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  1. Decided to start playing around with the XFL teams. Dallas Renegades I started with Dallas because I like their colors and think their logo is pretty cool. Started with the Dallas Cowboys' shade of blueish silver but switched to a generic silver/grey because felt the blueish silver didn't contrast with the light blue enough.
  2. Wanted to give a different angle of the uniforms while also playing with another template.
  3. Saskatchewan and Montreal are posted which means all of the current CFL teams are up! Any C&C is welcomed!
  4. Winnipeg has been added which means the remaining teams are Montreal and Saskatchewan.
  5. I've reworked the stripes with more red and PLAID! Also, went a different direction with the alternate because... PLAID!
  6. I've updated Calgary and I'm going to revisit the REDBLACKS because I'm an idiot and didn't save them as a .PSD and I want to work more read and plaid into the home and away uniforms.
  7. I've changed the fonts on Edmonton and Toronto and straightened out the stripe, hopefully it looks better. I didn't make this template and can't believe I didn't see the stripe warp was off a bit.
  8. Ottawa REDBLACKS added. Any C&C on what I've done so far and I'll make revisions before moving forward.
  9. Agreed, while I'm not a big fan of white facemasks on yellow helmets, I think it works well with the uniform. I also really dislike the drop shadow numbers they have now.
  10. I've decided to just go ahead and make more concepts because I'm waiting to start a new job and I have time to play around... Toronto Argonauts added.
  11. Montreal Alouettes Saskatchewan Roughriders BC Lions Hamilton Tiger-Cats Calgary Stampeders *REVISED* Toronto Argonauts *REVISED* Edmonton Eskimos *REVISED* Ottawa REDBLACKS *REVISED* Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Winnipeg's sleeve design is based on the sleeve stripes of a Royal Canadian Air Force Commander's dress blues.
  12. I stand corrected! I thought it was FBS only, thanks!