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  1. The Astros will wear their BP jersey for all home Sunday games. They have 2 sets of the BP jerseys, one they wear for BP and another just for the Sunday games. As for the hats, it looks like they mix and match with the jerseys with no particular pattern.
  2. Seeing Florida lost tonight I think they might put them back in the closet for awhile.
  3. The Astros only have the road "red" alt in coolbase. This comes straight from the guy in charge of the Game Worn program. He says Oswalt is getting a home "red" alt at his request but we have no road "grey" coolbase jerseys. I think it just makes it look like a collbase in that pic but i'm pretty sure it is not.
  4. It was indeed the 1st time Houston busted out the road greys. We only wear them when the opponents force us to by wearing their red alts.
  5. How is this possible with Reebok being the official apparel provider of the NFL? I figure it is part of the contracts with the apparel providers.
  6. Never really understand why this thread is allowed to stay when we have this sticky at the top of the board. To all CCSLCers, Regarding any "leaked" logos and uniforms that have been accessed. Please cool it. This site and boards could face severe legal problems one day for housing this information and I would appreciate it if all of you out there would help to prevent this from happening by not posting such graphics in the future. Thank you. Chris Creamer
  7. The Astros looks like a Nike Practice cap they make a few years back. Nice as a fashion cap, crappy as an on field BP cap.
  8. Here is the 2010 Houston Astros 45th anniversary patch. I kinda like it. Mixes the old and the new. I only wonder if this means they will be wearing the rainbows at some point in the season.
  9. Not sure if the full list of all 10 teams has been posted here. Here are all 10 teams and their slogans for each. Some may have been posted already VT = Good Guys Wear White TCU = Never Back Down Ohio State = Earned Florida State = Fear The Spear Oklahoma = Stake Our Claim Florida = Finish The Mission Texas = It Only Takes Eleven LSU = Cochon De Lait Mizzou = Beast Mode Miami = The U Knows BTW here are the LSU gloves
  10. They wore a road grey for a little time in the mid 80's. I have a retail authentic version of that jersey. Here is a photo of all three color jerseys. The top is the road grey, middle is the white, and the bottom is the cream jersey. Really hard to distinguish the cream and the grey. In the right light you probably could not tell them apart in a photo.
  11. Well, the Reds always wear red at home on Sundays. It's Monday. Being Memorial Day they probably went with the Red for Patriotic reasons.