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  1. Sorry to hear that, Conrad! I really enjoyed and appreciated the work you did to create the fonts! Thanks for all you've done in the past and best of luck with your future projects!
  2. What zilch said. Not only is the site deleted but the topic on this ( forum has also been deleted. I wonder if maybe he received a cease and desist?
  3. Sorry if this is a bit on repeat today but I posted under the original topic that covers Conrads font pack releases but it appears as though the topic has been deleted. I'm just trying to find out what's going on with Conrad and his awesome fonts. His Wordpress page has been deleted and now the forum topic has disappeared! What's going on?! I always look forward to his releases because his fontwork is a big help for my jersey/general sports projects so it would be a shame if he had to stop making and posting his work. Thanks in advance for the info!
  4. Here are a few examples of the "versus" backgrounds. If anyone is interested just let me know! OSU vs Miss State Camo: Indiana vs Navy Camo (Helmets): Notre Dame vs Temple Tartan: Virginia vs Oregon Tartan (Helmets):
  5. With football season just around the corner, I'm going to start working on camo and tartan backgrounds for all of the college and professional teams that I haven't already made. I'm also going to make a few "match up" backgrounds with the home team logo on the right side and the visitors logo on the left. If anyone is interested in a "match up" or a "rivalry" background, let me know and I can make one. Thanks! @Pittab: I hope this is what you had in mind. If not then I can always redo them! Camo: Tartan:
  6. @Grant1Woods: I hope this is what you were looking for! If not I can make a different one not a problem. Thanks!
  7. I'm sort of a casual NBA fan and since I grew up in Oklahoma I ended up a Thunder fan by default. KD is a pretty cool guy so you chose wisely! I once went to a track meet at a college that had a blue track. But they're a small DII school so I didn't exactly fall in love. But Boises field is something else! A bit rough on the eyes if you're watching on the wrong TV but still cool. Glad you liked the backgrounds. I'm happy to do'em!
  8. @Kbaker19: Ok I've gotta be nosy and ask, how did you become a OKC Thunder fan being from Wisconsin and all? It seems a bit out of left field. Then again I grew up in Oklahoma and I'm a Packers fan (sorry 'bout that). Anywa, hopefully these are what you were looking for. If not I can always redo them no problem. Style 1: Style 2:
  9. @Kbaker19: Happy to do the background as always! But it seems that the first logo you asked for isn't showing up. You'll probably have to repost it or post a link to it. Is there a particular order that you want these to be in? Last time I just used the order that you had listed them. Also, tartan as before? Do you want X style or the traditional style? As soon as I get your preferences and the missing logo I'll get started!
  10. Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I have more camo options if anyone is interested. It's still digi but now in the colors of actual military camo. In case you wanted to get tactical on your desktop but still represent your team. Anyway, here are the options: Style 1: USMC desert (MARPAT) Style 2: Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Style 3: Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) Style 4: Universal Camo Pattern (UCP) Style 5: (Not sure of the official name, but it's the new pattern that Navy SEALs and Seabees are wearing) Style 6: USMC woodland (MARPAT woodland) Style 7: Multicam Style 8: Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Style 9: "Six Color" desert (this version isn't six because I didn't add the black) Also, since the last one didn't go through, here's the camo quarters style: Sorry for the huuuuuge post but I wanted to throw these out there and see if anyone is interested (not only do I have a lot of time on my hands, I'm also obsessed with camo). Thanks for looking!
  11. @KCScout76: I like the cardinal, it might become one of my new favorite logos! Here's the finished product: @Pens7637: I'm assuming (bad idea I know) that you wanted two separate backgrounds. If you want any changes made (you'd rather a different color scheme or different style of tartan) just let me know. Here they are: Pitt: Steelers: I've also decided to try something a little different. I made a few with camo on the top half and color on the bottom as well as camo cut into quarters. Right now I have football helmets as the "logo" but if anyone is interested I can make them with any logo. Style 1: Style 2: Also, here's one of Navys helmet from last year just for fun: As always, thanks for looking and I hope you like the pictures!
  12. @KCscout76: The first logo didn't go through but I Googled the school name and found this: Is that the one? If so then I have it made I just wanted to confirm it with you before I posted it. Here's the Devils version: As always the higher res version is on the Photobucket site. @Jaysfordays9: Guilty as charged on the Pens front! But I generally hold no serious grudge against sports teams. Except maybe for Manchester City and Chelsea... Thanks again for the good vibes! I appreciate it! One more thing Jays, did the Bruins version actually go through? I looked back on the post and it isn't showing up on my end. If it's not working on yours I can repost it.
  13. @Oaklandhusker: I'm a little bummed that it wasn't the elephant logo. I never really understood how the elephant ties in with the team, but I like it anyway. I did the tartan in two styles here as well just in case you might have preferred a bit of white: Style 1: Style 2: @Jaysfordays9: Glad you like the pictures and I really don't mind making these so it's no problem! I made two styles for the Tottenham background just in case you found the two colors a bit overpowering: Style 1: Style 2: I hope I got the correct Bruins logo (even if it hurt me just a bit to make this one!): Thanks again for the positive words! I'm glad you all like the pics!
  14. Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it! Just a few things: @Oaklandhusker: Are you talking about the logo with the elephant balancing on the ball (I like that one)? I didn't make yours yet since I wanted to be sure about the logo. @Jaysfordays9: @Kbaker19: I wanted to try a different style of tartan but I wanted to give you a choice of which one you might want: Style 1: Style 2: I can't quite get the second example to work properly (the white lines in between are not supposed to be there) so here's a link to the Photobucket page: Thanks again everyone!
  15. Hi guys! As usual I've taken way too long to reply. Thanks for the patience and the feedback! If you guys think there's anything that needs to change, don't hesitate to inform me! I'll try to do a better job and stay on top of things! KCScout76, yes I do take requests! By default the resolution is 1366x768 but if you prefer a different size I can do that. Other than that all I need to know is what type of background (camo or tartan), team (prefered logo is important), and colors. After that I'll post it here but the picture will also be on my Photobucket profile. @JoeHyphenE: