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  1. Quote

    ST hats are called Spring Training Caps/Hats.


    These aren’t ST hats. 


    That's what I was thinking, but anymore, who can tell when they are going to change what they call something for no apparent reason.  Good to know this is only a fashion cap.  As was said, it looks too much like Louisville.

  2. 3 hours ago, Bobster said:

    Grading the offseason changes -


    Milwaukee - A- : I would have gone with royal blue, but their color choices are fine, it's the change to the BiG logo that keep it from being an A+.  I especially like the not to the 1970's and 1980's home uniforms.

    San Diego - B+: Mainly because of the long-overdue color change. I like the general look of the new uniforms, although the design is a bit bland.  I do like the used of sand for the road versions.
    Minnesota - B- : Love the addition of the powder blue uniform, but they need to jettison the gold accents on their other sets.  Why they don't just go with an update of their 1960's uniforms, I don't know.

    St. Louis - B- : The cap logo changes were minimal, but still a step in the right direction.  After as lifetime of seeing the birds on the bat the "St. Louis" uniforms just seem a bit off to me
    Arizona - C+ : The second year in a row of tweaking them gets them to where they're acceptable, but purple, black & turquoise is still my preferred color scheme, preferably with pinstripes.

    Cincinnati - C : Like the spring training jersey with Mr. Red, they should have removed the black from their color scheme on the regular season uniforms.  Just go back to the 1969 uniforms and call it a day.

    Washington - C- : The caps would probably be better without the white panel (leave those to Toronto or Baltimore), and the new jerseys is just too generic.

    Texas - D : Just not very cohesive, and the lack of a number on the front makes them look unfinished to me.  And a "Texas" team just calls out for a western font IMO.

    Teams still in need of changes - Cincinnati (remove the black), Cleveland (something less generic), L.A. Angels.

    Overall, I wish teams would wear their alternatives less frequently and still with their traditional uniforms 90% of the time.  The league-wide special uniforms need to be given the heave-ho.


    Is this statement in regards to the change made in 2013 when they added the cream alt with "St. Louis" instead of "Cardinals" to the birds on the bat; and last off-season addition of the road powder blue version?  As far as I am aware the only offseason change the Cardinals have made this offseason is the STL. on the caps.

  3. 37 minutes ago, Brandon9485 said:

    I’ve put off getting a new navy cap until I saw these. The hats look more balanced than the new logo IMO.


    i like it.


    I bought a new red home cap about a year ago (and a new navy not long before that), before I knew the new logo was coming.  I suppose I'll have to break down and buy a couple more. 😁

  4. 22 hours ago, Brandon9485 said:

    Updated the MLB app on my phone this morning. Along with updating San Diego’s colors, there was an update to the Cardinals STL. The trial run appears to have become official. 

    As a Cards fan, this doesn’t bother me, but it is more of Bill DeWitt III’s change for the sake of change that he’s been engaging in for the last 6-7 years.


    Wow, I can't believe I didn't notice that!  That's what I get for updating before bed just to see the SD updates.  Now I wonder how long I'd have gone without noticing if I hadn't read your comment?  

  5. 1 minute ago, DiePerske said:

    and it would be made better with the red being outlined in blue


    Also with the regular hats, but that is just me.

    I didn't care for those hats when I first saw them, but they've grown on me.  White front panels don't always work for me, but here I think it sets them apart from all the other navy/red hats currently out there.  Plus, it reminds me (to some extent) of the Expos caps, which is a nice nod to their history...even if that nods only exists in my own mind. 

  6. While I don't dislike the Kelly, I much prefer the Forest and the standard home whites and home caps.  To me it looked pretty bad when the players were wearing the forest hoodies with the Kelly jerseys and caps.

  7. 14 hours ago, Marlins93 said:

    The previous uniforms didn't exactly have loads of color either but they used to look like garbage whenever Stanton or Ozuna would wear those neon highlighter yellow compression sleeves. I'm surprised the team even allowed that.


    Over the winter I took my son to Ballpark Village to watch the Cardinals blue jersey announcement and I recall one of the questions that was asked was something along the lines of "how's that blue going to look with Ozuna's neon yellow compression sleeve?" and everyone laughed.  The response from Bill DeWitt III was said in a joking manner, "Someone may have to have a discussion with him about that."  It came off as just a funny quip, but to be honest, I don't recall seeing it on him this season.  Maybe DeWitt wasn't joking as much as he let on.  😆

  8. I attended a game against the Cardinals at Busch last week and the logo looks absolutely fantastic on a humongous super HD scoreboard. I wasn't thrilled with the logo when it was released, but it looks darn good when presented that way.  I tried to take a picture of it on my phone but it didn't do it justice.  The problem, however, is that it just doesn't translate on the caps and jerseys, which is where it's the most important.  The colors blend in and are overpowered by the black and you just can't see them well enough.  I still think there is potential if they would take a little more time and work out the kinks.

  9. After reading Bronfman's statements, I wonder if he/his group were told that they'd be given a team one way or another if they play along with this joke for the time being?  I can't believe that they've put in all this work to bring baseball back to Montreal to settle for a ridiculous team sharing plan, nor can I believe that they actually think it's a good idea.

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