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  1. Wow. This is Crew-level stupid. It looks like something from the concepts area of these boards, but definitely not one of the good concepts.
  2. The name change is the dumbest part of all of this, but also:
  3. It's not great on my TV, either.
  4. I mean, I though your original take was bad, but daaaaaamn. Just more tossing out history in order to supposedly build history.
  5. Now, take the double outlines on the sleeves and socks and turn them into thick red outlines to closer match the pants and I think you've got a winner.
  6. They played there last year as well. That's the "temporary" stadium in Ft. Lauderdale on the site of the former Lockhart Stadium.
  7. So much for San Jose's change being black. Could that Montreal/Toronto matchup be more disappointing?
  8. The head isn't bad, though the initials are annoying. That wordmark? Woof.
  9. If only they could get ahold of the rights for the Minnesota Thunder.
  10. Nah, screw Precourt. Also, counting the number of teams in California and deciding it's too many because it's a single state is silly given the distances and populations in the state.
  11. That was the Liberty Basketball Association. According to what I can find, it was one exhibition game and otherwise didn't get off the ground.