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  1. Surprised Bears-Vikings didn't make either list. Personally I'm a huge fan of the throwbacks, but I could definitely see why someone wouldn't like them. I'd put that game at #2 on the best list but the rest I think is spot on.
  2. The NBA alignment is boring, too many teams make the playoffs and divisions mean nothing. I'd like to see them try this: ATLANTIC DIVISION Boston Celtics New York Knicks Brooklyn Nets Philadelphia 76ers Washington Wizards Toronto Raptors CENTRAL DIVISION Cleveland Cavaliers Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers Milwaukee Bucks Chicago Bulls Minnesota Timberwolves SOUTHEAST DIVISION Charlotte Hornets Memphis Grizzlies Atlanta Hawks Orlando Magic Miami Heat New Orleans Pelicans SOUTHWEST San Antonio Spurs Dallas Mavericks Houston Rockets OKC Thunder Denver Nuggets Utah Jazz PACIFIC Phoenix Suns Los Angeles Lakers LA Clippers Sacramento Kings Golden State Warriors Portland Trailblazers So obviously not too much change, outside of conferences being abandoned and being replaced by five 6 team divisions. Some teams get shuffled around, but into more geographically sensical arrangements.Here's how I'd do the playoffs, using the 2018-19 results as a guide. 11 teams are in, the five division winners and the next six best teams. Division Winners (First round bye) 1. Milwaukee Bucks: 60-22 2. Toronto Raptors: 58-24 3. Golden State Warriors: 57-25 4. Denver Nuggets: 54-28 5. Orlando Magic: 42-40 Wildcards (Best of 5 Play in Round) 6. Portland Trail Blazers: 53-29 7. Houston Rockets: 53-29 8. Philadelphia 76ers: 51-31 9. Utah Jazz: 50-32 10. Boston Celtics: 49-33 11. OKC Thunder: 49-33 The very obvious problem here is that the Southeast division is hot garbage and so the Magic make the playoffs at 42-40, a worse record than the Spurs, Clippers, and Pacers who all missed the playoffs. I think this is a small price to pay for this new alignment, and will likely be an outlier as the league shifts. With this alignment, the divisions actually matter and so hopefully division rivalries will matter a lot more. Also with first round byes at stake hopefully there would be fewer "rest" days for big stars and the teams that perform better during the regular season and win the division will be rewarded with a week of rest.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I tried a bunch of revisions of the wrought iron look, but I could never get the legibility to where my friend or I wanted. Disappointing, but that's the way it goes I guess. But the good news is I tried a second draft and he seemed to like it a whole lot more, so here is the official new logo for JGN Lawn Care As you can see, we dialed back the styling significantly to get a cleaner, more direct look. The two-toned green is supposed to evoke the pattern of a freshly cut lawn. I personally wasn't a huge fan of the grass on the bottom, but he seemed to like it so it stays. So not as artistically exciting as my original draft, but I think it gets the job done a little better.
  4. Just because others agree doesn't make it not ridiculous
  5. Yeah the association thing was one of the obstacles I had while designing. I probably should have mentioned my friend didn't want anything "basic" like a tree so I tried to get a little more creative. Would some ivy-style leaves help cement the landscaping/lawn care angle? Or maybe make it look more like a gate like so? Moving on to the legibility issue, I had two ideas, first adding some shadow to enhance the J and N And I also tried removing the excess parts of the diamond to make the letters stand alone Any of these work?
  6. A couple of my friends are starting a landscaping business and asked me to put together a logo for them. They didn't have too much in mind in terms of specifications, other than that the JGN should be the focal point. I decided to take the idea of a wrought iron fence as my inspiration as a common fixture that combines elegant craftsmanship and strong, dependable performance. Before I submit my logo I'd love to get some critiques as to what could be improved.
  7. Fair enough, I thought you were talking more so from a color repetition standpoint
  8. I see you and I raise you
  9. My school (Concordia University-Wisconsin) is releasing a new set of logos today. Sorry for the bad image quality, I couldn't find any copies of the letter insignia online. The logos were created through BVK, a Milwaukee-based marketing agency. For reference, here's what we were sporting before the change Obviously, the Falcon logo is a tremendous upgrade, but I think I like the old letter mark better. Overall, I'm very happy with the change and will be looking to score a t-shirt or hat with the new falcon ASAP. Besides the logo changes, the school is also dropping any orange from its athletic brands, which is good because only about half the sports used it anyway. For the full press release go to And the style guide can be found here
  10. I've always thought the stacked approach worked much better
  11. As usual, John Oliver has a good segment on this issue Whether it's worse than the NFL and NCAA is up for debate, but it's certainly not perfect