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  1. that’s not a video game?
  2. I like it for its boldness, but I’m never a fan of crests that you would struggle to know what national team it is.
  3. Post it in the International Football Kit thread
  4. Euro 2021, Copa America 2021, God Cup 2021 next summer.
  5. Will the US mens kits have the Classic Nike logo too?
  6. Im 99% sure damn near everyone on Earth knows what the Bulls normal uniforms look like, they are putting their city/statement jerseys out there so they can sell. Simple
  7. Ok, let’s downplay Kobe’s death and the impact it has on players on the one day the whole league gets to celebrate him in unison. also, numbers on jerseys don’t matter on an All Star game, FYI.
  8. so the patch with the 9 stars is good enough to honor Kobe Bryant and his daughter (who just tragically died couple of weeks ago) in the NBA All-Star Game?
  9. Is this a lighting issue or am I going bananas?
  10. Call me crazy but 10 yo me when these were unveiled in 1995 made me fall in love with the aesthetics of sports Also, did Allan Houston ever play in these?
  11. quit subliminally hating. One of the most beloved players recently just passed away at an early age with his daughter. He meant a lot to those players in the All-Star game
  12. I have never once had an issue figuring out which team is home or which team is away.
  13. Plus its cheaper and easier to mass produce letters with a single twill