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  1. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for making that riddell helmet template! Ive decided to use that template for my personal project and have given you credit for it of course. 


    The Link for my project is :


    If I need to remove it, please let me know. 


    Thank you and have a nice day!

  2. This is a really great, well though out and well executed concept. Fantastic work man. This SHOULD be what the browns will be wearing but i fear Nike will manage to mess it up... As for more constructive C&C... well, I dont really have any. This seems solid all around.
  3. Wow thanks! I would've never had expected to win one of these - especially when going up against such great competition. Congrats to all the other winners and great work to the others nominated. I'm honored to be among such great company. Lets keep churning out great stuff - I look forward to seeing what everybody puts out next year
  4. Wow thanks for the nominations guys! Some of the work on here is truly impressive and never ceases to amaze me
  5. Ugh, none of this "Penn State should use the logo on the helmets thing"...Its never gonna happen. Speaking of things that are never gonna happen... i really liked the Notre Dame shamrock logo they used a couple years back on the shamrock series uniforms. That would look great full time IMO
  6. Wow! Absolutely fantastic job on these! The ideas are fresh, progressive, well thought out and beautifully rendered. Way to think outside the box. The template is amazing as well...vastly different from anything I've seen on these boards - which is great. I rally like the faux-flat design and the "one the floor" presentation. it gives the concepts a sense of realness and provides what i think is a pretty accurate representation of what it'll look like on a player, in action or in an every day casual-fan type situation. Looking forward to seeing more! Hornets: I like the honeycomb pattern and the progressive/modern style. The seafoam-tint to the green isnt working, however. Spurs: Nice and simple. I think it fits the identity well. Lakers: Perfect. Just perfect. Thunder: Awesome! Love it all. I think it could benefit from a little bit of trim, however. Keep it up! Im looking forward to more!
  7. I really appreciate the effort you put into this tutorial - its very detailed and I've always wondered how people have managed to use Paint as a feasible design tool. very interesting process. I actually think this could be very helpful if someone is just starting out - which is great. What isn't great, however, is that people still see Paint as a usable tool when options like Inkscape (vector) or GIMP (raster) are fairly powerful for their price tag (free). Again, I really appreciate the effort but working in a design field i can honestly tell you that you should try out these other two programs - they're worth your while and i think they'll really help boost not only your design skills, and lower your production time, but your presentation will be of a much higher quality. Theres only so much you can do with Paint.
  8. Anybody else? I'd really like to know what people think about these
  9. I recommend looking at the full version of the yearbook. The flat templates are included as well as full res versions of the front/backs with design callouts
  10. As many of you may have seen, our very own drdougfresh has recently released his amazing 2014 NCFA Yearbook. I had the pleasure of working with Doug and the rest of the team in directing the Pursuit (Pro Combat) program for the second year in a row. Seeing as this guide is one of the greatest thing to come out of this board (IMO), I want to give it a bit of a bump... you can read the guide in full here, and here. Although this guide is amazing, this thread has to do with the Pursuits! As this guide has mainly been perused by league members, Id like to get the word out about the Pursuit program and get some more feedback from the community on the uniforms! If you're familiar with the Nike Pro Combat series, you should get the idea of whats going on here... The program aims to highlight each team's brand identity and create unique, distinct on-off uniforms based on this info. This year, the Pursuit program featured the following teams: The California A&M Cowboys, Holland Pride, Irvington Horsemen, Redmond Rampage, Rocky Mountain State Gold, Southern Iowa Thunderbirds, and California Long Beach Sea Lions. The 2014 Nike Pursuit project can be viewed here. Let me know what you think! Cal A&M: Holland: Irvington: Redmond: RMSU: Southern Iowa: UCLB:
  11. Doug this thing is absolutely fantastic! It was an honor to be involved in something like this - the best of its kind on the web. Congrats everybody! This thing is beyond sick! Cant wait to see what this evolves into for next year
  12. Ill try and throw something together for this. for now, pencil me in for entries on each - i havnt decided which ones I wanna do yet. Hopefully i can get them all done, but no promises (got some other important things to finish for ya)
  13. This is pretty nice man. The recent edits youve made are definitely an improvement. Id experiment with adding some slight definition to the ears as well, they seem a little flat. Im also digging the black/gray version more than the two toned blue. The eyes, however, still need some work. Right now it looks like a zombie bear - which is kinda badass but also weird at the same time. Mess around with the eyes and youve got a really great logo here. BTW saw youre at PSU too. Good luck finishing up the semester
  14. Let me just preface this by saying that i love how you hand-draw each one of your concepts before moving into the digital space. This is a great skill and habit to stay in and one of the most vital things i was taught in architecture school This is a really good start. However, i think it needs a bit more dynamic movement. Right now it seems to be jumping kind of "weakly" for lack of a better work. I feel like i wanna see this thing moving with the force to break through a wall or something. Also, the linework is a bit sloppy. Try doing a bunch of traces on different layers on top of each other until you build up some nice clean, crisp lines that youre happy with. This is definitely a great start. Looking forward to seeing where this is going
  15. Good stuff again Doug. I really like this. Its a great melding together of two pretty damn good designs for Miami. Ill agree with the previous statement that the split orange/green numbers on the orange jersey is a little hard to read...but your explanation of reflective numerals might just make the difference. If you set up your templates like i do, you should be able to select the orange part of the number, then copy that part from your specular of global (whatever you call your multiply lighting layer) and use that to up the reflectivity and/or shadow on that orange in the number to make it pop on your action template. Id say use a metallic/reflective orange outline with split white/green but i don't really know if that solves the problem either... Other than the numbers i think you've knocked this one out of the part. Looking forward to pitt