defensive football and seeing offenses actually wake up only in the late 4th Quarter than Super Bowl LIII was certainly for you. It was sorta boring especially with your team in it, but knowing that at any point in the game either offense could actually figure out what the hell they were doing and get into the redzone made it intense to watch still. Congrats to the Patriots for their sixth League Championship! One thing I can say from watching this run of the 6XSBCNEP (Can we use this as well BBTV?) is that unprecedented doesn't begin to describe it. Right now they're tired with the Steelers for most Super Bowl Championships. The difference between the two? The Steelers won their first 4 in the 70s with the latest 2 after the turn of the century. These 6 have happened within the past 20 years, WITH THE SAME QUARTERBACK! It's unreal. On the other end, to the fans of the other 31 teams and the Patriots fatigue and literal burnout: I get it. Most of us truly do get it. You might not believe us but we do. I remember as a kid hearing about the Niners winning again or the Cowboys winning again (Reminder that the Cowboys in the 90s also won 3 out of their last 5). But this run is definitely different in that regard. When the Niners won their 5th, it was a different QB. it felt different. When the Cowboys won in 1995, it was a different Head Coach. It was different. But we get it. There's a jealousy and hatred for teams that seem to continue to win it all...again...and again...and again. As someone mentioned earlier, it's like watching baseball in the 40s and 50s: You knew it would be the Yankees (or another New York team) winning the World Series. It gets stale after a while. And two decades of this certainly can wear down even the heartiest of football fans. Personally? I'm still relishing in every championship right now. Because we know the horizon is looming now. it has to be at this point. Questions about Gronk and the now annual questions about Belichik and Brady and whether they can even keep this run going any more are starting. We can see the end draws nearer and nearer and eventually this insane story of Boston sports dominance will be closed. but 12 championships in 4 different sports in 17 years is pretty damn good!
  7. Here are Claw Marks on an F now here are Claw Marks on a BEAR!!! now here are Claw Marks on a BEAR ON A FLAG now here are Claw Marks on a BEAR ON A FLAG BEING CARRIED BY ANOTHER BEAR!!!!!! I actually don't mind the Bear-on-Flag logo but yeah, there's a lot of oddity going on
  8. Super Bowl IV, 65 Toss Power Trap, Len Dawson (#16) handed off to Mike Garrett (#21) for a touchdown with extra point (7)
  9. Why was this never used?! That SD is really great as a starting point for an identity. Has sort of the wavy-ness that they had tried to do much later, and maintains the Brown/Gold. This is a really unique design imo Also, fantastic that they're going back to Brown for 2020. The designs described sound exactly how they should: not too overdone and maintaining a classic design with a truly unique scheme.
  10. When did the Twins become such a disjointed mess? This new wordmark is awful. The shoehorning of gold is awful. They look AWFUL!!! There is no reason to not come up with a modern script that matches the "Minnesota" wordmark beautifully. the "Twins" on the blue alt is like a drunk tried to write "Twins" and forgot how cursive works. Justifying adding gold because "the ballpark has it" is just a horrid decision. It would be like the Red Sox adding Green to the RWB because Fenway has green walls. Awful awful awful! And they looked so much better when they opened up Target Field. What the hell happened?
  11. Remember too that the Away socks are a holdover from when Adidas was the uniform provider for the Patriots before the massive league-wide deal with Reebok in 2002. We also forget this interesting uniform combo Obviously the more recent Color Rush uniforms are better designed. Would look amazing with the home pants tbh
  12. That beveling is interesting. At least it has a bit more flair too it than those early ones. Be interesting to see what the local logo system (secondary one that isn't fully templated) looks like
  13. I've always thought them just playing a full 5th Quarter would help solve a lot of issues as far as "Fairness" and whatnot. Even if a team scores, you still gotta finish out the Quarter. Sudden Death is exciting to an extent but you don't have a Sudden Death 4th Quarter. Just play a full Quarter. During the Regular season, if after the 15 minutes it's still tied, it's a tie. During the playoffs obviously an extension of that needs to happen to help determine a legit winner. I dislike the college OT because it's not evocative of all-facet football. You put the offense almost in the Red Zone and see if the defense can stop them with that pressure already on them. People say it's fair but it's just as advantageous to the offense as is the coinflip.