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  1. Still no. You're forgetting about high school football, which is the primary reason that the NFL doesn't already play on Fridays from time to time. If I recall correctly, part of the NFL's antitrust exemption that allowed it to pool its TV deal(s) required it to leave Friday night alone. Even if that were not the case, the NFL would create a great deal of resentment in charging onto that turf. The NCAA on Thursday and Friday doesn't work either. Part of it is the high school football on Fridays. Another part of it is that a significant number of college stadiums do not have lights (I know they were just installed at my alma mater this season), making night games impossible. Beyond that, the tradition of Saturday afternoon games (1) is too ingrained at many schools to be messed with and (2) allows alumni, parents and boosters to travel to attend games, which would be much more difficult on Thursday and Friday nights. I'm not sure why you are so gung ho to shake up the most successful sports league in the world, but I don't think your scheduling suggestions have too much merit. I was just trying to make the NFL like the CFL. Beside, This was the format that I'd been using since I started my own NFL Season 16 years agos.
  2. You're kidding, right? NCAA's graphics are really slow and the crowd is terrible. (On the 360, at least) The Madden's graphix is the same as last year and the NCAA graphic is cleaner and it has all the info. (Noticed that it's dosent tell which Qtr it is)
  3. OK.OK,OK Heres another idea. NCAA on Thursday & Friday NFL=Friday Night Saturday & Sunday Friday Night Football would have 20 games Doubleheader on opening week and the final 2 weeks of the season. AFC FINALS & NFC FINALS= I would keep the name since FINALS & CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES look the sames to me. WORLD BOWL= This idea is DOA PRO BOWL= I was thinking since the NHL have an ALL-STAR game why not the NFL. The Trade Deadline would be after week 12 instead of week 6 So what you guy think?
  4. The playoff teams on Sunday Night Football part. I meant team from the previous season For example, Those team shouldof gotten at least 1 apperance in 2006. AFC COLTS BRONCOS BENGALS PATRIOTS JAGUARS STEELERS NFC SEAHAWKS BEARS BUCCANEERS REDSKINS GIANTS PANTHERS
  5. How did you know that date? That the year that EA will be able to make MLB game again after 2K's contract expired. I Think.
  6. What I meant Unwind is that the PRO BOWL would be held at a neuatral site just they do in MLB, NBA, & the NHL. The Sunday night Football I meant the playoff teams from the previous season cause this year the Bengals, Buccaneers, and the Jaguars didnt make a NBC apperance which is strange. As for the World Bowl, SUPER BOWL is like the WORLD SERIES so the name World Bowl would probably make more sence and I would rename the Championship games as the finals like the AFC FINALS and the NFC FINALS.
  7. IF I was running the NFL this is how I would do the schedules. Games would be played on Saturday instead OF Sunday. Sunday Night Football would be on NBC with the flexible schedules but I would make sure that the playoff team get at least 1 apperance before week 10. The pro bowl would played at mid season. Super Bowl would be renamed the WORLD BOWL. I want to know what you guy think and i'm open to any idea. THANK FRIENDS, Merry XMAS.
  8. I've been buying EA SPORTS game ever since I bought PS2 back in 2001. But this year, I have been dissapointed of my favorite games this past years. NBA LIVE 07- No subs, no replay, and they completly ruined the free throw. NHL 07- OK game but the season mode hasent change since 2003 and THE RIGHT ANALOG STICK dosent help. MADDEN 07- This was a good game but it would be better if they used the same graphic as in NCAA FOOTBALL 07. MVP- wait till 2010. So right now I been playing 2K SPORTS game and I hope that EA SPORTS will do a better job in 2007.
  9. It's not that bad bucs, it's remined me of the old Monday night live show with Todd Donaho before Mike Wier ruined it.
  10. Just out of curiosity, After Sunday Night Football, what program do they show. In LA, Fred Roggin host a game show call the Challenge it kind of similar to the old MTV game show webriot. I just want to know especially in San Diego. Thank freind.
  11. Now that you mention it. I think that it should be the team slogan next years. WELCOME TO HOCKEYWOOD USA!
  12. The plan was for the Sabres to play a couple season at the COX ARENA until they either rebuild the iPayOne center or build a new arena. You mean the Gulls right? No, I do mean the Sabres D.
  13. I think it's clever. Let just hope that the Kings do not put HOCKEYWOOD USA.
  14. The plan was for the Sabres to play a couple season at the COX ARENA until they either rebuild the iPayOne center or build a new arena.