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  1. Apparently that's some kind of fake which came out early this summer. Whoever did that used the logo of "Casa Milan" realised by Fabio Novembre to mockup a new crest. In my opinion that needs some work.
  2. Thanks, and yes, I took inspiration from both Inter Milan and especially Juventus recent redesign. I kind of think that with the new ownership it will not be long before AC Milan will go into some sort of rebranding process.
  3. Hi there, the reason why I changed the succession of black and red stripes was to balance the colors in the middle of the crest: as the Comune di Milano flag is the red cross on white background I thought I should use more black in the other half of the central circle. I did a quick research online to find out if there is any reason there are 6 stripes (3 red and 3 black) in the current crest but couldn't find any information on that. If anyone knows that would help. Cheers
  4. Yes they are ...and thanks.
  5. Hey there, the Serie A, Italian major soccer league, started again last weekend and while watching some of the games I couldn't avoid to notice how AC Milan crest look outdated compared to some others (e.g. Juventus or Inter Milan) which have been updated in the recent past. It just feel a bit too corporate (in a bad way) and blocky (probably the last time it's been updated was during the '80s). I've decided to give it a try and put together a quick presentation, also highlighting some of the issues I tried to fix. As usual, feedbacks are really welcome. Cheers
  6. Hi Zeus, It's not a template mockup, it's all photoshopped...I used some old Chicago Bulls uniforms as a starting point. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, Latest are that I decided to go on with the latest design I posted on this topic. I fixed slightly the design (made the rays a bit wider and adjusted the color palette). I'm attaching it below for references. I'm kind of going on with this concept (at the moment I'm designing an alternate logo and the separate woodmarks) and at some point I will structure everything into a proper presentation. For the moment, I wold like to use this post like a team work session so I'm throwing to the table a couple of mockups I realised in the last two days for the game uniforms. Again, they are a starting point but I will not mess around too much with them. The idea behind them is, again, simplicity and a vintage feeling, especially in the collar design and material (check the full size image for details). So, no crazy big logos or weird geometric patterns. As usual, would love to have feedbacks and suggestion in order to move forward. Thanks.
  8. I'm a bit confused about these Timberwolves posts (this one and the one by MasterAmino): who came up with the Version B wolf design? They are slightly different but clearly the same design (with the hidden tree into the wolf fur). Edit: I'm sorry, I've just realised that the design is actually based on the current Twolves alternate logo. Still, those two are actually very similar
  9. A quick update following some thoughts I had, sorry for the double post. I was actually thinking about that feedback saying that it was difficult to get over the fact that the logo is so similar to the vintage Supersonics one. As I said, I've basically took over from that structure so it's something which doesn't bother me. However, while I was doing the changes I posted earlier, I had a play around with the basketball and came out with an alternative version which made the design even more simpler. I thought I wouldn't have published that but it's now growing on me so I'm kind of curious to see what people think. You got to give the people what they want. Cheers
  10. Thanks you all for your feedbacks. I've been quite busy with my job but as I said, I will go own with the concept and develop a complete new identity for the franchise. Now, a couple of thinks: - I appreciate all the feedback about the gradient and others about adding some trim etc... However, I would like to keep the identity as simple as possible and maybe line it up with what the Raptors and Nets have done recently, keeping an eye on "daily fashion" and not necessarily just "sport fashion". So, I would probably will not develop any other layer in term of colors and accents and take away the gradient. - Said that, as much as I like a simple Helvetica woodmark, I see that a lot of feedback have run around using a different typeface. So, I've tried to find a simple one but a bit more "sporty". I also think it has a nice retro feeling, going back to the typeface the Suns used in the 90s (especially that specific N shape...so you can read SUNS both ways). - Finally, yes, I see your points about rays...even if they are part of the concept as they line up with the lines on the basketball, I have decided to explore a different shape. But I kept it simple. Overall, I'm quite happy with the result. I will probably have a play with that letters H and E has I'm not completely happy with them. More updates soon.
  11. A quick update about the concept. I've tried to add some accent colour using a gradient on the ball. I usually hate gradients but this one is not too bold. Anyway, still not sure it's a good idea. Also switch to purple instead of black, just to give it a try. I will add some more experiments in the next few days and hopefully I will expand the concept to a proper identity. P.S. - I know that the woodmark it's quite simple compared to usual sport logos but the idea is to design a simple and clean identity instead of the usual "in your face" ones.
  12. Hey there, I have developed a new concept for the Phoenix Suns identity. It's clearly just a concept so not even close to an entire identity scheme, but the primary logo is pretty much developed. It's a clear tribute to a couple of my loves: Modernism as a style of graphic design (even if with a contemporary twist) and the Seattle Supersonic (yes, the design take the lead from the same structure of the Sonics classic logo). To maintain the connection with the present, I kept the two primary colours the franchise is using right now, black and orange. However, this is something I would like to experiment more in the next few days. Let me know what you guys think, any feedback appreciated. Cheers,
  13. Have you try to put everything into a circle like the most recent NBA logos? You could use the top arch for "Mount Whittier" and the bottom one for the classic "Est. YYYY". I think this choice may help the balance of the logo and also the reproduction on a larga scale of products. Also, you may want to make the base of the triangle/mountain wider (increase the top corner) to give the element a bit more of stability. In general, I like the concept.
  14. I wouldn't pay too much attention on the real anatomy of the raptor...the current one is not accurate at all but still looks good ! However, I would try to make those hands a bit better, maybe changing the angle of one of them to make them closer to the one on MJ picture. I like the "Update" version but I would definitely take off the CN Tower...there's too much going on and you don't want to mess too much with the identity. The concept should be as clean and as direct as possible: either you go with the raptor or you go with the CN Tower. The maple leafs could stay because you find a good way to "hide" them in the design and they looks like part of the greenery. Finally, I really think you should consider adding some white on the wood mark...right now the "TORONTO RAPTORS" is the perfect size but everything it's too flat...I think you need something that breaks a bit the design and stands out. By the way, you should add some white (as tertiary) on the uniform as well. P. S. - I don't like the gold and black combo but that's your choice Darker version it's better.
  15. ...thank you all for feedbacks ! The entire thing was more a joke and I was just supposed to go through a boring afternoon. As a lot of us, I was very disappointed about the design revealed on Thursday so I decided to go back to this Phoenix Suns project and realize a proper corporate design. As a fan I have thought about improving the Suns identity for a long time and looking back at my sketches I found some interesting stuff which I draw back in 2001. I remember that I was very disappointed about the introduction of the grey in the colour palette and I tried a cleaner solution to what they had done. I made a digitalized version of that, just to show you what should have been the way to take for the refreshment of their logo. (I didn't spend too much time on that...it was just a quick draft). Anyway, this is NOT what I'm going to develop now. I will probably take another direction, closer to the one I already post but considering all your advices. More of that soon. Thanks,