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  1. The Jameis-era Bucs uniforms were definitely not the worst in the league. They were mostly serviceable uniforms stuck with a terrible number font. They could have just fixed the numbers and they would have been set for years to come. As it stands, it's tough to claim they're worse than the Bengals' clownsuits, or the Rams' current crap, or the Brady-era Patriots, or the Cowboys' mismatched mess, or the Cardinals' piping-and-panels insanity.
  2. Unsurprisingly, the Chargers are wearing their Spanos Navy uniforms again today. So much for embracing powder blue again - that didn't last long.
  3. I still say that's the best the Islanders ever looked. I don't even mind the phantom yokes. The front numbers were pointless but still don't bother me either.
  4. From the neck down, it's not bad at all. It's just the awful helmet that sticks out like a sore thumb.
  5. I said I wasn't posting in that thread anymore. Even though I do need to change my posting habits, it helps if people are no longer seeing oaklandhusker. And what did you do to change?

  6. Please give me Kelley Washington!

  7. You consistently have some of the coolest signatures on the board. Seriously. Get in the t-shirt business.

  8. How about the 133rd overall pick (5th round)?

  9. For the 2011 NFL Mock Draft

    What would it take for the Bills to get Kelley Washington