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  1. Another one for the conversation...in 1985 the Patriots wore white for every home game. In Super Bowl XX, as the designated home team, they went against form and wore red.
  2. FYI, the Patriots and Packers are the first two NFL teams since 2016 to go through an entire regular season with only one dark jersey, one white jersey, and the same pants for all games.
  3. Saw this mentioned above...I believe last night was the first time in history a visiting team has ever worn dark jerseys in Seattle. Can't remember a color-vs-color game there before.
  4. Interesting that with all the new designs and the Bulls' and Lakers' minor tweaks, it seems like every single NBA team is now using only one-color names-on-the-back (for at least the Association and Icon jerseys.)
  5. Looking at the Vikings new white jerseys, I can't help but wonder why they didn't make the striping on the sleeves purple - gold - purple, instead of purple - white - gold. I would think this would make the boat design pop a little bit more, and would be more consistent with the striping on the white pants. I apologize if this has already been suggested in this forum before, and I also apologize for not being able to demonstrate this concept / suggested tweak graphically.
  6. what's the right uniform for him? I suppose the Astros, he spent four-and-a-half seasons with them. That's the first team I think of whenever I hear his name. Something tells me that Octavio won't have to worry about debating over which cap appears on a Hall of Fame plaque.
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