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  1. Does Anyone know if teams will be wearing this patch come Jan. 1st? Found it on the Ice jerseys website. 75th anniversary patches were league wide.
  2. looks like the new logo will be unveiled this Tuesday.
  3. I just noticed that the Legends Row Maple Leaf is a leaf that has never been used before. Is there a possibility this could be the direction they are going in or is it just a one off?
  4. Yup it's Tyler Ennis
  5. Niagara Ice Dogs new home and aways
  6. More pictures. Too bad they are being sold until September, Im in Calgary this summer and would have loved to pick one up.
  7. Looks like a Concept.
  8. This is the second jersey I've seen this year with the "CCM" logo on it (Moose Jaw's anniversary jersey being the other) Is this a direction that Reebok is going in with CHL jerseys?Well Reebok is supposedly getting out of the jersey business so it would make sense for them to change the CHL jerseys.I can't speak for all the leagues but a lot of the WHL teams don't have the Reebok patch on the front of the jersey anymore. I'm glad they are still keeping the Maroon jersey, but it's too bad they went in the direction of vintage white home and black BFBS away. The Petes should be solely a Maroon and white team. I'm still going to have to buy one of the new jerseys though. But thats just the way it is.
  9. I hope they'll do like the Hawks in 2009 and replace their alternate with these ones. They look way much betterAgreed, they are atleast distuguishable as a different jersey from the distance, and look great.I don't know how popular this opinion is, but I'd definitely like to see their current alternate be promoted to a home/road set for the WC sweater to be promoted to an alternate.Or at least keep the Logo that's on the alternate sweater. Like little John Cena (no offense) said here, their WC set is distinguishable from their current set than their alternate jersey is.'Cause appart the stripe on their pants, their almost indentical as their primary home. Their WC jersye would be better, and it seems that the fans love it more( i share their opinion on that)It's like Vancouver, their alternate jersey looks almost identical as their primary home. They should really need a new alternate While the WC jersey is certainly more distinguishable, the '67 throwbacks have more to differentiate themselves from the primaries than just the pants stripe - namely the hem/arm stripes, the font, the crest, and the lack of shoulder patches.Agreed, but that's stuff we notice instantly, to the average person though most wouldn't notice much more than the lack of shoulder logos, and seeing as the previous set didn't have them, a good chunk of people are used to them not being there. I'd be fine with a white version of the third being used on the road, with the third promoted to home and the WTC as a third. Would be a tough trio to beat. Would It be wrong if the Leafs rotated six jerseys? I would love for their white third jersey to come back and I think the Leafs need a white version of the 70's/80's jersey.
  10. The colors are off in that picture. It is a red jersey. Well that explains why I haven't seen it before. In any sense My comment stands from that picture with the weird lighting, I still believe it would be a nice alternate. Upgrade from Stadium series jersey
  11. Just came across this jersey, It would look great if the Ducks slapped the D logo in place of the Hitmen logo. Thoughts? I think this is what Anaheim needs for an Orange jersey.
  12. Spokane's Military jerseys. And because I like bumping this thread. More on the facebook page if you are interested.
  13. It's funny we had to go nine pages before we got some actual information. That sounds good though thank you. In terms of the Blues logo, i hope it is more of a jersey redesign and the logo stays the same.