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  1. I think if you have ever been to Portland... you'd understand. Better yet, a Timbers game.
  2. I'm a total "watcher" of this site. Love the concepts and the stories behind logos. I can't draw or design for :censored:. But as far as an unpopular opinion goes.... Am I the only one who loves the Chiefs in all red??
  3. NY Strip with a cayenne & coffee dry rub? Yes, please.

  4. University of the Pacific Tigers....
  5. “@Jeremiah_Beck: if I never in my life have to go to Walmart again I'd be OK with that.” Going on 2 years myself.

  6. #thevoice is that Paula Poundstone?

  7. PIC PLEASE “@jtthekid: New Shoes on the Range........?”

  8. RT @sacbiz: @KJ_MayorJohnson: Kings Celebration Rally on Wendesday 4-5 p.m. @ Chavez Park w/music from Cake #NBAKings

  9. RT @jodibaconbits: Thanks to @GavMaloof @JoeMaloof for all that you did for the @SacramentoKings & for putting this city on the map. - YES!

  10. Just found the birthday present for my wife!! RT @ABC: Blowout Classes Teach Men How to Style Wives' Hair http://t.co/veLu4QeFwl