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  1. I just found a Joe Montana jersey at a thrift store but the brand is Castle Rock and I can’t find any info on this brand at all. Stitched numbers and all, but I’m curious if it’s a legit brand or what. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. I think this might be a mock up, but this could be cool.
  3. New Indiana uniforms. Into it.
  4. New 49ers stripes in action.
  5. As a PROUD Kings fan, I love these. The SAC alternate is by far my favorite.
  6. Do we have a picture of that Dolphins template?
  7. There was leaks from eBay? I was kind of thinking Oregon would be debuting the yellow Mach Speed uniform elements for their game against TCU. I was thinking Nike would opt for a mono purple vs mono yellow matchup, because, it's Nike. There were a white jersey and a black jersey that had Oregon markings but definitely looked either fan-made or like a prototype/mock-up. I doubt Oregon continues with their current Mach Speed design since it's past due for them to do a full rebrand. Here they are: White: Black: I agree that these clearly aren't authentic and are probably either prototypes or knockoffs, but I am still suspecting that these show the basic design of the new set. The past few Oregon sets have introduced a new template, number font, and shoulder design, and if these do indeed show the design of the new set, then all three of those things would once again be true. If you look at the back of these jerseys, it's the same back to the new templates Nike released today. Maybe these were prototypes.
  8. - All the info on the new templates. - "The 4 College Football Playoff teams will wear Vapor Untouchable 2 in school colors, followed by Nike athletes on both Super Bowl teams." - "The Oregon Ducks will debut the new Nike Vapor Untouchable uniforms in their bowl game."
  9. We just got the first glimpse of Ohio State's Black Jersey set to debut against Penn State. Here's a mockup: And just as a reminder...:
  10. I actually kid of like them. I'm not in favor of the mix and matching, but I actually like the re-brand. 1. Red 2. White 3. Black
  11. Love them. The blue stripe doesn't bug me at all and in my opinion it gives the uniforms just a little something extra. 9/10 for me.
  12. I dig these a lot. I would just keep the striping on the sides of the jersey and the shorts the same as the Clutch City alternate. I like how it's just a little bit and not all the way down the jersey and shorts.
  13. I like them. They remind me of Florida State's and Michigan State's shoulder designs. That's probably just Nike's new thing.
  14. This makes sense to me. That's all they needed... Can anyone mess with this concept and make the shoulder and pant stripe match the helmet stripe? I'm interested in seeing that.