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  1. http://customthrowbackjerseys.com/?fullSite=1 legit site? Cause if it is I neeeeeeeed a Mighty Ducks JS Giguere jersey
  2. That's awesome, what a steal! What size? It's a large, which is my size so I'm extremely happy.
  3. After almost 2 months of searching ebay every day for my whale, I've picked this beauty up for $70.00 NWT and couldn't be happier
  4. After getting back into hockey these playoffs after not paying much attention to it since the lockout in 04-05 I've decided that it would be really cool to get the four hockey jerseys my parents got me as a little kid. A white Mighty Ducks jersey (which I have a picture of myself in when I was three days old), a red Florida Panthers, white Canucks, and a black Coyotes. I also really want an Islanders fisherman jersey since I've adopted them as my new team to follow.
  5. Greg Ostertag purple mountains. Would pay so many dollars for this.
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