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  1. Despite the logo being accurate to the reference image, the placement of the Dorsal fin, as mentioned by someone else earlier, just looks a little too far back.
  2. I know this is purely about the concepts, but I'm going to give some real life feedback. As a Grand Rapids native, I can't really get behind the Mammoths identity, at least not in it's current state. Maybe add some local flair to your designs to link it to the city. The designs are pretty good on their own, but would not work practically for me.
  3. The concept looks good, but that moon looks familiar... Maybe take the Luna out of it?
  4. Um... This takes place on a fictional planet, correct? Does this planet also have Dutch people? If not, why are you using the name "Flying Dutchmen"?
  5. I think I'd find a way to differentiate the Kings' version from the official logo. I think the two are just way too similar, if not identical. Otherwise, I really like this idea. Also, maybe find a way to differentiate Carolina and New Jersey? (Maybe a bit of green on NJ?)
  6. Those kits fixed everything I didn't like initially about Moncton. They clearly distinguished themselves from Port of Spain with the kits.
  7. What is offensive about the logo? The Nazi eagle. That isn't nazi, that is the current German coat of arms. Hate to break it to you, but that debate happened a long time ago. It's long since been decided that it was fine.
  8. I like Moncton, but I think it may be a little too similar to Port of Spain. They have similar color schemes and both feature an axe. Maybe I'm too nitpicky, but Port of Spain was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this.
  9. Not sure if I like the heavy maple leaf theme for Calgary, but I guess every league with Canadian teams is bound to have at least one team with maple leaves all over the place.
  10. This isn't a criticism, but I was just wondering what inspired the stripes on the Nashville set? Do they have some sort of significance to either Nashville or Hounds, or is it purely for design purposes? Or is it a music related thing, like a vinyl record? Again, just wondering.
  11. Simple, keep the Redskins name, but change the logo to a potato. Flawless plan.
  12. I love this, the muted (I think that's the right word) colors work really well for this.
  13. Okay, I posted for the first time a few weeks ago, and after I noticed yet another reference, I had to post again. I absolutely love this, along with your other concepts.