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  1. Not the case. A lot of that had to do with T. Boone Pickens who was a huge booster for Oklahoma State. With him passing away a couple years ago, any theoretical marriage between OU and OK State dissolved.
  2. . I know they don't look similar, but I can't help but be reminded of the Goodyear logo when I see that G logo
  3. The Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland Guardians
  4. I love that the red can be a call back to the 1959 "Go-Go" White Sox. Well done.
  5. The Cubs city jerseys have leaked and they areā€¦ something.
  6. Bears' Eddie Jackson will be switching to number 4 this season. Damien Williams will also be changing numbers, going from #25 to #8.
  7. Thank you! I'm tired of the Trubisky-Fields comparisons that we're going to undoubtedly hear until Fields breaks out. The only comparison is the Bears traded up for them. I've seen a lot of Fields coming out of college than I did of Mitch. From what I've seen, Fields is much, MUCH more accurate. He has a tendency to stare down receivers, but I feel like that's something that will get worked out as he progresses. If you go off his aptitude test, he has the mind for football that Mitch lacked. I'm optimistic because at this point, what else is there to be? I feel like it's better to have Fields in that quarterback instead of going into the season with just Dalton & Foles.
  8. I ordered a Burrow Limited jersey and it still has the May 25 shipped date. I'm hoping that since you got yours so quick that mine comes sooner rather than later.
  9. Looks like someone threw a load of whites and reds in the washer together.
  10. I think it's kind of crazy that we're holding the MLB to some high standard like these City Connect uniforms are what's going to doom the league's uniform aesthetic. Remember when holidays and special events just meant your favorite team was going to wear a different hat? Now, we have full blown uniform alternates for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Player's Weekend. They don't even keep the same template year to year & change it just enough so fans keep spending money on the merchandise. Hell, Jackie Robinson Day now has special hats with a Jackie Robinson patch. It's all a cash grab. Nike isn't doing anything that hasn't already been done in the MLB. I guess I'm not really bothered by it because as a White Sox fan, I see them trot out their black alternates on the road more than I see the gray aways. At this point, it doesn't bother me anymore because it's where we're at and there's no changing it. That's unless fans don't buy the replica jerseys, hats, t-shirts, and whatever else they're selling to market this initiative. But, something tells me that's not going to happen. They're fine as an alternate & I'm sure when you compare them to the rest of the city identities, they'll be one of the better looking sets that MLB/Nike put out.
  11. Glad to see the White Sox going all in on their rebuild.
  12. Texas has decided to fire Strong and the announcement will likely come tomorrow. http://footballscoop.com/news/texas-reportedly-fire-charlie-strong-announcement-likely-come-monday/
  13. Do Douglas Park is great for the small area it encompasses. The issue is when you move one block south and you're in the middle of one of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago. Seriously, go to Google, search "shooting Bronzeville" and various dates come up of shootings that have happened in just the last four months. Wrigley isn't just an island of safety in a warzone but it borders Old Town, Lincoln Park, and the Gold Coast. I don't think there will ever come a day when Bridgeport is even a fraction of what Wrigleyville is. I've been going to White Sox games since I can remember and I always hear, "They're really trying to fix the neighborhood up." Yeah, I'm going to call BS on that, the only thing they've really added is a huge bar next to the stadium where you can buy $8 beers.
  14. Congratulations to all you Cubs fans! Wait till next year, no more!
  15. NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Detroit Baltimore vs. Cleveland Dallas vs. Washington New Orleans vs. NY Giants San Francisco vs. Carolina Miami vs. New England Kansas City vs. Houston Seattle vs. St Los Angeles Tampa Bay vs. Arizona Jacksonville vs. San Diego Atlanta vs. Oakland Indianapolis vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Minnesota Philadelphia vs. Chicago
  16. So the Bears are one of the teams that haven't leaked, can it be assumed they're just wearing their usual home jerseys?
  17. Carolina at Denver Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Minnesota vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Philadelphia Cincinnati vs. NY Jets Oakland vs. New Orleans San Diego vs. Kansas City Buffalo vs. Baltimore Chicago vs. Houston Green Bay vs. Jacksonville Miami vs. Seattle NY Giants vs. Dallas Detroit vs. Indianapolis New England vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. Washington Los Angeles vs. San Francisco
  18. Academically, Boise State isn't the most prestigious school.
  19. From what I'm reading, there's no nerve damage which is a positive to take away from all this. Crazy that this happened on a non-contact play but here's to a full recovery for Bridgewater.
  20. If that's the case, then it most likely has to be a compound fracture.
  21. That's how I'm choosing to believe this story went. Sale saw the throwbacks didn't include shorts so being the perfectionist he is, when the hitters went out for batting practice, he took it upon himself to cut off the pant legs on the uniforms. Can't blame the guy for being a traditionalist. In all seriousness, Sale shouldn't have cut up a bunch of jerseys. It was an extremely childish move. But this probably goes deeper than this situation. The White Sox front office is a mess. There is no coincidence that both Reinsdorf owned teams in Chicago have front offices that mirror each other. It's hard as a fan to watch a team you root for become the laughingstock of the league. The White Sox are a team that desperately need to press the reset button and trade for some decent prospects. If they start this summer, they might be able to see relevancy again by 2018 at the earliest.
  22. Drake LaRoche. Can't blame Sale for wanting off the sinking ship so bad that he was willing to cut up a few jerseys.
  23. The White Sox have seemed to revert back to regular-season form. In the last ten games, they're: 4-6 On a 4 game losing streak And own a 2.5 game lead in the American League The main problem is the pitching. Outside of Sale and Quintana, the bullpen is shaky, Rodon and Latos are inconsistent, and there still isn't a true fifth starter. It's not outside of the realm to believe the team can win at least a Wild Card spot but if the pitching remains as unreliable as it has the last week and half, it's not happening.
  24. For Chicago: 1. Bears 2. Cubs 3a. Blackhawks 3b. Bulls 4. Notre Dame Football 5. White Sox That's the overall list if all the teams were having the same type of season. I would swap the Blackhawks and Bulls cause I don't remember the Bulls in the 90s much but imagine their hype was bigger than the Blackhawks last three Cups. The Bears are the one team that unites the whole city. As popular as the Cubs are, it's the one thing that unites the North and South Side. But, if the Cubs won a World Series, they'd be catapaulted to first. The city would dye the river red, the buildings would be painted blue. It would be so over the top.
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