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  1. Those half collars ruin every single jersey... What the heck compelled adidas to do this?
  2. side panels are still there...
  3. sweet jesus...this is a crime against humanity
  4. Long time lurker here...but is it me or does the Wings teaser look like it could be the smaller-winged wheel that was used way back in the Gordie Howe days?
  5. Brilliant! Although I do have one suggestion. Make the gray outline on the numbers a little thicker. It's not too noticeable right now. Again, great job on this. I'd buy the blue one in a heartbeat.
  6. The Thrashers had one of the strangest looks in NHL history (6 colors in primary logo?!?!?). I have simplified their look and and matched the home and road uniforms.
  7. Here's a quick fix on the striping. I'll try to get some silver in their somehow... Any ideas?
  8. The Hurricanes jerseys obviously need some improvement. What I did to fix them was keep the flag pattern, however it is much smaller and not as bold as the previous jersey sets' flag pattern. As well, I eliminated gray, which makes the jerseys seem a little more traditional, which is what the 'Canes were after. The third jersey is inspired by their current third, however this time the arm and hem stripes match each other. Also, I cleaned up the toilet logo.
  9. Here is an update. Let me know what you think.
  10. This is something I came up with that isn't a generic wordmark with a puck like the current Fuel logo. I feel like it's missing something, so C&C is welcome! Oh yea, for the colors, the gray is supposed to represent the hubcap of a wheel, the yellow is from the Indy Speedway logo, and the wings are too.
  11. IMO the new Coyotes jerseys suck so I came up with something that goes the direction they wanted to go, but looks more like a real hockey jersey. Also, this is my entry into the HJC Open, what do you guys think?
  12. Size small all embroidered 49ers Crabtree jersey for $7.49 @ Goodwill. Love that store. I know he's on the Raiders now, but it'll make a good birthday gift to one of my 49er bandwagon fan friends lol