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  1. I wish they played at the Oracle when wearing those jerseys. The arena is still NBA ready!
  2. And the last team I'm planning on doing, the Cleveland Browns. As I said before, the Browns and Washington Football Team are getting their own topics. Do enjoy this idea I had for the Browns.
  3. Yeah, it's always a struggle to balance between traditions and making something new. As I said before, some teams really need to update their look. They have all that money to spend to dress a little more consistently but, history, tradition, nostalgia, etc. often gets in the way. I think a few NFL teams should look to the NHL & 90's NBA on how to take risks yet be consistent from the helmet to the cleats. Just my opinion...
  4. Cream will go away, mostly. But the Orange stays.
  5. Presenting the New York Giants: Like the Dallas Cowboys, they have mismatched uniforms but the Giants are perhaps less memorable. This is my attempt at making the Giants more consistent...
  6. Detroit Lions. This team didn't need a uniform refresh either. But here's my take nonetheless:
  7. With all the things happening, I've designed and/or tweaked some NFL Uniforms using my own template. Not all teams will get the treatment nor will they get descriptions however so feel free to look around and if theres any questions and if i'm available, i'll answer. Enjoy!
  8. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for making that riddell helmet template! Ive decided to use that template for my personal project and have given you credit for it of course. 


    The Link for my project is :


    If I need to remove it, please let me know. 


    Thank you and have a nice day!