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  1. Lee, that's weird man. About four or five years ago I tried to convince a buddy of mine to design his wedding invitations after an old-timey boxing poster. He liked the idea but ended up changing it to look like a poster for a horror movie. They even went to the trouble of shooting a short film that they played before the ceremony; it was called 'The Hitching'. Anyway, I just think it's cool when people try and make their wedding fun... must be a Winnipeg thing.
  2. Yes to that wordmark, but no to the powder blue. Also the red hats are done.
  3. Artist: Urocrystales Album: ...the faster we counted our spoons
  4. rev

    Graveyard Please

    How are these? Man each sig you put out keeps getting better great job I really like your concept LEWJ. I make the actual nameplates for the Bombers this year, so it's neat to see someone else's take on it.
  5. They wear white helmets & socks with orange jersey if that's any consolation. Also, for anyone who missed it in the NHL thread, here's a link with all the AHL & NHL Reebok Edge jerseys:
  6. Thanks capn89 for the grid, great job!
  7. rev

    HHHL -- pt. 20

    When are we going to see some Def Jux representation? Rhymesayers?
  8. dalhousie tigers ftw! honestly, ramsfan1223, i think you deserve a point for that one.
  9. To me it looks like a bull or possibly some kind of bird. I kind of felt that i'd seen it before as part of an old olympic logo, but if it was I can't find it.
  10. rev

    NHL Graphic Outlook

    the colour looks better now. it looks like you've got the numbers on the sleeves reversed though.