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  1. Shut it down...we have a winner folks snap nevermind yall fast as hell
  2. I hate that the Copa America champs wear a big gold patch in the middle of the kit. It diminishes the World Cup one. They should have made it silver
  3. ok, we officially now need a dislike button on this site
  4. So whats not childish to you? Times Roman Sans Script? How old are you 93?
  5. Graffiti is an art style
  6. I dont give a damn what any of you think, I love it
  7. 1. I love the logo 2. Its so wrong with what they are doing with forced labor to build these stadiums 3. However, I wont boycott my favorite sporting events (and maybe my favorite event in life) over it.
  8. Phoenix Suns moved to Orlando?
  9. its too grey, like make it lighter grey and its cool. Also, is it spelled "gray" or "grey"
  10. Barca will have a 4th kit this season and they will only wear it once against RM "subtle political statement"
  11. Nike and NBA know what they are doing with the whole "its not professional" aspect also, damn I miss sleeved jerseys they really won me over towards the end. I thought they were ridiculous at first, but now I so dearly miss them. Here are some favorites
  12. Peru wore black vs Ecuador over the weekend. I dont think they have ever wore black