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  1. Love the Brooklyn Islanders concept. I'm excited to see the rest of this series.
  2. Awesome touch on the Rowdies jerseys with the stripes. Quality work as usual. Looking forward to see the rest of this series and who knows maybe one day one of these concepts will show up on a North American pitch somewhere.
  3. geoffrey

    NHL Cambodia

    Great ideas and well researched. Keep that good stuff coming. Concepts like yours are the reason why people regularly come back to this blog.
  4. This is exactly what the Suns should have done! You nailed it my friend! Great choice on the colours. The PHX logo looks much better with more orange. I like that it says Phoenix on the purple away logo, and good job on using the P instead of what they're trying to do with the S. Nice incorporation of the old school look there on the shorts. You also deserve an award for keeping your concept to two jerseys and not including a stupid alternate. This, my friend, is the best concept I have seen on these boards. Bar none.
  5. geoffrey

    MLB Fauxbacks

    You're spot on with all your designs so far. Can't wait to see the rest. This is awesome!
  6. Great job with most of your concepts but I have to stop you right there with your Greece concept. Don't use greek alphabet letters like a cheap American greek restaurant. The letter you used for your E is a Sigma and stands for S. Then you use a Lambda for your A which is actually an L. Either use Hellas in Latin alphabet or EΛΛAΔA. Other than that, you've done a great job. Looking forward to see more concepts!
  7. geoffrey


    Not sure you're going to get much interest in a shirt with a grammatical error. It's either "Tendre le flambeau" or "Tendez le flambeau", but "tender" is not French.
  8. I like the use of the old school purple. On the other hand the font is a bit confusing and makes me a bit dizzy if I look at it intensly. This probably stems from the fact that the letters are not all going up at the same angle. The first R goes up to the left while the second one goes up to the right. I would pick one direction for all the letters which would improve readability.
  9. The Rest Of Canada... The Rest Of Canada doesn't care about the NBA. The NBA in Canada has NEVER been relevant....and it NEVER will. Time for MLSE to sell the Raptors for a firesale price to any investor who wants to move the Raptors from the ACC to.a city that could use an NBA team, like St. Louis, KC, Albuquerque, or Pittsburgh. Few things here to set the record straight. First of all it's not TROC, but the ROC. Second NoHoJoe, you obviously don't know what you're talking about when you say that there is no interest in the Raptors. It is one of the most profitable franchises in the NBA. They have a great fanbase and attract great crowds at the ACC day in and day out. Sure the ROC doesn't care about basketball, but then again who cares about the ROC. Toronto is very different from the ROC, hence my earlier comment that the Raptors should be marketed as a Toronto team and not a Canada team. Yes, we care about basektball, and no we don't care about the CFL, which is probably the number one sport where you're from NoHoJoe. Am I right?
  10. Looking forward to see those uniforms!
  11. I believe that the Blue Jays were actually the first to use a maple leaf on their logo in 1977. After that the copycats started pouring in with leaves on logos, uniforms or alternates: Toronto Raptors, Toronto Rock, Toronto FC, Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets. We have a problem in Toronto with wanting to be overly Canadian instead of being Torontonian. Toronto FC should have used a combination of blue as that's the tradition here (Argos, Leafs, Jays). Instead they wanted to appeal to the entire country at a time when they were the only Canadian participant in MLS. The Raptors moved away from the purple to emphasize the red too, going as far as incorporating the leaf on the neck of their jerseys, as well as on the "TR" logo. The same can be said of the Montreal Impact. They are doing the same at the provincial level by going all Blue instead of incorporating more black from the traditional past logos. Montreal sports teams have historically used the red, white and blue: Canadiens, Expos, Alouettes and the Impact should have probably followed suit. I agree with Whittier S that in green21801's concept the incorporation is definitely more ingenious, but still redundant. Let's just be Canadians without being insecure about it and needing the maple leaf as a reminder. Bottom line: it just goes to show that in Canada, we still have major issues between cities and regions and don't know really what fans or market to appeal to.
  12. I agree with bleuet. Your logo is definitely nice and well executed but we certainly don't need another maple leaf slapped on the logos of our teams. This is not the Canadian national team but Toronto's team. The first priority for our NBA team is to get a new identity altogether. Bring back the Huskies!
  13. Good stuff. Keep 'em coming!
  14. Quite an interesting series you got going there. One thing I'd like to point out though, is that for some jerseys, like Portland or LA, you have the team crest on the right side of the shirt. That's nearing blasphemy for the soccer purists, as the crest should always be on the left hand side of the shirt over the heart. You "wear" your club on your heart, not a shirtmaker. Other than that you have a few sweet concepts here. Keep it up!