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  1. These logos are near perfect but I think a re color would really put these over the top. I would go for orange and the powder blue with the navy used sparingly as an accent. Just to give this a unique color scheme and also taking it back to the classic San Diego color scheme. I would also definitely make the ship brown on your secondary/tertiary. As far as the uniforms go..I would definitely suggest scraping these and starting fresh. Really nice work on the logos.
  2. I believe Real wore the black kit against Juve in the Champions League semis this past wasn't that big of a deal I imagine Beskitas could do the same.
  3. I personally don't have that much of a problem with the templated thirds from Nike...and I'm thinking they'll look way better once we see some official photos
  4. So that's Barca, PSG, Man City, Man Utd, Juve, & Inter all with the same template for their third kits. Come on Nike. First the chevrons template and now this one...ugh
  5. I'm pretty sure the shorts for the Milan away use the normal crest. If so...why? So dumb.
  6. Zenit away is would make more sense for the colors on the collar to be reversed. Still beautiful nontheless.
  7. Newcastle United Home: Simple. Black/White striped shirt. Black shorts. Hooped socks. 'Old Gold' is used as the accent color for this kit. Clash: A remake of the Newcastle United away kit from the late 80's. Third: I went with the shade of blue from the crest as the main color of the kit. The collar/cuffs is split Gold/ well as the sash the runs across the front of the shirt. Shorts are the same color as the shirt. with a split Gold/Black stripe running down the side. And to finish off, the socks are the blue with the fold-over split, as you guessed, Gold/Black. C&C Southampton will be up next.
  8. @nas1787 I reposted the original so you can see it above. Manchester United Home & Third: I thought about going for the tartan look at first...but IMO it's pretty much played out. So I went with a simple sublimated stripe pattern across the front and back of the shirts. All black collarcuffs on the home and vice versa on the third. Clash: I came up with this chest stripe after looking at the Manchester United crest. Basically of you take the ship off the crest, that is the chest stripe. I left the shirt white and paired it with red shorts, and white socks. Interested to see how this is received... C&C Newcastle is on deck...
  9. Manchester City Update After reading through your guys comments...I've decided to update Man City. The home I s basically the same, but with navy blue instead of gold. The away is a complete overhaul, I went with an all navy blue kit. With sky blue/white collar/cuff, shorts, and socks striping. Decided to keep the third the same, as it was well received.
  10. Alrighty lets get back into it. First of all, for the Liverpool set, the Liver bird will stay as yellow. Manchester City Home: Gold. That's the theme for all three of these kits for Man City, seeing as they are the champions of the league. I personally think the champions of the league should incorporate gold into their next seasons kit. Obviously, I went with a blue shirt...I decided to mainly use gold on the collar/cuffs, crest, Nike logo, and Etihad Airways logo. The collar striping is carried down into the shorts stripe. I have a feeling this is gonna be a huge it or a huge miss. Clash: Basically a recolor of the home...Is a gold shirt too much? I personally think it's class. Third: I remember City using a similar color just a few years ago...I thought that kit looked really good. So I obviously decided to go in a similar direction. Sublimates skinny stripes on the front and back of the shirt. Just a simple kit. The gold makes it look really good IMO. How do you guys feel about the use of gold? C&C! Manchester United is next
  11. Updated Hull City ^^^ Liverpool Home: I saw this striping that Liverpool had used for like 5 years back in the 80s...and I obviously decided to bring it back. It's basically combining sublimated stripes and sublimated liver birds to make the pattern. I have a nice white/red collar, and just a bit of white piping on the shirt that continues down to the shorts...this piping is on every kit to give some unity. Clash: After seeing the clash Liverpool is using in real life for next season, I decided to bring the yellow back. However I went for a brighter shade of the color. Also decided to go with the red pinstripes...plain red collar and cuffs as well. And like I said before...the piping is the same on every kit. Third: I fancied a green kit for Liverpool...they've used green a few times over the years but not very much. I decided to use navy blue as a complimentary color. This is basically the same as the home. C&C The champs, Manchester City, will be up next.
  12. That Juve third is beautiful...I love that shade of green