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  1. World Cup final 2006: I was only 4 when France won the World Cup in 1998, and watching footages of the insane joy of people in the streets had always frustrated me, how I wish I were 10 years older at that time to celebrate. Now you get how excited I was in 2006, finally I would be able to witness it. For those who don't know, Italy beat us in the penalty shootout. I cried my eyes out walking back home, seeing so many people in streets trying to hold their tears. Bad memory. French league season 2007, late may: FC Nantes is one of the biggest clubs in France, having won the league 8 times (the record is 10 for Saint Etienne, to give you the picture) and also holding the record for most consecutive seasons in the top flight, with 44 years in a row. But in 2007, we were close to relegation, and it happened. We had won 3-1 against long time rival Bordeaux, but Nice's win put us officially in the second league for the first time in 44 years. That was really painful. That was the day that settled this mythic club's fall into hell.
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