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  1. The fact they kept this under wraps I have to give them credit for this. Most teams havent unveiled early 2000s jerseys yet as throwbacks, this will open the floodgates for other teams who have some killer designs from that era. I love it
  2. yup, love the France kit too
  3. I realized they specifically said in the other jersey thread it said CLUB, so I took it upon myself to start this thread only for International gear. This Summer is already starting with the Gold Cup, Euros, Copa America, African Cup of Nations and Women's World Cup so its gonna be busy. I will start off with those that have already been revealed Jamaica USA Mexico Colombia
  4. so since this is CLUB soccer kits, I will create a thread for International soccer kits
  5. them in white shorts in 2014 Brazil pissed me off not this not this nor this they wore in 2010 against Mexico and what it looks like they are wearing now. Argentina home kits should ALWAYS be worn with black shorts. Perodt
  6. I like Argentina in their black shorts
  7. wonder what colors the number will be?
  8. not impressed by the Argentina. If the sky blue stripes on the kit were more noticeable I wouldn't mind. Its way too far from a departure Colombia doesn't bother me as much however.
  9. my alma mata...go Bulls also, its "University AT Buffalo"
  10. I never laughed so hard in my life
  11. go watch college football then, thats more your speed