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  1. My man! This is an incredible thread - as a Native to southern California I'm blown away by what you've done here. I'm a bit Biased but I'd love to see Manhattan Beach get a team if you're still looking for cities! Keep up the great work!
  2. Great work Mike, one nit picky design thing from me - on the ring on the Novas" logo it feels like the lower "shadow" ring should connect up to the top pink ring. I think that'd help it feel a little more grounded on the light color BG's and would help with hypothetical embroidery. I'd also like to see you push the Beavers a bit more - I think it works better in the B than the P but It took me a few long hard looks to see the whiskers and the teeth! But you're killing it as always love following along!
  3. Great work Colin, this is an unreal, comprehensive and well executed series! Great work and keep it up!
  4. Glad they're using my iceborn template in this picture
  5. I LOVE This Ren. I super dig the USAF inspiration. The darker red really does things for me. I also love how your Eagle I'm going to call it looks. It's tough to do birds in an original way because there are so many bird logos but I really love this. I'm not sure if you've seen my proposed Alt Logo but I feel like that would play well with this set. Thanks for taking up on my challenge, I'll have to return the deal sometime! As always keep up the great work!
  6. Love it! Love to see your take on the T-Birds if you're in the AHL Market and the now Providence Bruins and my birds have a bit of a rivalry
  7. Everything you do is garbage and I hate you
  8. I feel like this is a step in the right direction but I think the stars would work straight across in this one just to fit the more linear look you're going for, Great start!
  9. I really like where you're going with this I think I'd like to see it with the full pointed yoke and the Full Springfield Bird logo and the TS on the shoulder. Like the powder blue a lot!
  10. Don't think I can own the outline of a hockey player
  11. I agree, but BMA said "a week" 12 days ago. (it's fine, BMA, we understand) TVIXX, and myself, frankly want to know if there is any update. He is not being impatient, just wanting a check-in. I would do a X award for best concepts in each sport. Not as glamours but something nice to have as a award ...after seeing you gripe in the Logolympics thread for an "I VOTED" medal that's IN YOUR SIGNATURE RIGHT NOW, I think you just want to see more badges in people's signatures. Thing is: logos are still logos, regardless of sport. Having a best concept per sport would be a bear, seeing how many different concepts get posted for different sports daily - not to mention the concepts for fictional sports like Yakball and the Reflex League (nothing against it!). Football, Basketball, Baseball, Racing, Quidditch, Pro sports, College Sports, Minor League Sports...it would be like a participation award if you expand it for each sport category, and you run the risk of "offending" someone for not including their obscure sport as it's own category. BUT EVERYONE'S A WINNER HOW ELSE WILL WE ALL BE SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES
  12. WOW! this is super cool, I'm really flattered just to be nominated and to be in such great company. Crossing my Fingers!
  13. Here's one for you Ren, I currently go to El Camino College in Southern California, Our mascot is the Warriors. Our school in attempt to be more politicly correct uses the Arrow heard above for our sports teams but the campus is laden with native american warrior statues clearly implying that this is the so called warrior. I challenge you, if you will, to solve the dilemma of our age, how do you do a Native American Inspired logo without offending anyone. Here for your help is the School's academic logo Fun Fact our parking lot was used in the Dark Knight Rises
  14. I need vectors or at minimum a higher res bitmap Sorry here's a link to an ai file https://www.mediafire.com/?jg9wsn06po9g5bs
  15. These are great! I'd love if you could do My stags logo! Just the top one would be amazing! Love you stuff glad to see you're at it again!
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