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  1. Please dont make them wear this in Atlanta...please please please
  2. This is definately the 3rd that will be worned in the Olympics (womens) and Gold Cup (mens) This was from the 2017 GC
  3. What is up with the Raptors and their obsession with this boring Chevron?
  4. Glenn thank you, me and you already went over what happened. MOD EDIT: Stop antagonizing. I mean everyone. Last warning.
  5. Please let’s get back to discussing jerseys, because this kid is spying on me like a fish.
  6. I’m so confused. oh you’re saying I have alternate accounts because I’m trying to avoid being banned? I don’t know who you are or why you’re obsessed with me but please stop. MOD EDIT: Removed unnecessary language. Leave that sort of thing out of every post.
  7. the heck are you talking about? Boy you must be bored or something.
  8. Its all good, as I said. I like seeing different things. I have been info NBA jerseys since I was 10 years old when the Pistons, Hawks, Raptors, Rockets, Grizzlies and I forgot who else had these RADICAL changes in 95-96, that's where my love of sport jerseys and identity come from. The year before were all the same basic colors and basic fonts, then BOOM a giant Hawk on the Atlanta jerseys and a giant Raptor? Man Im getting nostalgic You people are more traditionalist, Im more for change and creativeness. That's all edit - The Sonics too
  9. That was the weirdest thing ever, I didnt even know I still had that account. That was me btw
  10. Im into Authentic jerseys and to get one of these Cavs jerseys is damn near impossible. I love them
  11. im 36, I’m surprised that people in here are less than 40.
  12. Alright, since the consensus in here is that you all hate NBA jerseys now, has Nike done ANYTHING right? Can someone give me an example of them making great changes?
  13. No, I love it because its a new idea and the jerseys on its own is different that the same boring things we have been seeing for the past 30 years. The Heat gradient jersey is one of the coolest jerseys over the past 5 years and the Knicks is ok, but I like that they switched up the formula with the NYC over the Nike logo. I hope that answer your little question, have a great day.