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  1. Man, I have mixed feelings right now. The Nationals have a fun team with so many amazing storylines, but it still kind of sucks that they're getting what the Expos were denied in 1994.
  2. The previous logo is very late-'80s/early-'90s, so I could totally understand them wanting to modernize it, but this is a downgrade. The new logo looks more appropriate for a hotel or a resort instead of a sports network.
  3. I actually like the shorts, but holy crap, what were they thinking with that jersey? How could anyone think that side panel looks good?
  4. I wouldn't mind the Brewers going for a Seattle Pilots type of look with their caps.
  5. Vikings-Bears might be the best looking matchup of the week. The Bears' throwbacks are superb.
  6. "Hot garbage" is a bit of an overstatement, but the Rockets do have the most boring uniforms in the league now. They look like a mid-major college program that has to order their uniforms from a catalog.
  7. I hated those uniforms. The lines across the front looked so stupid and so much worse than the classic streaking sun that they were supposed to be referencing. They also couldn't decide whether they wanted to be a purple/orange team or an orange/black team. IIRC, they were originally going to ditch purple altogether for that era, but there was outcry from their fanbase over that, so they ended up making the road uniform purple as a compromise while not changing the rest of the set to match. Overall, just a huge mess. Their current uniforms are an improvement, although the striping could use some minor tweaks and they also need to fix the inconsistent collar trim.
  8. Can we all at least agree that there's a better option than the Ball in Glove or the Barley M?
  9. There's a much better option than either of those.
  10. The Texans have always looked incredibly dull, like a generic team from a movie. Even the much-beloved road uniforms with red socks still look forgettable.
  11. The biggest issue with that road look is that whenever they wore all-white, they looked very similar to the Chiefs from the neck down. IMO, ditching the original orange numbers on the road was a mistake for the Bucs back then. Those helped set them apart from the rest of the league visually, while also tying in more closely with the orange-heavy home uniforms.
  12. I feel like I'm the only one who prefers the pitchfork logo on the helmet for ASU. I have never cared for primarily-vertical mascot logos on helmets, whether it's Sparky, Pat Patriot, etc. The pitchfork just looks better on a helmet to me. Uniform-wise, though, they haven't looked all that great since they switched from Nike to Adidas.
  13. Yeah, between the decals and the mismatched shade of blue, the helmets were kind of a mess back then. Hopefully they'll fix that when they bring back the classics next year.
  14. That Tampa concept looks more appropriate for Virginia Tech than the Bucs (aside from the throwback, of course).
  15. I don't get all the hate for the Rams' blue and gold away jerseys. To me, it's one of the best road uniforms in NFL history. The Fearsome Foursome look is dreadfully boring and a little too similar to the Colts from the neck down. The Rams just need to not overthink things and bring back the blue and gold classics. The only thing they should consider changing is the pants stripe.