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  1. The Wild uniforms aren't too bad but I agree the old ones are better. The Brooklyn Nets and Tampa Bay Lightning frustrate me the most. I feel the Nets are too close to the Spurs even though they lack silver. Tampa Bay only bothers me because of the colors being virtually the same as the Leafs minus the tiny bit of black they added in. I'm fine with them having a Red Wing template though. The Jaguars helmets are somehow growing on me, though I prefer the Blackish/Teal ones from the last set.
  2. Definitely, the NBA or major American sports in general need more green. I believe only 9/122 teams in the big four use green at all. (Not counting Teal or other green mixes)
  3. I almost feel like there should be a disclaimer thread stating that the Browns are named after Paul Brown.
  4. If anything, the Bucks are doing the right thing by at least testing out the awesome old school looks. It reminds me of the hawks current Pacman rebrand where they eased in the logo to see what fans think. If things go well with sales of old school merchandise as compared to current merchandise, it will absolutely happen. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a new alternate logo before a rebrand.
  5. If they keep their current colors in the long run, they mind as well have a logo with multiple bucks...and a sleigh...and Santa. I'm a huge fan of the hunter green, orange and lime green. The more green the better. There is not enough of it in major American sports.
  6. And there lies my major issue. We, as a City and County, are paying for this rebrand with our Sin Tax money. So, we are literally paying for the browns to tear down every logo, in all the facilities, to replace them with a more vibrant orange and a brown facemask? Sorry... that is a disgrace. DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know the Sin Tax goes to stadium and facilities, but lets be honest, its all going to the same place. The fact that even a penny of money goes to support this is disheartening. Once again, the Browns take a steaming, wet, juicy dump on all our faces and we thank them for it. I agree with this for the most part. But don't forget that they are getting "new" uniforms too, so it might have been necessary to match up their helmet logo with the helmets. It's probable that the new uniforms influenced the new logo. Everybody would be complaining on here if they changed the actual helmets and not the logo. That being said, could they have gone without a uniform change? Probably, but the new owner wants to increase profits and thus created new uniforms to help market to younger generations. It's all a money thing. It kind of scares me because I love traditional uniforms, but maybe they just don't appeal to their target market.
  7. No matter what people say, this is a rebrand. There was a lot more that went into this than people think. They had to do tons of research, perform a SWOT analysis, and now have to change all the logos in merchandise, advertisements, stadium, ect. even if it's similar. This is something that costs millions of dollars believe it or not. That being I like it? No. I've never liked any of the browns helmet logos. Did they miss an opportunity? It's possible. Maybe something a bit different would excite people and get them to go out and get new merchandise. I don't know if the general public would even notice the difference if they didn't put the logos side by side in comparison. Other teams have made conversions from helmet logos, it just might be tougher to do with the browns since they never had a logo on their helmet.
  8. If I remember correctly, the Vikings used this as a midfield logo. Not completely sure though.
  9. Rays: Keep the logos and jersey's and just switch back to the Devil Ray color scheme Indians: Go old school C style on all jerseys Rangers: No black Astros: Add yellow Braves: No more all blue caps Marlins: Return to Teal and Black Mets: Say bye to black Brewers: Switch back to the ball in the glove logo, colors and all Padres: Brown and orange color scheme must come back!
  10. First Post! I actually loved almost all the 90's influenced NBA uniforms. From the Raptor's cartoon Jerseys to the Rocket's striped jerseys. The only thing I didn't like was all the teal/aqua (Pistons, Grizzlies, Hornets) However, nowadays I would kill for the Grizzlies to return to their Vancouver/Early Memphis unis.