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  1. After like three months of rumors, I'll believe it when there's an announcement from the team.
  2. I think it works better on the black and white shirts than the blue, but I actually dig the look.
  3. This happened back in June, but I didn't see it on the boards anywhere. Looks like a new crest for Stade de Reims:
  4. I like the Everton version; given that the home crest really ends up looking like white lines on the blue kit, this is just blue lines on a yellow kit.
  5. One out of two. The best one, of course.
  6. So they all have black aways? Well, that's dumb.
  7. Having two is just plain weird, but I can see why you'd lean towards the flat-topped D. Good luck with that petition, as useful as those are.
  8. I'd wear that Trash Pandas logo on a t-shirt without question.
  9. The Hawks are in the Western Conference. Boston also primarily wears black. Neither of those really take away from your point, but I'm a bunch of jerk.
  10. Top version, perhaps with thinner gold stripes. I think I'd lean more for a red base than black, but I can also understand wanting to separate them visually from the Habs. (I also hate the Peace Tower logo and would definitely change the font, but that's secondary.)
  11. I suppose I was that guy when the Wild started up while I was living in Minnesota. I'd go to Wild games and enjoyed cheering for them.... unless they were playing the Blues, in which case I was wearing Blues gear. My situation was a little different, since I grew up in the St. Louis area and became a Blues fan as a kid and as such wasn't keen on giving up my previous allegiance.
  12. Still a better logo than the current look.
  13. I saw this a while back and found it interesting.
  14. Ok, now that you've typed it that way a bunch of times... am I missing something? I thought it was Claus, except in the case of a few movies. And to be equal opportunity... Isn't it Elisha, not Elijah?
  15. Complete aside, but the Saints Row series is much, much better than Grand Theft Auto, and I'm totally willing to die on that hill.
  16. That's petty and I love it. Plus it made one of the most visible and worst Fire fans on the planet, Don Walsh, angry; that's a double bonus.
  17. Plus, they haven't had to put in any effort for fifty years. Brilliant!
  18. Good thing that some things are subjective, such as the Kraken identity being beautiful or It's Always Sunny being a moist turd of a show.
  19. A Real Genius clip is not what I would have expected in this thread, but there it is and damn I love that movie.