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  1. Don't get me STARTED on the leotard look... They need to trash the black pants unless they get primarily gold socks. The set needs help, but unfortunately, they won a Supet Bowl in the set so its not going anywhere.
  2. Alright, here we go: NFL Gastineau Green (Auth) Revis Green (Rep) Washington Green (Auth) Laurinitis Throwback (Rep) Vanden Bosch (Titans) Lt Blue (Rep) McFadden Black (Auth) Elway Orange (Rep) Flutie (Bills) Blue (Rep) Kerrigan Red (Auth) NHL Leafs 1930 sweater white Bruins 1975 black Islanders Tavares Navy (Edge Original) Islanders Navy Pre Edge Bure Canucks (1995) Black MLB Wright Cream colored (Auth) Mets White Mets Black Mets 2009 Batting Practice uni Signed Pat Swilling 95 Black Brodeur Pre Edge White What I plan to add: Melo Blue (Auth) Blount/Freeman White Love Black Trout Grey Parise Red Aldon Smith White Moulson Blue (New)
  3. Heres a story of a less successful venture: From an era of the battling Royal Blue and Orange dyasties, this team had a top 10 uniform of all time, IMO. They decided, in 1996, to try to give the team new life. They darkened the origional colors, till they were midnight blue and copper, and got these hideous things. I mean, copper and MB look ok, but RED? And whats with this dude: Let me close with my 2 personal 90s favs: ***(Both)
  4. OPINION 1: The NFL on a whole is too bland and boring. This image does it for me. 2 green, 3 teal, 1 purple, 5 red and a SH**LOAD of navy blue and black. Diversify. Panthers should switch electric blue to full time homes, Pats should wear red, Bucs should be wearing an increased load of orange, etc. OPINION 2: Nikefying the NFL MAY be a good thing, in moderation. Everyone wants to see these in action. I cant wait to see how they look versus say the 49ers and Patsies. The reports of Dolphins, Cardinals, Jaguars, Etc moving to updated unis and logos will remove the staleness of the mid 2000s and Reebok and will keep the game visually appealing. OPINION 3: 1992-2002 produced as many uniform successes as it did failures. I mean, these were hideous : but I loved these: The 90s and its rebellious nature led to a approach far and wide criticized throughout anesthetics. Teams reached far and wide into the book of unconventional wisdom and pulled out the crumpled pages, you know, the ones with the grease from the grilled cheese all over the front. Innovation and distancing from the past were key. This next team is a prime example: A creamsicle identity known for the tragic losses of the 70s, 80s. These uniforms were often associated with failure: from the field to the knockoff sweatshops. A custom color or two later, and: AWESOME (although I think it may need a bit more orange, above). They found newfound success in these beauties and eventually won the franchises first super bowl.
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