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  1. I know double blue's a given considering the Man City/Yankees connection, but it's a shame that light blue's been overused in MLS.

    Apart from darker blue, light steel blue also looks very nice when combined with brick red and gold:



    So, considering the many brownstone houses in New York City, maybe that might be a nice fitting color scheme...


  2. Hi DawgPac,

    Using the art deco Chysler Building elements looks really cool! But as others said above, the bridge motive reminds more of San Francisco... So, instead of the bridge, how about a different motive on the shield? Maybe you could try a version of the crest with the Chrysler Building gargoyles/eagles?


  3. STANLEY_2013.jpg

    For some reason the new logo reminds me a lot of Caterpilar, with the color scheme and the triangle in the N. I realise they had the yellow and black going before as well, but it still looks much more 'CAT' than the old logo did... :huh:

  4. It is bad enough Texas A&M followed Texas Tech back in 1999 and beveled our logo. Now if we bevel our football helmets we will be following Texas Southern University.


    By the way, is anyone at Texas Southern University upset that the wordmark on their helmets is so close to Texas A&M? And are they also upset about the bevelling? Looking into their situation might give you some additional arguments, especially about brand confusion.

  5. As far as the length of the letter it was written to the administration as a letter and a study on the use of the beveled logo. I do not think a one sentence letter as suggested earlier would have the same impact. Aggies have stated that different parts of the letter appealed to them. Some cited the surveys and polls, others the beveled Tennessee T, misuse of the bevel, graphic analysis, SEC - Big 12 comparisons, etc. I'm not sure which parts I would cut out. Even if I eliminated 10 of the 15 pages some people would complain that the 5-page letter was too long, so I really can't win on the length argument.

    Hi Old Main,

    I am a newby on these boards myself, so what I write might not have much clout, but I think you would be able to present your point better if you are able to sum it up better. The way you are bombarding your audience with your ranting manifesto without warning kills any interest to seriously read through all of it and as Darth Brooks put it...

    [...] it's the manifesto that is so hilarious. You've had your say and the college, while noting it, is listening to the voice of a highly paid design studio. The design will change, for better or worse, when a VP of something decides changing things would sell more shirts.

    In other words, in order for you to win any argument it has to make business sense. And as for any business case, people will only give you their attention if the executive summary can stir their interest.

    So, think of a PowerPoint presentation slide as an example and sum up every argument you have in a concise bulletpoint that also includes a branding issue - each point no longer then 1 line. I give it a try and attempt to sum up your 5 most compelling arguments:

    • The bevel highlights are graphically incorrect and illogical, tainting the smart image of the university
    • The logo is constantly dispayed inconsistently (on helmets, merchandise and signages) which is diluting the brand
    • The logo with bevelling is harder to reproduce properly on Merchandise - and more expensive
    • The bevelling makes the wordmark hard to read when reproduced in small scale - and hence diluting the brand
    • Several surveys show that ca. 75% of readers (consisting of current students and alumni) prefer a non beveled logo

    Was that so difficult?

    When you have summed up your most important points, I am sure you will be able to fit them on half a page. And then maybe people will read it and take them seriously. Oh, and avoid any ranting, sarcasm, humor, etc. If you want to make a business case, then there is no room for that.

    I hope this helps! Good luck with your cause! :)