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  1. Great idea guys! I'm not gonna lie - i kinda gave up hope on the concepts board for a while...Hopefully this will encourage some more growth within the section. Seeing posters grow and mature as designers and getting true feedback on somehting you put time into in the concepts section is pretty rewarding, so hopefully we'll see more and more of it - with this as an incentive. Good stuff, gents
  2. im not liking what im seeing of the shoulder/sleeve area on that vikings away...
  3. Brand protection/legacy reputation > standards of moral integrity? Clinging to the fact that he's exempt legally is cold blooded stuff, man. Your tuition is going towards paying the attorneys protecting the few disgraced faculty who's stepped down and a few that haven't. Are you one of those who protested on campus? If any responsible adult sees a former colleague (who to his knowledge allegedly raped a little boy in the locker room) at practice years later with a child, is he not accountable for taking any action? I don't think that Paterno is a black-hearted villain in this but he's certainly one of many who shrugged nervously and hoped it would all just go away. Im not protecting the brand, im simply stating that everyone calling for paternos head (ex: go to jail, etc,) has no ammunition at this point. No, i didnt "protest" that is just a way for the students to go out a and around on beaver ave. it happens for eveything here. kind of annoying actually. Youre obviously too thick skulled to grasp the point im trying to illustrate with the tuition thing... how do you know paterno was sandusky with children on campus during this time period. the fact that he was on campus doesnt mean joe saw him. Not saying it couldnt have happened or wasnt highly likely, you just never know. like i said before, you cant jump to conclusions without proper information just trying to provide some commentary on what its like coming from the PSU community - i guess that deserves the flaming? if so, youve effectively illustrated point #4
  4. 1.) The fact that you don think ESPN hasnt brought this to the attention of every market outside of PA is insane. Tell me you had an interest in this before? 2.) In the eyes of the LAW, Paterno is nothing more than a middle man in this current situation. Like it or not. Youre assessment of his cultural influence is correct but holds no water in a court of law. 3.) Anyone has to capacity to misjudge character, as the article about PSU player arrests also illustrates. You cant control everyone all the time. The trusting of sandusky as a friend and leader of young people also clarifies this point. 4.) Im a student, paying full tutiton and trusting the image of the univeristy to add value to my diploma. This is much bigger than the cost of my tickets or the football team. 5.) Because its not the job of the head football coach to babysit people who have been dismissed from the staff. The responsibility in an event such as this lies with the administration and its inability to take proper action in an already flawed system
  5. From everything I've heard from various penn st peeps is that Paterno circa 98/2002 was as sharp as a tack, defied his age, and was a football titan despite being up there in years. He wasn't the half-whispering sad shuffling bag of bones he is today. I'd fully expect Paterno to know every intricate detail surrounding his football program near the time this was coming to light. The fact that he heard firsthand from McQueary and watched as the execs he told did the bare minimum is damning. There shouldn't be any parade, there shouldn't be any planned exit for Paterno at the end of the year with a big ceremony. He should be in police custody with the rest of the suits that allowed this to happen being taken under oath to answer questions. Why? Why was this allowed to happen? What the hell is wrong with the people on this planet? Obvious PSU troll is obvious... but i digress you obviously didnt read the entire post... not once did i say he SHOULDNT go. The ridicule is unwarranted. Im not calling for parades or celebrations. The fact that paterno has to take the fall for everyone else is a shame but if its what needs to be done im all for it. And that fact that you classify joe in with the university "suits" shows me how much you actually know about how things work at PSU. He doesnt run the university like all of you think
  6. its dispicable that people are making paterno out to be as bad as sandusky in any way, shape or form. In the grand scheme of things, the scale on which his decisions (obviously he could have done more, but hes is in fact a human being) impact the entire situation are relatively miniscule when compared to the lack of effort/care and failure to report a serious incident such as this by the ONES THAT ARE TRULY RESPONSIBLE (Curley, Shultz, Spanier, etc.). Hell, more blame can be placed on McQuery that paterno at this point. How can you witness a young boy being raped without taking immediate action? thats more dispicable than Joe doing what his job entails and referring the matter of hearsay to a person he has full confidence in? (Tim Curley) The fact that morals are entirely subjective and whether or not you disagree with what paterno chose to do or not to do does not change the fact that he did what he HAD to do. This is not an issue with the football program. They didnt violate any NCAA rules, etc. People just assume it is because thats all they associate Penn State with. The issue is not with the team, its much, much bigger than that. It has to do with the UNIVERSITY, not Joe Paterno alone. While cleaning house is the only thing that can save the PROGRAM at this point is needed, Joe is nothing but a casualty of a flawed system. As is my understanding, PA state law requires any employee working for a public/state affiliated institution to immediately report issue such as this to their superiors only. The fact of the matter is, the exact details of what McQuery told paterno are not yet (and may never be) known and are therefore hearsay. None of us know if the info provided by McQuery was downplayed or vague in any way. However, if it was and this is all that joe knew, why shouldnt he hand it up the chain of command and trust the system to work? Wouldnt you? especially in a place of such high power, with allegations coming from a mere GA against a longtime associate and friend of over thirty years? Would you instantly believe someone if they told you that your friend of 30+ years was molesting children? Again this is just another way to look at this story, because unfortunately we are only being fed the facts that everyone at ESPN wants us to hear because it makes a better story. The media has been waiting for any chance they could get to crucify Paterno and this is their shot. Saying that paterno and the entire football program harbored a child molester is not backed by fact as much as hearsay, speculation and lack of factual information at this point. If this changes i will be among the first to say i was wrong and change my mind. But, I wont let information that is purely subjective influence my perceptions of the situation. I go to Penn State. I have a vested interest, not only in the football team, but also in the University itself and how this whole thing can alter the course of my life and my perception as a person based on my association with this school. This all disgusts me as much as the next person, but i am not willing to throw everyone under the bus without knowing ALL of the facts first. Aso, i think many of you underestimate just how far the Penn State Football hand reaches. Paterno hasnt had any true influence on coaching or recruiting in the past 15 years and they attract big time recruits and win on a regular basis. While i expect the program to have an alabama type slump, this program is most certainly not dead in the water as most of you believe. Urban Meyer bought property in Boalsburg, just outside of state college on monday. Im not sayin. Im just sayin haha (thats the only positive thing i can muster the strength to write today)
  7. The problem here is that none of these events occurred under the watch of Joe Paterno. (as of now) All the evidence that was presented to him was strictly hearsay (at this point). I do not condone the actions of anyone involved in this incident and thing could have and should have been handled in a better way. The fact is that all of the blame is being put on the wrong people. the real problem is with the system, not a single individual, paterno in particular. In fact you could argue that McQuery should have reported the incident himself. basically, in terms of scale of guilt... sandusky is a mountain curly and shultz are the foothills of the mountain paterno is a speed bump
  8. Don't know of you're serious, but I wouldn't have a problem with that. Too many people in charge turned a blind eye to child rape happening in their school. There's no moral reason that program should continue to exist. There is absolutely no justification for the death penalty for the football program. unless getting hit with 'lack of institutional control' constitutes the death penalty (i dont know if it does or not). Thats the only reason i could see it happening. This isnt an issue with the football program, its an issue with the university itself and the greater 'chain of command' that is required by STATE LAW in situations like these. Thats whats so disturbing about all of this. As a Penn State student, i can say that the mood on and around campus today is extremely depressing and somber. Ive been keeping up with the majority of the information and im failing to see how Paterno is taking all of the heat for this. Me followed the system. The system failed. Sinple as that. Could he have done more? Probably. The man made a mistake. Believe it or not he isnt a saint, hes a human being. But the question of what kind of details the GA gave him still remains to be seen. He did not witness the crime first hand like the GA did so im not going to blame him for not reporting specific details if he didnt in fact know them. I think people need to stop jumping to conclusions, blaming this whole thing on Joe when the real criminals where sandusky, curly and shultz. I think the focus is being shifted to the wrong people who did what they needed to do (obligated by law) when put in their situations. Why is no one talking about/ hating sandusky? he is in fact the real criminal here. Nevermind how the lives of those kids has been changed forever. Yeah this is nasty and it makes me sick to my stomach, especially being associated with the university and loving this football program so so much. what makes me even more upset ans sick is that Paterno is getting and most likely taking the blame, not only for sandusky, culry, shultz and others, but for the entire program and everyone associated with the university. So basically id reserve my ultimate judgement of Paterno until all of the details come to light in this case. As it stands right now, paterno did what he was obligated to do (to a long time, tursted friend nontheless) by LAW. He couldve called the police, i guess. however, if i were him i would trust the university and the established chain of command to report and deal with the situation. Plus, its his job to take care of football, not babysit a retired pervert who was no longer on the staff. just my two cents.
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