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  1. Baron's who made the Cavs NBA Rings claims these rings are the Largest NBA rings ever. Now the 2006 Heat Players rings set the standard for size so it would be nice to see a side by side comparison of those 2 rings.
  2. I see all of the Cardinals rings made up the arch and the Rams ring is on the far right but what is the ring on the far left?? I cant see what it says and I just found out that St Louis had an NBA team that turned into the Hawks and they beat the Celtics in 1958 but would that ring be the 1958 NBA Champinship Ring?
  3. And now for the Ring that most everyone is waiting for the New 2018 New England Patriots Ring have been presented to the players just a few hours ago. Hope you all like the new design. It appears that the 6th is even larger than the 4th and 5th rings!!!
  4. Ok guys the is what you have been waiting for the New Boston Red Sox World Series Rings as they were presented today in Boston. Made by Jostens as usual. I am sure many will have their opinions of what they think of the new rings.
  5. Just what all of the NCAA Football fans have been waiting for. The New 2018 Clemson Tigers Football National Championship Rings!!! The ring is made by Jostens and looks similar to many of the other Championship Rings that Jostens have have made for other Pro Teams over the years so nothing really too new that we havent seen before but still a very nice rings. FYI the New Boston Red Sox World Series rings will be released during the home opener later on this week so this is a big week for New Championship Rings!!!
  6. Here is the New Golden State Ring Everyone has been waiting to see.
  7. I still would argue that what I wrote is correct and so would others too. I know my rings so lets leave it at that.
  8. What was wrong with my post?? this is a photo of the 2017 Eagles Super Bowl Championship Ring.
  9. Here is what you all have been waiting for. The New 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Ring.
  10. Here is the official Jostens photo of the new Alabama Ring.
  11. For those who cant wait till Monday till the Bama Players get their 2017 National Champs Rings here is what they look like.
  12. Looks like UCF was bold enough to do what the 2004 Auburn team did and make and gave out National Champs rings after they finished the season with a perfect record. In 2004 Auburn was not the only team who finished the regular season undefeated and thus they were not invited to play in the 2004 BCS title game as it was USC vs Oklahoma for the National Title. Also finishing the regular season with NO losses were Auburn, Utah and Boise State. USC destroyed OU 55-19 in the Orange Bowl. Auburn only beats Virginia Tech 16-13 in the sugar bowl. Utah does finish the season undefeated and Boise State lost their bowl game. So in the end 3 teams were undefeated and i would guess if Auburn would have beaten VT by a lot more or if USC had not just totally destroyed OU Auburn might have been awarded a split National Championship but Auburn did give out rings to their players that had National Champions on them. I am sure that angered the USC players. As we all recall last year UCF finished the season and bowl season undefeated but many did not feel that they deserved to share the title but it looks like outgoing Head Coach Scott Frost or someone at UCF thought they should get rings with National Champs on it. This shouldnt have been a surprise since they did make up a National Champs banner and did hang it up a few months ago. I am willing to bet the Bama players wont be too happy to hear about this. In case you all dont know Auburn this last year put out SEC West Champs rings and the Bama players publicly slammed Auburn for putting out the SEC Division rings. The Alabama ring designed have been kind of shown in bits and pieces for over 2 weeks and a leaked photo has come out as the new designed does appear it has 2 of the National Champs trophies on top. Look for the new Bama Ring to come out soon. In the meantime check out the 2017 UCF Rings which were made by Jostens and are the same basic design as the 2016 Clemson National Champs rings.
  13. The brand new Mount Union Purple Raiders Div III National Champions Ring is very similar to the NDSU 2017 ring and of course both rings are patterned off of the Clemson 2016 National Champs Ring and the NCAA National Champs Basketball Ring that UNC got in 2017 from the NCAA as it has a big trophy on top. All of these rings were made and designed by Jostens.