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  1. I have been unsuccessful in this thread and others. Are there any templates not in PSD or SVG formats or MS paint friendly templates. I'm specifically looking a vested baseball cutoff at the moment. I have a version of AI, but strongly gravitate toward PDN. Thanks in advance.
  2. COL - Crag alt good, others too wispy for my liking. Overall a littile too sharp (striping, literally) EDM - Rush was tough. like the rebrand but for the alternate, make the numbers regular so they don't get too lost. PHI - Always good, but still at odds with Twitter jerseys . . . MIN - I wish you'd kept the script above the logo, but I do like the tribute to the original jerseys for alternates. TOR - Not sold on the Rock logo touch-up. I know you're trying to keep cooncept of home/road but not as good. Thank you for finally being someone else besides me to bring those back (MIN had one too) (the original teal alternates ROC had need to be the other) CGY - Riggers are complete loss except for special. Alt logo needs an appearance somewhere also. Rochester is near perfect except the retro (as discussed) and Buffalo, well . . . the home/road barely pass - better than what we've got now (except the championship stripes in the collar are good but need moving). If you want ideas for Vancouver, I can help! Their current alternate logo is a better logo than any of their main logos since leaving San Jose. I also have "Ol' Snake Eyes" and cross-hair logos available.
  3. Best version of the original logo and it isn't even official!
  4. How couldn't you love Hawai'ian night? You've got that spot on!
  5. Would it at all be possible for an Anaheim Ducks one similar to the Angels one you did. However I would prefer the old logo if you were to do it. Glad you have the aptitude that I don't have to do something like this. Even if you can't for whatever reason, thank you.
  6. I completely disagree on the Rochester throwback. It needs to be a replica of their original third jersey, imho the best ever NLL uniform. None of that tri-stripe nonsense. They've hardly used that.
  7. May I inquire if there is access to the Swarm font? I have everyone else's. They're moving to Georgia, btw.
  8. While what you say isn't incorrect totally, I must say the following as I am the aforementioned For the record, many political organizations and most if not all of the national sports teams have some sort of lion nickname and continue to use them regularly. I have also experienced that first hand on many occasions. VMRO-DPMNE is one of the two major political parties and uses the yellow lion as it's symbol. The men's and women's national soccer teams are nicknamed the red lions and the national men's ice hockey team logo features a lion inside a multi-color roundel with crossed sticks.