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  1. So, why did you bother faking this? This was never up on NHL shop.
  2. They just charge what they can get. The materials used on the actual authentics do not cost $300. We pay for the licensing, not the material.
  3. When Reebok first took over, the original made in Canada Edge jerseys, now known as the Edge 1.0, were made available to fans. These co tinted to be sold to fans for a few years, while the players began wearing the Edge 2.0 about halfway into the first season of the Edge jerseys. A couple of years later, Reebok began selling the Indo Edge jersey to fans as their authentics. It was a couple of years after that when the 2.0 became available to fans. That said, all of these retail options look like crap if you are used to the on ice authentics. I will be buying game worn/ issued from the teams I am interested in.
  4. The authentic jerseys are slowly starting to populate on the new site. I imagine it is just an inventory labeling issue. I can't imagine that they will turn down our money for these items. That said, the majestic athletic site still has some really good deals on the jerseys that they have left. I had a 25% off birthday coupon to boot and I was able to order a Cespedes Mets authentic jersey after he signed Friday night for $87!
  5. Has the NHL announced which divisions are going to wear which jerseys when yet? I can't believe that just a week before the game we have no idea how this is going to work.
  6. I have posted this elsewhere, but while I know that the logo is supposedly the Target Field facade set aginst the backdrop of downtown, every time I see the logo I see a station wagon with a surf board on top driving through town. Kind of makes me think of Chevy Chase in Vacation.
  7. I think it's a copyright thing. I heard the NBA trademarked the term "Finals" to be used exclusively in their championship round. It's actually a legit case because their logos actualy has that term in their paraphernalia, whereas the NHL didn't have the term "Finals" or any synonym depicting their championship round in their logos. So the NHL opted to use the term "Final," and has been the norm by the hockey media and fans ever since. I think the only people who still call it the "Stanley Cup Finals" are casual fans and the media whose sports market isn't primarily hockey-oriented. ..and me. I will not use a silly term because of NBA idiocy. I know that Bettman calls it, I just don't care.
  8. It contiues to irritate me that they use Final instead of Finals. Why is it the Stanley Cup Playoffs and not Playoff? Since it is not a single game, but a series, it should be Stanley Cup Finals!
  9. I hope this means we'll get a red vs. blue matchup next year. It's only the new EDGE Authentics that are made in Canada, I think. Replicas are still made in Asia. Everything's made in Asia except for the jerseys that the teams get. The current batch of Edge Authentics aren't actually authentic at all. The 2012 Rangers Winter Classic "Premier" jerseys were made in Canada, even though they were making all other Premiers and Edges in Indonesia. I find it puzzling that they are no longer making the Indo-Edges - new stick at Icejerseys and Rivercitysports are Made in Canada Edge 2.0 jerseys - that they would make the WC Permier jerseys of the Maple Leafs, of all teams, in Indonesia. Something seems fishy about it to me.
  10. I have no idea why this hasn't been highlighted before. I'd always wanted to hope that the similarities in negotiating between Bettman and Stern were coincidental. This connection ought to be common knowledge. The fact that this connection spans all four major sport leagues ought to be common knowledge. I want to believe that Gary Bettman cares about the NHL beyond furthering an agenda. It's getting harder to believe that. The thought that these tactics could spread to other industries - I don't want to believe that, but the signs are there. The anti-union sentiment in the US has been growing steadily over the last 20 years. Just about everyone in my dad's generation were part of some union or another. Most of my uncles, my grandfather, most of my parents' friends. In my immediate circle of friends, I can only think of two people who have unions protecting their rights. A teacher and an electrician. As far as NHL Hockey, I don't see this coming to a resolution. I don't think anyone who is blaming Fehr read past the 50-50. I'm fine with the revenue sharing, I can see a lot of the points in the deal as unfair to the players, but I can see a reasonable demand for most of them. But for the owners to sign ridiculous contracts that changed the competitive landscape of the sport and then fight to not honor those contracts seems almost criminally dishonest. The Parise and Suter deals would be drastically altered. Would everyone have acted the same if they had seen this coming? Look at how much of the offseason moves hinged on the Shea Weber signing. The league has to honor the contracts already made, yet that's the one point they won't compromise on. I don't see how the league can have anyone's support at this point. Why isn't the union decertifying and suing in court for unfair labor practices? That is the move that seemed to get the NBA and NFL situations resolved and the NHL owners are certainly negotiating in more bad faith than any otjer league.
  11. Perhaps blue cap with red W ala 1967 Senators.
  12. Actually, I absolutely hate the cartoonish font used on their current set. Straight block letters and numbers would make it perfect.
  13. Agree, it is my favorite. I have a Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. 1957 Tigers and that is my favorite of my Cooperstown caps. Orange on Navy looks good.
  14. This is a poster at Comerica that was linked to by Uni-Watch a year or two ago