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  1. That's not from the club; that's a supporter group. (RacingLouFC is the team's Twitter account.)
  2. It's hilarious to me that they killed the iconic all-yellow kit in favor of their primary being all-black, then wear white/yellow/yellow at home often. Minnesota's wearing blue at home again today and I'm annoyed by that. WING. AT. HOME. Now get off my lawn.
  3. Austin's already gaining a reputation for charging exorbitant prices to away MLS supporters. (Not sure if the two are necessarily related, mind.)
  4. I haven't been to a Gold Cup game in about ten years, but the tickets weren't even close to that much. Mind you, I usually go for tickets in the supporter end. Edit: Oh, right, the 2016 Copa America Centenario. I did go to the third-place game in Phoenix, but I don't think tickets were close to that expensive.
  5. This is a CONCACAF-run tournament, not USSF.
  6. I, on the other hand, definitely prefer the previous hawk.
  7. Except that the best Sens jerseys to date were the laurel alts and the gold stripes were terrific. I absolutely love that Canucks logo. The jerseys are ok. I'm not feeling the Portland logo, really; the style just doesn't do it for me.
  8. It's generally nice, but the Eagle logo placement is terrible.
  9. Nice shout out to @gordie_delini in that article.
  10. Vancouver and RSL will both be wearing navy shorts, though.
  11. I'll defend a lot of relatively dumb fan things, but yikes.
  12. Everyone knew this was a B squad long before it was announced. They weren't going to have the European-based players come in for this given how it overlaps with the preseason.
  13. Between that and their Pride kit, they're killing it. Again.
  14. I saw a report on Twitter that the Fire will return to red primary kits in 2024. I mean, I get lead times and all, but c'mon.
  15. Sure, if they were remotely in Boston. I mean, New Yorkers complain about teams using New York if they're more than spitting distance from the city limits, and Foxboro is much farther from Boston than any of the Jersey-based "New York" teams.
  16. I only moved here a few months before the pandemic hit, but I've said multiple times that San Jose feels like a big strip mall.
  17. East Bay has some of that "Oakland vs everybody" thing going on, especially San Francisco.
  18. *obligatory sigh*
  19. Wow. This is Crew-level stupid. It looks like something from the concepts area of these boards, but definitely not one of the good concepts.
  20. The name change is the dumbest part of all of this, but also:
  21. It's not great on my TV, either.
  22. I mean, I though your original take was bad, but daaaaaamn. Just more tossing out history in order to supposedly build history.
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