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  1. Anybody want to check on Liverpool? Or is Villa just that good
  2. This is a bearcat, native to southeast Asia.
  3. 2, 6, 5, 4, 1, 3, 8, 7, 9 for me. If I had my way the Seahawks would only wear grey pants.
  4. I've got an invite if anyone would like to get in the game! Email me at jacobmoeller12@gmail.com with some work or a portfolio
  5. Have you thought about maybe putting the shape of the rock inside of the B? The two wide areas could be the two "holes" in the letter. "
  6. You may have been thinking of fellow Ivy Leaguers Brown University I agree it's a great color scheme
  7. How about you win 90 games and you're in automatically, regardless of how many teams meet the mark. That way your playoff contention is in your hands only, take care of business and you get a shot at the trophy.
  8. The new program must be flagging silent letters
  9. Well this kit was on the field for a pretty iconic moment in soccer history
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