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  1. Me neither, I actually tend to like a lot of the hated hockey uniforms, but honestly, I think most of them would've been really good minor-league jerseys instead of NHL.
  2. I actually don't hate the Sabre's new Alt. I think it was a decent idea, but wasn't executed to it's fullest potential. I also kinda like the Islanders black "basketball text" alt.
  3. - I liked the color schemes in the 90's and early 2000's. Astros to red & gold, Sabres to Black & Red (I loved that one), LA Kings in Purple, Canucks in Blue/maroon, Detroit Pistons in teal (loved the logo), 76ers in black & gold, etc. - I like the fisherman logo. - I thought the raptors jersey with the differently colored front and back was awesome. - I like gradient uniforms (Not including the Jags helmet) - I like the Thrashers identity, and the new Winnipeg Jets logo. - It's dumb to include blue on the Red Sox jersey. That being said, I hate any team that uses White/red, except the Red Wings. - I don't like the Tampa Bay Rays identity, the 'Devil Rays' is much better. - I liked the Angels logo/jersey from 97-01.
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