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  1. The Chargers are still owned by the Spanos family and will therefore never win in anything that actually matters. I'll be shocked if the new Rams merchandise doesn't outsell the new Chargers merchandise by a country mile.
  2. Both logos look like they'd be used by a fan blog or podcast covering the team, not the actual team themselves.
  3. This was only "inevitable" due to sheer spite. The Spanos family spent decades ignoring the demand for powder blue in San Diego while forcing their favorite color instead (navy). Bringing back powder blue full-time now is just a petty excuse to lord it over their former fanbase. If the team was still in San Diego, powder blue would still be relegated to alternates and throwbacks only.
  4. I left my fandom behind too when they screwed over San Diego, so we're in agreement on that. This would have been close to a "perfect" rebrand if the team was still in SD. Especially given the longterm demand for the powder blues there. IMO, a perfect rebrand in LA would have involved changing the team's name completely, not continuing to prop themselves up on decades of history in another city they betrayed.
  5. Can't say I agree with the huge praise of the Chargers' new logo. It's not bad, but it looks like someone just took the old logo and stretched it out in Photoshop. The new wordmark is also quite plain compared to the old one. Ultimately this feels like change for the sake of change. And of course, switching back to powder blue full-time is a petty move that surely was motivated by crapping all over their old fanbase. The Spanos family never misses a chance to show how tonedeaf they are.
  6. The color scheme is perfect, but the logos are a big disappointment. The ram logo is a downgrade from the previous one and the LA monogram doesn't look like a sports logo. They'll almost certainly screw up the uniforms too.
  7. I'm definitely not part of the Creamsicle Crew, but I've wanted the Bucs to emphasize pewter and orange and demote red to a tertiary color for years.
  8. The biggest issue with those uniforms are that they're boring. The most heavily emphasized colors in those uniforms are navy blue and white, the most boring color scheme imaginable for a sports team. The traditional powder blue was long gone by then, not because it was unpopular, but because the Spanos family hated it and didn't care what the fans thought. And it wasn't just the Tomlinson set - it was also the Ryan Leaf set and the embarrassing blowout loss in the Super Bowl set. I'd argue that it's associated with more bad memories than good ones. Given the whole electricity theme of the Chargers' identity, they need bright, vibrant uniforms. Not boring navy and white with traces of gold.
  9. That sounds awful enough to be true, knowing how incompetent the Spanii are.
  10. He wore a "total clown suit" for almost his entire career (outside of the occasional throwback games) until now. Those Patriots uniforms were awful.
  11. I'll believe that a Spanos-owned franchise is capable of doing anything "awesome" when I see it.
  12. Couldn't disagree more. Anyone who's paid attention to college uniforms in recent years can tell you that Nike has moved towards a very boring aesthetic. Every football team has to look like Alabama, every basketball team that isn't a blue blood gets minimal striping at best. The current Jaguars uniforms and that Bucs mockup are right in Nike's wheelhouse. They've overcorrected from debacles like the two-tone Jaguars helmet and are now afraid to use more than two colors at once.