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  1. Pretty decent start, outside of some new league hiccups.
  2. Japan has had a very stable pro and college league for decades. Mexico has a new league that's been going steady since 2016. I don't know what's going to happen with the CFL and XFL, but I hope whatever happens makes the CFL more popular and more sustainable. If this league succeeds then American football will have 5 strong pro leagues worldwide.
  3. I hope this league succeeds and becomes the de facto league in Europe like NFL Europe wanted to be.
  4. Both of these things could change. We can't think about this situation as if either league is in "business as usual" mode when the pandemic put both on life support. If a merger is what they feel is needed to make sure both leagues are financially viable, a merger will happen. I'm not saying that is the case, but it can't be dismissed as a possibility. Regardless, even if it's not a merger, I doubt it'll be something as trivial as player sharing. That's not going to bring new in fans, which is one of the top priorities (if not THE top priority).
  5. If the leagues were to merge, maybe they should compromise on the most notable/essential rules from each league. That said, I think the size of the field will HAVE to be the American standard.
  6. The mismatched white uniforms the Cowboys wear may suck, but they do pop on the field. Giving the white uniforms the standard navy blue makes them look kinda dull. I think the best solution is to meet in the middle on the two blues. Granted, it probably wouldn't look as good on the blue uniform as the darker blue does, but I think it'd make the set look better overall.
  7. Orange jerseys with black pants should be the primary
  8. I think/hope it'll be the other way around. Black shoulder stripes and orange numbers with black outline.
  9. The first team is the Las Vegas Lights. The logo is based on the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign. The mostly black uniforms with splashes of neon via the striping and logos represent the views you get at the Las Vegas strip during the night. Logo: Home: Away: Alternate
  10. The concept of this project is to take the 32 teams of the NFL and re-imagine them as if there's an alternate universe version of the NFL with the same locations, but different team branding and divisional alignment with Under Armour providing the uniform equipment. Also, I switched out one "New York" team and one "Los Angeles" team for St. Louis and San Diego teams. The team concepts won't be posted in any particular order and I will update this post with links to them for reference. NFC North: Detroit Green Bay Kansas City Minnesota NFC South: Atlanta Jacksonville St. Louis Tennessee NFC East: Buffalo Carolina Philadelphia Pittsburgh NFC West: Arizona Dallas Denver Los Angeles AFC North: Cincinnati Cleveland Chicago Indianapolis AFC South: Houston Miami New Orleans Tampa Bay AFC East: Baltimore New England New York Washington AFC West: Las Vegas Lights San Diego San Francisco Seattle
  11. It's funny you say that, because I reeeally dislike the idea. Horns should be relegated to the helmet only IMO. Rams don't have horns on their shoulders so repeating that design element on the jerseys kinda drags the helmet horns down with it. It makes it seem like horns are the Rams logo when it's really just a unique idea for a helmet that some person had ages ago. I'd probably just put the primary on the side of shoulders and then have tv numbers on the top of the shoulders.
  12. Those comparisons suck. ATL is used way more often than "The A" and "A-Town" and looks way less ridiculous on a uniform. Also, does anyone refer to Toronto as TOR? I've never heard that before.
  13. The less distinguishable a uniform is in black and white with logos taken away, the less credit a team deserves for it. I wish there were more unique uniforms in the NFL that weren't badly designed. Unfortunately Nike has no restraint. Even when they're going in the right direction with a uniform (Seahawks for example), they go too far with it. IMO, the Seahawks are a few tweaks away from having, far and away, the best uniforms in the NFL. The design is unique and ties to the city/area pretty well. They don't have to change much for them to still be unique, but also be more clean.
  14. If the Falcons are true to their word about "listening to the fans" they'll make the home uniform the black jersey/white pants combo and won't use the gradient jersey at all. If they go forward with these uniforms exactly as planned, they're full of it.
  15. People in Georgia call Atlanta "The ATL" almost as much as people call Los Angeles "LA". I don't like how big the wordmark on the front is (or the numbers), but having the 3 letters is justified in this case.
  16. I don't get why people have a problem with side panels. Looking like an Arena team is not a valid criticism. All that matters to me is whether or not a uniform is well designed and fits the team. For example, I think the side panels on these uniforms are fine. The Bengals' side panels are messy.
  17. I'm not a fan of our classic logo like a lot of other people seem to be, so I tried my best to touch up some of the problems I had with the old one. It's kind of an amalgam of both Falcons logos. I also did two versions:
  18. The only parts I find overtly bad are the giant numbers, the gradient and the white socks with white pants (which is probably something they can fix since they have black socks).
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