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  1. I love the Cavs new court, but I want to know what they're going to do when they have to put the Playoff logo on the floor.
  2. Bears: Beautiful. Not perfect, but they're pretty damn close. Bulls: Really classy set with a ton of history, hopefully they never change. Blackhawks: Best uniform set in hockey IMO. White Sox: Meh. Decent, but they lack any type of personality.
  3. You could fill volumes with how wrong you are... You must have forgotten what an opinion is...
  4. Well in baseball I always show my socks, for football I didn't do anything out of the ordinary but I did wear a visor, and when I run track and field I always have my jersey (singlet) tucked in and I always wear compression pants. I remember at state and towards to end of my season last year people always looked at me funny because I was wearing compression pants in 85-95 degrees.
  5. You're overlooking the fact that Sacramento could potentially be losing a team..
  6. I don't think they wore the jerseys with 36 and 12 on them either. Yes, they did in fact wear that jersey, what's your point? That's his point.
  7. For good measure, here's every combination they're ever worn: That's every possible combination but light blue over white. Dark over white: worn regularly until 2005, last worn in 2008 Dark over dark: first worn in 2006, last worn in 2008 Dark over light: worn once, in 2007 Light over light: first worn in 2006, last worn in 2009 Light over dark: first worn in 2004, became primary in 2006 White over light: first worn in 2006, became primary same year White over white: worn twice, once in 2002 and once in 2006 White over dark: worn regularly until 2006, last worn in 2010 Light over white was worn never (sigh) They were interesting in 2006-2009, wearing seven combinations in 2006, six in 2007, five in 2008, five in 2009 (including home and away throwbacks), three in 2010 and only the two dreadfully boring primaries ever since. That kickers helmet is a thing of beauty I mean... If you say so...
  8. I'm willing to bet you've caused a few of them with your attitude... I think Alabama could 3-peat because I'm pretty sure they only had 9 or so seniors play this year, but I'm going to be watching out for Ohio State. They're bowl ban is lifted now and they look strong heading into next season.
  9. I'm not digging the inconsistencies in the text fonts. There are a good 3 or 4 different fonts used.
  10. I'm sorry, but that's a terrible idea. Why would you have two completely different uniform designs in the same set? For the sake of being retro. Damn, I completely forgot that they did that. Either way I think they should stick with one of those and just go with it for both, preferably the UCLA stripes.
  11. Well people that really pay attention to uniform design are kind of a small niche.. I rarely talk about uniforms in day to day conversation because people just don't really look at it like we do.
  12. I'm sorry, but that's a terrible idea. Why would you have two completely different uniform designs in the same set?
  13. Well that's a visual we didn't need...
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about the use of 3 different team logos on the court, but it's a good start. I definitely like the return to a more traditional baseline with just the team name as opposed to that odd "if you're in the right spot it looks cool, but other than that it's crap" thing they have now.