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  1. Sorry to hear that, Conrad! I really enjoyed and appreciated the work you did to create the fonts! Thanks for all you've done in the past and best of luck with your future projects!
  2. What zilch said. Not only is the site deleted but the topic on this (sportslogos.net) forum has also been deleted. I wonder if maybe he received a cease and desist?
  3. Sorry if this is a bit on repeat today but I posted under the original topic that covers Conrads font pack releases but it appears as though the topic has been deleted. I'm just trying to find out what's going on with Conrad and his awesome fonts. His Wordpress page has been deleted and now the forum topic has disappeared! What's going on?! I always look forward to his releases because his fontwork is a big help for my jersey/general sports projects so it would be a shame if he had to stop making and posting his work. Thanks in advance for the info!
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