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  1. I suddenly find myself wondering how Charlotte's blue compares to the Wizards' blue.
  2. One thing comes to mind instantly: The Blues need to go back to yellow numbers on the blue jerseys.
  3. I wish I could get over my eyeroll reaction every time I think of Mpls City, since I know so many people who love them, but their attitude just rubs me the wrong way.
  4. I thought you were talking about St. Louis at first, because yeah. I thought Cincinnati actually improved their crest a lot... it's just that they had a long, long way to go to be good and didn't really reach it.
  5. Jeebus, that's really it. 70 to the left, 40 from the bottom, 44/55 on the right.
  6. MLB is also limiting opponents, but....
  7. I suspect @Gothamite will get around to it. Eh. Having grown up in the area, I'm very familiar with the flag, and it took quite a bit to see those lines as representing the rivers. As for the colors: I don't mind the magenta and navy idea... just don't tell me it's red. (Oh, and complete aside, but I went to a Cerezo Osaka game a few years ago and had a great time. Also, despite Wikipedia showing it as an old crest, the team website still shows "Cerezo Osaka" on their crest.)
  8. I suspect STL will suffice. I mean, they reduce Minnesota United to MIN (though I'd prefer MNU).
  9. Try reading it again. I suspect you might understand the words at some point.
  10. I'm seeing more of a magenta than a true red. Is that just me? I'm seeing it that way on two different screens. Overall: woof. Some ok ideas with some just awful execution. The font's awful, the SC floats out by itself away from the vertical text, the Arch/rivers mashup is illegible as is, it's just all terrible. Oh, and given the St. Louis City/County divide and all the history behind that, naming the team City is a pretty dumb idea.
  11. After like three months of rumors, I'll believe it when there's an announcement from the team.
  12. I think it works better on the black and white shirts than the blue, but I actually dig the look.
  13. This happened back in June, but I didn't see it on the boards anywhere. Looks like a new crest for Stade de Reims:
  14. I like the Everton version; given that the home crest really ends up looking like white lines on the blue kit, this is just blue lines on a yellow kit.
  15. One out of two. The best one, of course.
  16. So they all have black aways? Well, that's dumb.
  17. Having two is just plain weird, but I can see why you'd lean towards the flat-topped D. Good luck with that petition, as useful as those are.