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  1. Bournemouth seems to have made a change for change sake. What a downgrade.
  2. I’m finding myself less confused and upset about how the Rams, Falcons, Clippers (and previous Iteration of Bucs and Browns) uniforms and logos could be executed so poorly. I’m more concerned as to how these organizations and ownership are refusing to admit there was a mistake and ignore the massive backlash that is churning. Core fans are disillusioned with the direction they take and observers and media help to make the teams a somewhat running joke through their lack of execution. There are fans who will buy anything the team puts out, so there is a buck to be made, but it’s another glaring example of how the true fans and public are not considered an essential determinate in the team/owner’s decision making process. I wish the Rams would learn something from the 49ers or Leeds on this. Scrap and return to a classic look, and start again. There’s a pleasant update out there that will refresh the look AND make the fans happy.
  3. Maybe the Rams wanted to give the Chargers a much needed win in the “Battle for LA”.
  4. Does it have an old school Orlando Magic feel to anyone else?
  5. The D err... G-League is run and operated by the NBA and most of its teams. The league is now in a position where it can offer kids an option outside of the NCAA, controlling salaries, Development and all revenues on game day. The league is a new revenue stream, and penetrates the league into more communities. It’s a major success. The NFL is big enough to essentially eliminate or limit any start up, should they cut into the NFL’s audience, profits or exposure. The XFL and other new spring league(s) have a chance to become slightly relevant, if the NFL looses a season. However, it’s a small chance. Currently, the NFL doesn’t need to protect itself from any other start up, so they’ll probably just see how well the new leagues are received, and act accordingly.
  6. The F is fantastic. Name, lame but I kinda like it. Primary is pretty bad
  7. I love that Nuggets Jersey so much