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  1. I kind of really like the home and red ones, the colour combination is working really well. Black ones, not so much. Should have put some Black/lime green in primary logo though. They missed out in that regards. Solid 8/10.
  2. I wish they had kept the old ball shape. But im glad they have finally incorporated Philadelphia properly into the primary logo. And that secondary 76 logo better be used a lot because it suits everything perfectly.
  3. The whole set is horrible and extremely awkward to look at. LAC/CLA logo is boring, those two lines make no sense, the font is just dull and adding black just for the hell of it, really? They need to start over because this is making their current set look classic.
  4. Heat have a pretty strong identity imo. From their colours to wordmarks to logos, it all looks pretty good to me. I reckon they could probably go on decades with just tweaks here and there when necessary.
  5. Nice work man. You should send your concept to Dan Gilbert on twitter.
  6. Best Cavs jersey concept i've ever come across. If they don't go with something similar to these, they are making a huge mistake imo
  7. Number outline in different colour and pinstripes (not just the side panel) would have made them amazing. Right now they are good but a little too much on the plain and simple side of things. 7.5/10.
  8. I hope this time they fix the most important part that they missed last time....the darn logo. The logo is a classic but i do hope they would tweak it a little. Keep the script but maybe incorporate the building in the logo, kind of like this:
  9. The forced basketball in the main logo is a bit annoying but other than that it's a pretty good rebrand. Can't wait for unis and court.
  10. These are all bad and would be downgrade over the current set. If Cuban is after a complete re design then he needs to stop being a cheap ass and hire a professional designer. Or he can simply add Green to the current set and that in itself would be a good identity. Because let's be honest here, the current jersey set is fairly good.
  11. After looking at that i have truly started to appreciate Raptors current identity.
  12. Wearing black for the sake of wearing black..
  13. It's funny how they seem to be trying to slowly fade out Purple yet the purple uniforms are the best in the whole set . Anyways i do like some things; the script obviously is good, use of that particular collar (especially on away uniforms) and the new wings thing on the shorts. But it needed to have the whole sun and not just the sun streaks and obviously pretty much everything excluding secondary logo and road uniforms NEEDS PURPLE. They should have kept it simple and just updated the 92/93 jerseys with new font, collar and wings on short. That alone would have made those one of the best jerseys in the league.
  14. Suns probably wanted to go Orange and Black in the beginning but i guess the idea changed at some point but they decided to just half assed it. Or they expected backlash from fans so wanted to Slowly bring in Orange as primary colour.
  15. Subtle NBA reminder on these... player (name size) more important than the team.I guess NFL cares the least about team, since you can barely see the team name on jerseys.. Helmet logo. Which isn't that big either compared to player name size on the jersey
  16. Subtle NBA reminder on these... player (name size) more important than the team.I guess NFL cares the least about team, since you can barely see the team name on jerseys..
  17. I'll say what i said in another forum.. wordmark needs to be bigger because right now it kind of ruins the whole design for me, it also needs a proper gold/blue outline and the jerseys could have really used a different kind of collar (im thinking a v-neck one with red & gold would have made them look a lot better). They missed the mark imo but the white ones do look better than blue for some reason.
  18. I don't seem to remember hearing much about other nba fanbases being physical or rioting after winning a championship..must be lack of "super-fans".
  19. The all Purple and Orange logos are just perfect. First it was Conrad's concept and now this, man it really shows how close Suns were to perfection and yet how badly they missed the mark.
  20. ^^^ Nothing wrong with mimicking the Saints, especially when you are trying to build up more local connections with the city (name and colour changes). Plus it's a unique colour scheme.
  21. Pelicans shouldn't have budged on having black as a primary colour. If Jay Z can convince the league to allow Nets to have black then im sure Pelicans could have done it too. Black & Gold colour scheme would have been one of the best in the NBA.
  22. Most of the nba teams you listed have fine primary logos that are still used as primary. So no need to change them every time you make minor colour changes. I do get annoyed with Raptors, Jazz, Bobcats and Wizards because there primary logos aren't used as primary anymore. In this case those primary logos are just there to save them the logo changing fees.