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  1. Why not adapt this look full time, they don't even have to keep the helmet numbers
  2. I get scaling back some of the previous designs, but these uniforms are absolutely boring
  3. It just hit me this would have been the peferct look for the jaguars The more I think about this just an underwhelming dated lookfor the jets, this was an opportunity to do something bold & timeless instead they pooped their pants.
  4. Earthquakes black kit is so generic
  5. Lakers old yellow vs their new yellow lol
  6. Only people who don't live in NY/nj care about the jets & giants location name
  7. The helmet isn't the issue, the stripe should have been sleeve capped
  8. The best thing that could come from this is unique team gear instead of everything being standard with a color swap
  9. These with the new helmet, and the Kelly green would have be nice
  10. The NFL or any supplier would never agree to that, thank goodness