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  1. Montreal teams just can't get enough of bad takes on bad 70s styles, eh?
  2. That might be my biggest problem with it. Again, it looks like something slapped together for an off-brand ski hill in the 80s.
  3. Better than the mockups, but still bad.
  4. We clearly have different aesthetic preferences. I'm not a huge fan of the current Impact crest, but both versions of this weird snowflake setup look just awful to me. Maybe the real thing might change my mind, but I'm also convinced that dropping Impact is a huge mistake.
  5. Alternate take, via Reddit: Still awful.
  6. That might actually be worse than Chicago. Hell, that's approaching Revs territory.
  7. They should go all the way and use Tabarnak Montreal.
  8. By and large, the can colors shown in the second picture were already used for the corresponding flavors, even with the brown hair and mustache.
  9. I ended up pre-ordering one of the St. Pauli kits;I don't know what got into me. I chose "st. pauli" for the spot on the front.
  10. We had an older thread about this at some point, I swear. But, no matter; since someone unearthed this, I'll add to the above. No, I wasn't at that game, but I did watch it on TV from my house in Minneapolis. It was fantastic to watch the Cards win the Series, of course. The very next day, I got on a plane to Ft. Lauderdale. That night, NSC Minnesota (now known as Minnesota United in MLS) was playing in the second leg of the NASL final against the Strikers. The Stars took a 3-1 first-leg lead into the game and won the Soccer Bowl after a scoreless draw in the pouring rain. After the game, the players invited those of us who'd made the trip to join them at a bar to celebrate. Let me tell ya: beer tastes even better when drinking it from a championship trophy.
  11. Does 1992 count as being before 1996?
  12. This. So many people complain about the lack of history in the US and Canada... and then those same people turn around and suggest that so many long-term names should be changed.
  13. I like the vibe you've got going for Ottawa, though I've always thought the laurel jerseys would be a good base for their home/away look. My only problem is that the numbers as shown are far too wide; I'm picturing a double-digit number, and the numbers would at best take up the entire back of the jersey, and I have my doubts they'd fit at all.
  14. What he said. ^^ I'm not holding my breath, but I'd love for the wing in some form to become permanent. But totally miss me with the blue sash anyway.
  15. I don't really understand San Diego moving from red to black for their primary, nor having a very dark gray for their secondary while having black as a primary.
  16. People on the MLS Facebook page are idiots on a regular basis, so this isn't surprising.
  17. There's a floorball team named the Fort Worth Panthers; maybe they have the trademark?
  18. Again, another logo ruined by the forced inclusion of a stick. They could also drop the wordmark from the jerseys and the shield/dog by itself would look great.
  19. Confirmed by the club. More to come on November 19.
  20. Looks like the official AFL online store may have prematurely leaked a new logo for the Sydney Swans. A Google image search turned up a match from theaflstore.com.au, but the image link is now just a data:image URL, meaning the actual image on the AFL store site has already been deleted.
  21. Apparently the answer to having only one healthy striker is to sub him out in the second half then get an own goal for the winner.
  22. For loans, it's common in some places (England especially likes those clauses), but not for outright transfers. It's weird, but I'm not exactly bothered if Kamara doesn't play on Wednesday, given the compressed schedule and his lack of production thusfar. Mind you, that means that MNU has only one forward available since they sent Mason Toye to Montreal and Amarilla is still out injured.
  23. Are you using Chrome? That's not a board issue.