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  1. Regardless, it looks a lot better than the crap they're currently wearing.
  2. The one with the full "White Sox" wordmark is actually pretty nice.
  3. Hey, at least we can both agree on being happy he didn't sign with LA, right? Imagine how nauseating it would have been to see the Chargers getting all those calls in the first half and that :censored:bag Dean Spanos hoisting the trophy after the game like he earned something.
  4. Only because of the other teams. Brady himself is a snoozefest. Always has been.
  5. Can Brady please just go away so the NFL can actually be entertaining again?
  6. They look like they were made in MS Paint. The score banner is just an uglier version of the old one. Pretty disappointing compared to the graphics that FOX introduced last year.
  7. The Lightning actually look like the Lightning tonight for the first time in a decade, victory stripes and all.
  8. The 2021 All-Star Game: brought to you by the Houston Astros.
  9. Couldn't disagree more. The three-stripe look has allowed the Packers to keep the essence of their old-school uniforms while gracefully transitioning them to modern jersey templates. I actually prefer it to the "Victory Stripes." In contrast, the Steelers have done what you're suggesting by clinging to their giant sleeve stripes and they look worse by the year. Their stripes don't even fit on most of their players' sleeves anymore without getting cut off halfway through. The days of durene jerseys with long sleeves are never coming back, so teams with an old-school aesthetic are either going to have to make compromises or come to terms with looking gradually worse every time there's an innovation in football uniform design.
  10. Pressing need: - Rams - Patriots - Cardinals - Falcons - Cowboys - Saints Could use a change, but not a priority: - Jaguars - Steelers - Broncos - Giants - Texans - Niners
  11. Can't say I agree on that, they work fine. Easily better than their current disasters.
  12. It's just the lighting in that particular photo making the colors look darker. The shade of blue that the Cavs used back then was much lighter on the court than the Wizards' slate blue.
  13. And instead of learning from these situations, the NFL instead allowed the even more disgraceful and ill-conceived relocation of the Chargers to LA.
  14. Luv Ya Blue is probably never happening for the Texans, but I could see them pulling off a more "rustic" color scheme that comes close enough.