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  1. rapper Joey Bada$$ in a 90's-era Canucks jersey
  2. So the names on the back of KU's gray jerseys are in the current trajan font, clashing with the entire rest of the jersey. UGH.
  3. Here's a full article about the new KU unis. http://rockchalkblog.com/2014/01/11/kansas-wearing-alternate-jerseys-vs-k-state/ Here's the full article on the new KU unis.
  4. I probably had 50-100 different hats throughout the entirety of my childhood, but the one "first cap" I remember was my first fitted New Era MLB hat. Baltimore Orioles with the more realistic bird logo. Size 7 5/8.
  5. This is me in a Mighty Ducks jersey when I was three days old. My first Chiefs jersey
  6. This Whalers sweatshirt from my parents, which was pretty cool because both of them have very little interest in hockey.
  7. Isles 2013 Stadium Series uniforms
  8. Does anybody know where I can snag one of those Isles sweatshirts online? Or anybody that could pick one up in store for me?
  9. Looks like Minnesota will be using the green alts full time this year as they're listed as the home jerseys in NHL 14 http://youtu.be/z8p8t1V2A00?t=2m9s
  10. http://customthrowbackjerseys.com/?fullSite=1 legit site? Cause if it is I neeeeeeeed a Mighty Ducks JS Giguere jersey
  11. ouch, can't believe they kept the front number, got rid of the hem stripes, and made the shoulder patches the other shark logo
  12. That's awesome, what a steal! What size? It's a large, which is my size so I'm extremely happy.
  13. After almost 2 months of searching ebay every day for my whale, I've picked this beauty up for $70.00 NWT and couldn't be happier