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  1. New England Patriots. Honest opinion: They didn't need a uniform change aside from having more silver in their current uniforms. But here's my take.
  2. No need to apologize. Besides, things were cleared up, we all reached an understanding, and I have some ideas for the other teams I haven't finished yet!
  3. Here's a question. is the champion number font cursed? The Teams you mentioned either lost the superbowl or didn't make it during that timeframe. Just curious...
  4. Ahhh. I understand now. I should clarify a bit and let y'all know about the rules I've given myself when making this thread...
  5. Its a Bills uniform Manufactured by Nike. I don't want more advertiser logos than allowed and I don't see it as a logo creep. Is it the size of the logo bothersome perhaps? the size and the integration into the design? I'm still confused by your comments...
  6. All NFL uniforms as of September 2020 are... Nike Uniforms. And the design that I did is a Bills uniform. Since the actual concern is only the shoulder area, here's a few shoulder designs: Honestly, I wish the NFL allowed Nike, Reebok, Starter, etc. to place their logo marks in front like college football. But, it did present a design opportunity. So, to fulfill Nike's logo shoulder placement, I used the Swoosh in place of the bison horns. No regrets!
  7. Buffalo Bills! Just did minor tweaks to complement their cool logo. I think the Bills Mafia would approve.
  8. These uniforms for some reason don't bother me. I guess since its college sports, I'm ok with these.
  9. Same here. I think it's a case of Nike and the NFL teams having great Ideas but questionable execution. The Titans can use a few more tweaks but overall, feel more like their own identity rather than having to be a reminder of the Oilers.
  10. It was always a minor issue, annoyance, etc. (that i'll also post on another topic sometime)of mine that the Niners haven't had gold on their tops probably since 1946. But did those all black alternates rather than a gold jersey.
  11. Ok, here's the Kansas City Chiefs. I am running out of steam, but I know I'm almost finished and proud of my work so far.
  12. Not sold on the Hornets Jerseys so far. A few things that come to mind: • The Hornets' now former set worked great! Except for the city & alternates. • Adding pinstripes to their current branding isn't working so far. And in all seriousness, Charlotte needs to extend their pinstripes to the shorts. To hell with their history & tradition of pinstripes on tops only. (Side note: If the New Orleans Hornets, Orlando Magic of the 90's, & Dwight Howard era can do pinstripes right, so can Charlotte! although Orlando has a branding crisis as well.) • Needs more purple on both jerseys. Also, contrast between the pinstripes and the NOB needs to be better. This is where different colored pinstripes can work. Or... this will sound blasphemous to Hornets fans, introduce gold (from NOLA) or blue (Bobcats) ONLY as an accent color for the names or pinstripes. Just a thought... • At least they didn't do what Atlanta did and be mostly bland. Overall, I think this jersey can work out with a few more tweaks and a purple jersey. But for now, not sold on it yet...
  13. Los Angeles Rams. For this team, their new branding doesn't bother me as much as I thought but their uniforms are disjointed with the use of gradients in the wrong places and color usage. All I really did is make the uniforms more consistent and use gradients sparingly. (Personal Thought: Gradients can be great! But it has to strike a balance of not being overwhelming and not being so subtle, theres no point in doing it.) And apologies to the St. Louis Rams fans out there! And as a reminder; a look at the Rams current uniforms:
  14. Introducing the San Francisco 49ers! This team has a classic look that I believed needed some very minor tweaking but overall, is still a classic look that I think Niners' Fans would like. Forgive me for adding black pants on the last image since a few fans (probably not the ones on these boards) appreciated the black set and the niners having a history of utilizing black as an accent color anyway.
  15. Here's the Jacksonville Jaguars! All I did really was combine all the eras best uniform elements (my opinions) and blended it into one "somewhat cohesive" jersey set. from the black & teal helmet pre-Nike to the Jaguars Military style patch & Numbering style. Feel free to comment as usual. P.S., for a team that uses teal as an accent color on their logo; they sure as hell emphasize it more so than the black and gold (mustard gold)!