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  1. Detroit vs. Green Bay Atlanta vs. Jacksonville LA Rams vs. Indianapolis Baltimore vs. Cleveland Minnesota vs. Carolina Cincinnati vs. Tennessee Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Miami vs. Buffalo Denver vs. Chicago Washington vs. Philadelphia Pittsburgh vs. Houston Las Vegas vs. LA Chargers Arizona vs. San Francisco New England vs. Dallas Kansas City vs. NY Jets Seattle vs. NY Giants
  2. NY Giants vs. San Francisco Atlanta vs. Detroit LA Chargers vs. Minnesota New Orleans vs. Green Bay Houston vs. Jacksonville Denver vs. Miami Tennessee vs. Cleveland Buffalo vs. Washington Indianapolis vs. Baltimore New England vs. NY Jets Carolina vs. Seattle Chicago vs. Kansas City Dallas vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. Las Vegas Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay LA Rams vs. Cincinnati
  3. Minnesota vs. Philadelphia Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Seattle vs. Detroit Indianapolis vs. Houston Chicago vs. Tampa Bay Kansas City vs. Jacksonville Green Bay vs. Atlanta Las Vegas vs. Buffalo LA Chargers vs. Tennessee San Francisco vs. LA Rams NY Giants vs. Arizona NY Jets vs. Dallas Washington vs. Denver Miami vs. New England New Orleans vs. Carolina Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh
  4. Detroit vs. Kansas City Cincinnati vs. Cleveland Houston vs. Baltimore Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota Carolina vs. Atlanta Arizona vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis San Francisco vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. New Orleans Las Vegas vs. Denver Philadelphia vs. New England LA Rams vs. Seattle Miami vs. LA Chargers Green Bay vs. Chicago Dallas vs. NY Giants Buffalo vs. NY Jets
  5. Then what happened? Trea will be just fine
  6. That roundel logo is outstanding, great work all around!
  7. This is the Round Rock Express as the Chupacabras for MiLB's "Copa de la Diversion." They're in the Rangers' System
  8. Buehrle got it done in 2:03 for his perfect game. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/CHA/CHA200907230.shtml
  9. All I can see with the crest is a necktie
  10. I'd argue that if we're making conference championships a playoff qualifier, that's 12-16 teams competing for 2 spots apiece.
  11. As a Bears fan, I complain about this rule, if only because it came into play on perhaps the worst challenge of all time. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/john-fox-executed-a-challenge-that-was-so-terrible-it-gave-the-ball-to-the-other-team/
  12. 1 - France #2 (by gswansea) 2 - Argentina #2 (by lightning25) 3 - Mexico #1 (by Josef_Bretones) 4 - Denmark #2 (by MDGP)
  13. 1st: United States #2 (by MDGP) 2nd: Netherlands #3 (by TheGiantsFan) 3rd: Wales #1 (by gswansea) 4th: Iran #1 (by lightning25)
  14. I'm a Sox fan and honestly I don't know. I don't think it's a past color scheme thing because Yoan Moncada wore yellow gloves for much of the year. I'm about positive he wore purple at some point, but I can't find a picture. I know I shouldn't like it, but I thought it was fun to have each player with their "signature" color. The black and white uniforms lent themselves nicely to it.
  15. 2014 I believe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Major_League_Baseball_postseason
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