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  1. New Balance, Puma & Champion are the only brands I can think of but i haven't seen any of them active in football recently, unless it's a start up
  2. I like it, would be a great logo for a baseball team
  3. Maybe you should submit them a logo package
  4. After the racist displays Cardinals fans shown us over the years they don't deserve "a good baseball town" title. St. Louis's population has continued to decline, now that population can get what they really want Baseball & Hockey!
  5. There's nothing inconic about the Patriots uniforms, it was an all time great run but nothing about the look was great.
  6. Funny how dismissive some of you guys are about anything you guys aren't culturally used to.
  7. I liked Cannon ball stripes, at the very at least I like the attempt at something a bit different
  8. I think you're overestimating the Cardinals brand
  9. Yet most people are picking D
  10. The entire afc east has changed in the past 10 years