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  1. Not bad, though for a Tropical Hockey team the colors are too dark... and I have a tweak for the Pride uniforms, brighten the yellow and add the Tree and Stick logo...
  2. Panthers fan here, I have a suggestion for our pride set. Something inspired by the balmy tropical climate of South Florida. The beaches, the turqouise ocean water, the yellow sand... For our Honor set, throwback to our 1995-1996 Eastern Conference champion uniforms
  3. But the novelty of seeing an outdoor game in tropical Miami would get eyeballs
  4. I have a couple of suggestions for the "Where I come from signature" for Florida Gator football.. 1). "Where I come from.... We don't back down" Reference to the Tom Petty song played over the PA System at The Swamp before the 4th quarter 2) "Where I come from.... We keep our promises" Reference to Tim Tebow's famous promise 3). "Where I come from...we are the boys of Old Florida" Reference to the tradition of the same name, where the fans lock arms and sway while singing the song of the same name at the end of the 3rd Quarter 4). "Where I come from....we stand up and holler!" Reference to Mr. Two Bits As for Gator basketball reference the Rowdy Reptiles (the student section at the O'Dome) Also, create a Florida Panthers alternate referencing our rat throwing tradition ("Rats rain down"
  5. Can you design a trophy signature for me for the Marlins (2 time World Series Champion and NL Champion), Dale Earnhardt Jr (2004 and 2014 Daytona 500 Champion, 2 Busch Series titles), the Florida Panthers (NHL Eastern Conference champ, feel free to update if the Panthers win the Cup), the Miami Heat.(4 time Atlantic Division Champion, 9 time Southeast Division Champion, 3 time NBA Finals Champion, 5x Eastern Conference Champ), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1 Super Bowl Championship, 3 NFC Central titles, 3 NFC South titles), Florida Gators football (3 time National Champs, 8 time SEC Champs, 14 time SEC East Division Champs), Florida Gators basketball (8 SEC Regular Season titles, 4 SEC Tournament titles, and 2 National Championships)... Team USA Baseball, Team USA Hockey, and Team USA Basketball
  6. I love the idea, do one in Miami at Marlins Park (it'd got A/C and a retractable roof)
  7. Well, I came up with a few names off hand- GLAC (Great Lakes Athletics Conference)-Named due to it's members being in states that border the Great Lakes (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennslyvania, New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, and even the Canadian province of Ontario) Rocky Mountain Conference New England Conference-Members in the states of New England (Massachussets, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine) Praire Conference Atlantic Seaboard League
  8. When it comes time to do the Panthers, do Fort Lauderdale not Miami
  9. As a lifelong South Florida resident, I could help you with teamnames for Miami... Sharks-7 species of Shark are commonly found off the Florida coast Storm (s)-Reference to the unpredictable South Florida climate and the monster hurricanes that occassionally blow through the state Vice-Do I even need to explain this one?! Cottonmouths-A venmous snake native to Florida often found in the Everglades
  10. When it comes time to expand the league, I have some city suggestions: Kansas City, Missouri Cleveland/Columbus/Cincinatti, Ohio Buffalo, New York Baltimore, Maryland Washington D.C Nashville, Tennessee Saskatoon A 2nd Toronto team Quebec City
  11. Love it, the logo definitely has that South Beach vibe to it
  12. Uh, Super Bowl LV is in Tampa
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