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  1. As I said on the MLS 2020 thread, they abandoned their own star system from 2016 only to bring back the scudetto that now barely even tells you which team is the defending champ? MLS needs to make up their mind and stick to it for as long as five years at least.
  2. Question: Did management listen to their Supporters' Groups or fans when they made this decision? If the fans say change it, then it's ok I guess. A generic name like CityFC is boring sure but, whatever. If the fans didn't want the change, then management in this scenario made a terrible call. If the fanbase is indifferent, then management is ballsy to say the least but until they unveil a new look & kit, well just have to find out how they pull it off...
  3. To sum it up: 1. Having to listen to Nike & Money. 2. Listening to the fanbase & season ticket holders (or not) 3. Wanting to do something different and not deal with the weight of tradition, nostalgia, etc. 4. Good/Bad team marketing departments. To further elaborate, the NBA is an athletic entertainment business and each team has their fans worldwide. The money is always the factor but not the only one. We also have to keep in mind that some teams' have good marketing departments and others... don't. For example, take the Miami Heat. They said that their current color scheme (Red, white, black, yellow) are not changing in the near future yet for the fourth year in the row, their Vice Jerseys are the talk of the town (for better or worst, for the right or wrong reasons, etc.)., When they first made the Vice Jerseys, they paid attention to not only their history but also the immediate market that they're in which is South Florida. Some teams really do pay attention to their markets the best way possible (Memphis is another excellent example so far 2/3 of their City uniforms were not brand colors at all but every design has paid attention to the local history; Brooklyn Nets and their Local Artists Uni's, Utah Jazz and their jerseys, Portland Trailblazers, Chicago Bulls, hell even the Lakers and their Lore series along with the... Clippers' and their past few City jerseys) Some teams don't care but money is being printed (New York, but the fireman jersey was their best City jersey and their current one is a collab with a local fashion house, Detroit, Dallas, Orlando, etc.) Other teams (or every team) has a hit or miss marketing department. I'll stop rambling on...
  4. Not the only one! Of all the City Uniforms, Miami's has been the most consistent in terms of branding, how it fits with the city & identity, etc. I'm actually more surprised at how the uniform manufacturing got the gradient to be so... gradual since back then gradients on uniforms were a little more... harsh. So to speak...
  5. So... I'm guessing MLS has completely abandoned their championship star system and brought back the scudetto on top of the new silver star?
  6. I wish they played at the Oracle when wearing those jerseys. The arena is still NBA ready!
  7. And the last team I'm planning on doing, the Cleveland Browns. As I said before, the Browns and Washington Football Team are getting their own topics. Do enjoy this idea I had for the Browns.
  8. Yeah, it's always a struggle to balance between traditions and making something new. As I said before, some teams really need to update their look. They have all that money to spend to dress a little more consistently but, history, tradition, nostalgia, etc. often gets in the way. I think a few NFL teams should look to the NHL & 90's NBA on how to take risks yet be consistent from the helmet to the cleats. Just my opinion...
  9. Cream will go away, mostly. But the Orange stays.
  10. Presenting the New York Giants: Like the Dallas Cowboys, they have mismatched uniforms but the Giants are perhaps less memorable. This is my attempt at making the Giants more consistent...
  11. Detroit Lions. This team didn't need a uniform refresh either. But here's my take nonetheless:
  12. Here's the Philadelphia Eagles. Didn't do much save for color changes & font no. change...
  13. Been awhile, but I'm back. Here's the Baltimore Ravens: