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  1. Replicas don't have sleeve logos. Well that would explain it. Thats balls. It's weird though, they sold replica's with the 30th Anni patch on them as well as with the Tom Cheek and the other memorial patch. I guess I have just been so used to see it that I thought it was standard. Hmmmm, really? I have Indians, Expos, Phillies, and Nationals replica home uniforms and I was basing my statement off of that. Hmmmm, it does seem a little weird that they would sell replicas with those commemorative patches on them, perhaps I will have to look into other replica uniforms to see if any of them have sleeve patches. I don't think they do though. I believe they sold replicas with the 30th patch here but they definately did not sell them with those memorial patches... Neon was just high off drinking from the Trent Canal As I recall they had the authentics th the 30th anniversary patch but the replicas were bare on the sleeves. I ended up purchasing a pair of 30th anni. and TC patches to get sewn on a couple of replicas. As I also recall that trend isn't really new as back in 2003 the "T-Bird" logo was not available on the jerseys, plus I definitely got a 25th anni. plus AL 100th seperately and had those sewn on as well back in 2001. At least they sell the current J logo patches at the stadium, I can always buy the current road replica and get that sewn on after, too.
  2. cesarano definitely has it right. For me, Roger Clemens in a Jays uniform looks totally normal. George Bell in a Cubs uniform does not. http://cgi.ebay.ca/George-Bell-CUBS-Autogr...bayphotohosting
  3. I love the new roads. As far as the retro alts go, I was expecting the white 1992-1993 button-ups but these will be great, too.
  4. Here's a Blue Jays one I picked up in May 2003. Sorry for the poor image quality, I just grabbed a quick pic of it with my cell phone camera for these purposes.
  5. The current look has grown on me. I do wish they would tweak some parts of the current look (use more of the blue!), on its own it's not a look I dislike. The one thing I find with the Blue Jays is that each of their three distinct looks (the T-bird being just half heartedly slapped on the Maple Jay look), each look really seems to be a product of its time. None of them have struck me as being classics like the Yankees or Tigers, so I don't mind a bit of an update. I'd love to see a 1989-96 retro option for the team, similar to the Brewers and their throwback Sundays they had last season. Begin a slow shift towards the older look, rather than a cold turkey switch.
  6. I like it. The black has really grown on me these last few years.
  7. Thanks Mr. Blackwell. Now, do you have anything to contribute to the advancement of our civilization? Seriously, he could have just as easily said what he did about the Hurricanes about the Red Wings. I'll bet SI didn't show those to him or publish what he did said just to avoid the backlash against slamming the Red Wings.
  8. Toronto Blue Jays: I like the ideas mentioned a little bit ago regarding the letters & numbers. My own idea would probably have blue added to the BP cap, possibly an alternate cap. Calgary Flames: I like the current unis, I'd use the 1989 style as an alternate London Knights: take the current green third base, put the crests that are on the white and black unis on it.
  9. I definitely like most of the points raised in the article, although I'm guilty of one thing on the list- yes, I tuck in my baseball jersey. I just never liked them untucked, just the way they're tailored at the bottom and the length of them (authentics in particular) just doesn't sit right with me. Hockey jerseys are always left untucked by me. I also like having a name ont he back soemtimes, but don't view it as a necessity. I'm not paying to get the numbers professionally done for the most part. I usually wait until there's a sale or something on that, and even then not too often. Another thing I'm guilty of is that whenever I wear one of my Blue Jays jerseys I'm always certain to wear the corresponding cap- yeah, I'm a geek.
  10. I love the usher uniforms in that old pic (I assume they're ushers). I haven't seen the plans, but I think we can guess the New Yankee Stadium will have a Monument Park, it'll have the signature arches, it'll have a home team wearing pinstripes (that are hated by non-fans) and it'll carry with it the traditions and practices of old Yankee Stadium. The traditions, the spirit of Yankee Stadium will live on, just in a new park next door. Either that, or this will cause the team to jump the shark and never win the World Series again!
  11. I think the three stars is nice in its subtlety, like the Islanders' stripes. Overall I like the logo. And yes, Christmas tree throwbacks would rock.
  12. The city I grew up in and still work in: London, Ontario (the green horizontal bar in't part of the logo, that's from the website) I now live in the London bedroom community of Dorchester, which is within the Municipality of Thames Centre and the County of Middlesex
  13. The game was in Kansas City, so both teams got that part right. I guess it's my Rangers' faults. Should have worn grey. Chris Theoretically, the home team should have their all uniforms available- they ought to be able to switch to their whites if there is a conflict. that being said, it's likely that teams travel with both their greys and their coloured unis- therefore they could change as well- it ought to be part of the home field advantage, in my opinion. And as far as both wearing coloured jerseys, I went to a Toronto-Tampa game a couple weeks back and didn't mind that, the black vs. the green. the double blue, on the other hand, is just wrong.
  14. I definitely wish it was better co-ordinated so we can avoid situation like this. Back in 2000 (maybe 2001), the Frontier League's London Werewolves played a doubleheader in which both teams were wearing dark blue alternates in the first game. When they came out for the second game, the Werewolves were wearing their whites, while the opponent was still wearing their alternates.
  15. I definitely prefer the first font, not the Carolina one. Overall, that looks SWEET.