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  1. Hello. First off, I want to say how much I love your template. Your drawings look very realistic and awesome. Excellent job. I also sent you a follow request on Twitter (@NoNickAdrian) (This is actually a project I've wanted to get off the ground for years, but I've never put together the time.) Second, I edit the MLB 12: The Show Uniform Table for the Operation Sports forums and track all 30 teams all year long. (I do this because the game's designers only have so many "slots" in the game to put in caps, jerseys, and pants. When the game auto-selects jerseys, it just sets all "Home" or all "H-Alternate". This doesn't work for a team like the Rays and their light blue alternates being the "Road Alternate" when they never, ever, wear it on the road.) Anyway, I can error-check your templates. 1) Colorado's all-black hat is worn at home, and the hat with the purple brim is worn on the road. 2) Also, they did get rid of their white "CR" vest last year. 3) Detroit and St. Louis never wear their spring training jerseys or hats. (But including them anyway is good) 4) Boston wears red undershirts with their red alternates. 5) Cincinnati wears the all-red cap with their red alternates. Everything else is good, or I haven't noticed. Actually, they do still wear it, but extremely rarely. For example, here's a photo of a game from last year, and another.
  2. Copied from the other thread, but I've changed the captions: Toronto Maple Leafs Tie: 1970-1992 I hate the Ballard leaf with a huge passion, and it's a betrayal they're still wearing it today. But it combined with a shoulder-length opposite-coloured stripe on both home and road jerseys is awful awful AWFUL. and 2007-2010 Stupid practice jersey... Toronto Blue Jays 1997-2002, 2003 Yeah, I hate this look more than the Black Jay look. Sue me. Not to mention it's combined with the worst years in team history. At least I liked the Black Jay look for about two years, but then I outgrew black because I wasn't in high school anymore. It's second on the list of horrible Blue Jay jerseys (especially with the graphite hat).
  3. Oh, and my picks for the WORST uniforms of my favourite teams: Toronto Maple Leafs Tie: 1970-1992 and 2007-2010 (No shoulder patches, no hem stripes) Toronto Blue Jays 1997-2002, 2003 Probably an unpopular opinion; I actually prefer the Black Jay look to this outfit. Especially the alternate logo with the muscular bird around the T that became the primary logo in 2003. *shudders*
  4. I hate the feel of the 59FIFTY on my head. I have a 7 3/8 2008 Blue Jays 59FIFTY and a 7 1/2 2012 Blue Jays 59FIFTY. The 2008 one gives me headaches because it's so tight, but the 2012 one practically surrounds my head. I dunno... I'm wearing the 2012 one right now and it's not too bad, I guess. (I barely wear it because it's been autographed). I hear the 39THIRTY is way more comfortable, but I hate the BP piping. It looks awful. So, 59FIFTY because of that alone. And yes, I curve the brim. I hate flat brims, and I hate it when the stickers are left on, too.
  5. Toronto Blue Jays It's a tie: 1993-1996 and 2012-present Toronto Maple Leafs 1960-1967 (approx.)
  6. And mess up the entire point of a throwback? If they're going to take the 1967 crest and throw the current alternate mark on the shoulders, they should do more to distinguish it from the 1967-1970 jerseys and make it their primaries. I would prefer the 1940s-1960s logo before the '67 one, though.
  7. Incorrect. This logo replaced the original. The muscular bird was an alternate mark from 2000-2002 and replaced this logo in 2003 as the primary mark.
  8. GAH! I've already mentioned before that I actually liked (past-tense) the 2004-2011 look, but I hated everything about the 1997-2003 design.
  9. Anytime that a powder blue road jersey makes a return, it's a good day. It's cool, but I question its use as a home jersey. Supposedly, it will be worn August 11th against the Tigers. I've also heard that the 80's cursive one (my personal favorite) will be worn June 16th against the Astros. Hopefully it will go up against the Rainbow guts. The Jays wore a powder blue throwback as a home jersey from 2008-2010. It looks really damn good, actually. Hopefully the Rangers pair it with the powder blue pants.
  10. Classic: As much as I hate their guts. Also: Cubs, Dodgers, Mets, Tigers. Keep it: Confession: I'm in love with this logo. Tweak it: Maybe add a wordmark or something. It'd be better to just bring back the Anaheim Angels. Also: Reds, Royals Lose it: Sorry, Cleveland. It's time for it to go. Return it: Oh wait, I meant: and
  11. I've never hated the navy outline on the 'TORONTO' script, although I guess I see why some do. Nice to see a road jersey ordered. The Jays Shop at Sears only had home and alternate jerseys hanging on the racks. Did you get anybody's name and number on the back?
  12. Wow. A dark day in NHL history. I say that with full knowledge that Gretzky is right in the middle in that shot.
  13. They completely forgot the Orioles' orange alternates.
  14. I heard stores have been selling USA made hats in Ontario and some other places out east, but all the ones in BC seem to be made in China. My girlfriend bought mine at the Jays Shop in Sears at the Eaton Centre in Toronto and it has "Made in China".
  15. Just for reference, I kept track of all the uniforms last season. Here are the Rangers' stats: Home jersey: 29 times plus 1 playoff game. With red cap: 10 times plus 6 playoff games. (Only one loss in these uniforms [to Seattle]!) Red alternate: 38 times plus 1 playoff game. Blue alternate (at home): 4 times.