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  1. Don't get me STARTED on the leotard look... They need to trash the black pants unless they get primarily gold socks. The set needs help, but unfortunately, they won a Supet Bowl in the set so its not going anywhere.
  2. Ehh, it could be its own third. Because we all know it will happen, maybe like a year or two, and they'll put Texas on the front (which, IMO, I'd be ok with as long as they did it right, other than the stupid roundel).
  3. They look GORG!! Love the shade of green, especially in the "real life" photo. People who said that the bevel would kill the jersey were DEAD WRONG. The bevel IMO gives it its own flair and makes it stand out. Would've liked a BIT more unique striping pattern but love the one that they went with. Overall, 9.5/10. No complaints. If only Carolina could have gotten it right.
  4. Dee and Geno? And could you maybe PM me those, when u do them, for use as a iPhone background?
  5. Try blue socks for at least road alt (Broncos). That IMO would help to wrap together the whole look. Now it's dark top, white mids and medium bottom; it's a little akward.
  6. Black cap on the away, with black socks? Try that, but love home, away alt.
  7. Vancouver. Call me nuts but I don't really like the 2 bright shades of blue and green. Now I think blue and a subdued green or a Vegas gold would work better. As for the Avs, become more burgundy and white with blue accents. EDIT: Just noticed OP is a Canucks fan. I liked the 90s jerseys better, sorry.
  8. Football only here: Helmets must match at least the socks or pants. When this fails to occur, ala Saints away yoga look, it looks unprofessional and sloppy. If you look at the Jets and Dolphins (Just as an example), they match the helmet with white, striped socks. This looks really appealing as it kinda wraps the uniform together and gives balance. That's also why I don't mind the ABC steelers road combo. Also, MOAR STRIPED SOCKS Secondly, striping should match on uniforms, everywhere (pants, helmet, jersey, socks, you name it- Redskins, WHY????). The type should also match (the Patsies should NOT have striped pants and piped jerseys). And if your stripe pattern has say orange in the middle, please keep it that way unless on an orange background. Don't have white-black-white on your jersey and orange-black-orange on the pants. Striping on the pants should match the helmet, unless on a non compatible background where one would use the jersey color in lieu of the non compatible color.
  9. Digging the military crest! I'm liking this so far. I do like the "United" mantra.
  10. Texans wearing Red over White today vs Baltimore, something like this: Gonna look nice! anyone know if the jets are wearing white titans jerseys today? I heard they might be vs throwback pats Doubt it. They only ever wore them for the AFL's 50th. They haven't worn even the home set since 2010. False, 2011 vs Jags:
  11. Somehow, I like. It just works. Besides the overall roughness, and maybe you can clean it up, it looks pretty good. LOVE the balance gold helmets/bottoms give the set, only complaint *not from me, but what will be from others* is that there are too many colors. I like the two-tone teal, but maybe get rid of black??
  12. Oooh make the 1976 Houston Texans! Also: 1956 Titans 1956 Chargers 1956 Dolphins 1988 Panthers 1956 Seahawks and, a little twist 2012 NY Yanks/Bulldogs
  13. Dont forget BOTH with the dreaded, unbalanced, and HIDEOUS A/B/C color pattern!! A/B/C/ pattern? Titans: White on Sky Blue on Navy Pats: Silver on White on Navy Both TERRIBLE LOOKS
  14. Dont forget BOTH with the dreaded, unbalanced, and HIDEOUS A/B/C color pattern!!