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  1. I actually feel the same exact way. I was thinking of either changing the name to the colts or trying a new colorway/logo set
  2. Next up is the Houston Astros. I went with an old west kind of theme and used burnt orange and dark red-brown as colors. I thought cream home jerseys just made sense here. I know the colors are similar to the Longhorns but I think they are great color scheme for the look I was going for. However I'm not sure if I'm satisfied and I may attack the Astros from a different angle a little later.
  3. So I tried using the script from the friar's bat as the Jersey wordmark and it looks good, but i dont think I like it as much as the other script. For the road jersey I struggled finding a font that matched that script so I tried the hat logo on the jersey. I also got rid of the lettering under the sleeve patch. I'll recolor these later with brown yellow, brown orange, brown old gold, blue orange, and redskins throwback style dark red and old gold.
  4. Next up, I have taken a stab at the Braves. I do like their current unis, but during class I came up with these modern looking Indian/Warrior/Chief/Brave looking logos so I decided I'd see what they looked like if I used them as a way to modernize the braves. I eliminated a lot of the normal jersey piping for a more streamlined two color sleeve piping to make the jersey less busy. I also added gold as an accent color because I think it gives the braves a more classic look and it also compliments blue and red nicely IMO.
  5. Hi everyone, so I recently posted my first concept on here at and I've decided to make a post where I will post all my MLB concepts as they are ready. Like I stated in my previous post, the Uniform template used is based off of Tim O'Brien's template and I just added some elements. The cleats are a template I created myself and are an original design. I will start with the San Francisco Giants being that I am from San Francisco and they are my favorite team. Thanks for looking! Any C&C is appreciated. There will be many more teams to come!
  6. Thanks for all the love guys!! If anybody wants to work with the uniform templates I use photoshop and I'm no pro so sometimes the templates are a little annoying since I mad them, but PM me and I can send either a PSD or JPEG. I'm still trying to perfect the shoe and clear templates but I have a nike Huarache 2kfresh template that is ready, along with a new balance 4040 and new balance 3000 that I can send along.
  7. So I am not a huge fan of the Padres uniforms as of late, they are not bad looking but I just am not that interested in them so I decided to try my hand at some Padres Uniforms. I have loads of MLB concepts that I will posting in a new thread shortly but I thought I'd like to get some C&C on my padres concepts. And to give credit where credit is due the Uniform template is based off of Tim O'Brien's template, I just added a few elements to the template. The Cleat and Batting glove templates are ones that I created and are original designs, not existing nike cleats and batting gloves. Thanks!