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  1. Astros throwbacks. Really excited for 7/24
  2. I’m a UH Grad/HS Football coach who knows a little about turf. I get the strong impression that TDECU Stadium will get a new blank turf that will be painted for the Rougnecks during XFL season and for the Coogs during college season. This is what they do with the turf in the Super Dome I believe. “Washable” turf paint was not a common thing until fairy recently. Most turfs come with colored permanent fibers. This is what UH had previously.
  3. The Astros wore their Sunday Home Navy Uniform with grey pants as the "Home" team in Tampa Bay after Hurricane Harvey. I wish they'd wear this as a road uniform regularly.
  4. I'm guessing the the red,orange and black logo goes to the refinery with fire video. My guess is Houston Rougnecks or Wildcatters - both of which I dislike.
  5. I think we are going to get red and white versions of the black uniform.
  6. Hate the uniforms, but this logo was great minus the face
  7. The Rockets are still really flawed, but I think the new stripe style on the jersey is an improvement.
  8. Probably just for the graphic, but the drawing the Rockets are using for CP3 Day has no Loop Stripes on the jersey.
  9. Yes Houston is much less dense. That doesn't mean there were other better options downtown for the ball park. Downtown and Houston city limits are two different things. The only thing that really matters though is that we are quite happy with our ball park in Houston.
  10. Um...Houston is the 4th largest city in the nation. Bigger than Philly. Reminds of being in Philly and an Uber driving saying "So uh, Houston, is that like a big city too?"
  11. The TO thing is weird to me - but if that's what they call it up there then it works for that fanbase. I'm from Houston and its very common for everyone down here on the Gulf Coast to call New Orleans NOLA. No-LUH. I even know a couple that named their kid NOLA.
  12. Biggio has said recently the Navy and Gold uniforms are his favorite. This was also when he was at his most elite, so I think that would be the best choice for him. I'd like to see the Sunshine Kids Pin too, but I'd be surprised. My gut on Johnson says Mariners, but that might be because thats where he was when I became familiar with him as a kid.
  13. The Elkins Knights have a lot of weird things going on this year. They can't decide which gold is theirs, including having two different shades on the helmet. That's weird enough, but having wings on the jersey makes no sense to me. The Knights...with wings..hmm. They took on Houston ISD's Lamar Texans last friday. Lamar had been named Redskins until this season. Here is how they looked when Jake Matthews went there.
  14. Somehow every other team manages to have the helmets without tape. It looks like they are going outside the facemask instead of inside it.