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  1. That HD on its own would look terrific on a shirt and could be in contrasting colors where necessary. Overall, the badge is pretty decent. I'm not a big fan of the shift in the last few years of Houston using more black; orange and white with a little black (or light blue) seemed to serve them quite well.
  2. It's better to build the foundation rather than just rush to play. See the difference between Atlanta and Minnesota entering MLS.
  3. Yeah, working with lower-level soccer teams can be a mess. Working on the Minnesota Stars FC design in 2012 was actually pleasant, as I was working with good people in the tiny front office. After the new ownership came in, we had a meeting to talk about changes, because the NHL had apparently suggested that the name was close to infringing on the Minnesota North Stars trademark. After the meeting I started working on some new stuff... and then radio silence. A few days before the launch of the new identity as Minnesota United FC (a name we discussed during that meeting and all signs were that it wouldn't be used), I was pulled aside at a supporters event and shown the new stuff and got a vague apology-not-apology from the new team president about the ghosting. (He was thankfully run out of the team before the MLS change.)
  4. I don't mind the originals; I just think the chevrons were better. But at least they tweaked the colors so that the red and yellow better contrast, making the black unnecessary. (I do find myself wondering what a double red with yellow would look like, though.)
  5. Someone who agrees with me on this. You could drop the black on that set and still have some terrific looks.
  6. Minus the stick, it'd be much more decent.
  7. They're ugly. But they're beautiful. But they're ugly. But...
  8. PSG, ManUre, Leipzig, and Basaksehir? That's a group filled with terrible.
  9. I'm virtue-signal-buying a Loyal jersey today. (I'm also reflecting on how I'd rather still be living in San Diego.) The Phoenix player is denying that they said the slur:
  10. Long Island Rough Riders have been around a looooooooooooong time (relative to soccer in the US), having been founded in 1994. They have both men's and women's teams. The image in the Detroit City logo is the Spirit of Detroit.
  11. I'm rolling my eyes at both the anus comment as well as the comments on the story itself.
  12. I haven't investigated all teams' schedules, but it seems that the home/away balance was done just with the games played after the MLS is Back Tournament; Minnesota ended up with a total of nine home games and eleven away games (plus the bubble games, which were neutral site) since their two games before the lockdown were away.
  13. That's an incredibly low bar. Better than the Ducks, too.
  14. Is Coralville really IC's suburb anymore? Seems like that's reversed over the last twenty years or so.