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  1. The Leafs missing the playoffs by one point two years in a row. It was the Leafs' last game in 2007. They needed a win and an Isles loss the next day. They were facing their bitter rivals, the Habs. Can't remember the details, but it was an exciting back-and-forth game, eventually won by the Leafs, 6-5. It was the 3rd period of the Isles game, and they were winning by 1. The Devils pulled the goalie and tied the game up with 3 seconds left. It ended up in the shootout and a Dublowicz poke check ended it.
  2. They're not called the Mighty Ducks, silly goose! (no pun intended)
  3. Pretty self-explanatory... Please don't say Crosby or Ovechkin. Don't judge based on their contract, judge based on their ability vs. what most people think of them. Mine will be biased towards my favourite team and sport... OR: Patrick Roy, Cam Ward, Gomez, McCabe (with the Leafs) UR: Kulemin, Grabovski, Iginla, Hasek, Suter, Quick, Visnovsky I can't really think of that many right now. It will come to me later.
  4. Which is more surprising; Toronto's record or Boston's?
  5. When will Reimer be back? Why did nobody cream Gionta (not too hard to do) after he injured Reimer that game?
  6. Read the description.. Patriots when they went 16-0? Oilers in the middle of their 5 in 7 run? Or other? National teams don't count.
  7. I believe you meant, "Get this thread trollin'." There's an NHL thread, where we talk about NHL things. The Maple Leafs haven't needed three threads. Actually the Maple Leafs don't even need one thread. Sure it does, it prevents the NHL Season thread from being Leaf-Jacked... Yeah, if I keep posting Leaf stuff there, then people will get annoyed.
  8. I believe you meant, "Get this thread trollin'." There's an NHL thread, where we talk about NHL things. The Maple Leafs haven't needed three threads. What's the third thread?
  9. I like them all, with the exception of the Sharks primary and the Lighting shoulder patch.
  10. Nice job! It's better than some of the other past ones for sure.
  11. Most of these are so obvious but you don't notice them until they're pointed out to you.
  12. Did you see him on the Chris Kelly goal? He literally just leaned on him! He's bigger than him and he could have easily bumped him or lifted his stick but he didn't. I'd have trouble finding a worse defensive play. Anyway, we have 8 NHL calibur d-men, so if you play like that, you don't play. Also, we're 4-0 without him in the line-up, and 1-1-1 with him. What former Leafs defender from say a year back does that remind you of? Hm...not sure.
  13. My friend was at my house on my comp and I had to go upstairs to eat and he posted that one. Ah, the CCSLC equivalent of "the dog ate my homework". If I had a nickle for every time I've seen this excuse on here...in fact that is a great idea, if anyone wants to use this excuse in the future they have to pay every member a nickle... That's the only time I've ever said that.
  14. I honestly thought this was the same Leafs thread as the last one he started when he posted. As to why? He's a troll. He posts Leafs-centric stuff like this because he knows it'll get a reaction. I was just trying to get this thread rollin'. If your going to start a thread, you have to give people something to respond to.
  15. The Leafs got blown out against the one "elite" team they've played so far. I expect this team to be better then last year, but I doubt they'll make the playoffs. If they do sneak in it'll be a one round and done deal. Just being realistic about these kind of things. We used our back-up against the (former) Stanley Cup champs. Even if we do lose 4-1 in the first round, I'd be happy. Just the fact that we finally made the playoffs again would be cool.