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  1. The woman in the helmet is the best thing that has been posted in here
  2. They could have put the anniversary logo on the sleeves, or maybe one of the sleeves.
  3. Helmet number not needed but I like the look
  4. I think a fair amount of people would disagree on that For however much people hate Nike around here, nobody does basketball apparel & shoes better than them
  5. This template is just unforgiving
  6. What's the point of unveiling subtle changes over months, just release the changes
  7. A full body ram at midfield would be nice This version of the LA Rams team has often changed the field art, I hope they continue that
  8. What if they got rid of both their old red & orange and went with new orange red color
  9. These teams can't do event unveils, they might as well start rolling these new looks out
  10. Add some some type of stripes on the pants and it's perfect
  11. Jaguars current uniforms suck imo, they're so plain
  12. I don't find the logo to bad like the rest of internet is making out to be
  13. Surprised no team has yet to capitalize on a alien motif
  14. Love this, give me orange numbers on the white tho