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  1. People *annoying music* still *dramatic transition* watch *unnecessary graphical elements* Sportscenter?
  2. Can we just link to the countless other threads of the same topic instead?
  3. That we live in a country where a prominent NFL team uses a racial slur as a team name is a pretty big joke.
  4. There are pictures on their Twitter. Seems legit, son.
  5. My boner just popped a boner. I hope the quality is good. This is rad!
  6. If I played football, I'd have a mask custom made to look like shark teeth. But really, if I played football, I wouldn't be clever/smart enough to come up with something like that.
  7. Golden State Warriors New England Patriots San Jose Clash Tampa Bay Mutiny Buffalo Bills London Monarchs Las Vegas 51s Inland Empire 66ers
  8. Is there a fantasy pick 'em for this fantasy tournament? And, historically, is the 5 vs. 11 matchup a bit of a pickle to predict? I forget.