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  1. And now the Atlanta Falcons:
  2. With all the things happening, I've designed and/or tweaked some NFL Uniforms using my own template. Not all teams will get the treatment nor will they get descriptions however so feel free to look around and if theres any questions and if i'm available, i'll answer. Enjoy!
  3. If it's possible, where can we see all of the submissions? And is it possible to post our concepts on the boards if we submitted one but can't see all of the submissions?
  4. The current "banana yellow "the Los Angeles Lakers are using is actually better than the yellow-orange (golden yellow that GSW, Indiana, Miami accent color, Denver, etc. use) of the past. I think the lighting they have at certain arenas doesn't help but the use of banana yellow separates it from the other teams that have yellow in their branding. The Lakers current yellow doesnt look green at all compared to Atlanta's "volt green"...
  5. Posting a couple days late but there are a few things I want to say about this particular matchup. First, photos: And now, a few things to say: 1) We should appreciate (or not) these City uniforms since both uniforms are entering their last year (Year 3 for both teams). Of all the City Uniforms; Miami and Utah represent their city (and State very well). And the ads (although I don't like ads) do fit the uniform colors and are not so obtrusive. 2) Although the court is Miami's Vice court; the seats are actually still red and orange-yellow which fits the Jazz City uniform. I was thinking that it shows that this game is a somewhat "neutral site" with Miami as the home team so they brought their court with them. (Jazz did play in Miami actually!) - And now a picture of the arena current seating:
  6. And it was a very beautiful matchup! 76ers' "road" Blues vs. Miami "Alt." Red. To note: Before Nike, these Miami reds were considered playoff red on the road. So its nice (for me as a fan, at least) to see the Heat wear their reds more often. Also, looking at the Sixers, I wish they went with white compression gear to further contrast the Heat's Black compression gear but still, great use of colors for both teams! (both teams were on brand)
  7. For some reason, the Nike swoosh on MLB jerseys do not bother me. Not the location, colors used, nor the size for all the teams. Also, It'll probably be a couple seasons before Nike actually does their full input and this quote will probably be a bad quote...
  8. NBA: •If you're wearing a compression gear; those clothes must match the color of the uniform worn or contrast the uniform as long as its not white or black. Example: - Anthony Davis for example, can only wear purple to contrast the yellow since white is used as an accent color. If he worn the purple, wear yellow compression shirts/gear or white but not black. JJ Reddick can wear navy blue only for the red jersey. for the blue jersey, red or white is good. Pelicans gold is an accent gold. (ill brush up on this rule in the future) •Light Colors = Home; Dark Colors = Away. no deviations. •Head coaches wear team color suits. Example: Imagine Pat Riley with a purple, white, and/or yellow Armani Suit that he liked to wear during his coaching days...or red/ yellow/ black for the heat. (or maybe at least a tie and a button up that fit the team colors)
  9. This logo fiasco reminds me so much of the LA Clippers rebrand for the NBA (even though the Fire haven't revealed their kits yet). Which puts the Chicago Fire in this scenario: 1: Win the next few MLS Cups, US Open Cups, etc. with the new logo or at least be a consistent top tier club (like the Clippers (NBA) & Columbus Crew this decade) 2: Suck so hard and do another rebrand in a year or two. 3: Be a middle of the road team and do slight alterations over the years. (Similar to the... Clippers again at least with their uniforms) To be honest though, the logo is looking more and more like a bad idea due to the potential/future gang affiliations; how it fits with other Chicago sports teams; and the fanbase response to said logo. Even when the new kits come out for the Fire, I'm not sure the Kits would save the logo. Also: While it may not bother most people, I'm curious if Fire Management saw the typeface used for Austin and Columbus and told Doubleday & Cartwright to do just that... or if's it a design trend to use a blocky sans-serif typeface? Hmmm.....
  10. Camo never looked good on any uniform for any team. Kind of makes you wonder why the Spurs didn't do what the Heat did with their US Army jerseys... Not a fan of these jerseys either but, these jerseys were at least somewhat tolerated.
  11. True! The Lakers though need to get rid of the black on their current purple jerseys since it's inconsistent with their gold and white sets.
  12. New Hound Logo! And now a few things to note: 1. Bigger eye and turned for more aggression. Added a brow of sorts for more attitude. 2. Fur is less of a "splat" and slightly more fur like. 3. Removal of lower lip to make the Foxhound younger. Also dots on side are less grid like for a more natural feel. This display is similar to the official flag of Los Angeles just in Hounds' Colors. Special thanks to all for these suggestions!
  13. And here's a few logo variants. Don't know about the lips; I do like the eyes adjustment while the no basketball ears leave me wanting more...
  14. Not a Nets Fan, but the Jersey is great except for two things. 1. The numbers should fit the font used. That's a minor gripe since it's a one year uni but I'm glad that they went to a local artist to do their uniform that also fits the current nets brand. 2. The bigger issue should be the "infor" ad patch. That ad patch in my opinion has always kept the Nets uniform sets from being great. I wish the Nets told infor to change their logo for their jerseys so that its less intrusive but will still pop out. At least its not as bad as the Love's patch for Oklahoma City...