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  1. Yes sir...most of my newer stuff is all 3D printed.
  2. Here's a couple custom Pocket Pro helmets I have done over time. I actually dropped in to see if there were any falcons concept logos that anyone had posted up and then found this fun little thread. I've been doing custom Pocket Pros for about 10 years. I focus on getting my decal layouts to match exactly what the teams wore on the field for that particular helmet/game. I have a bunch more, including a lot of 3D printed ones I have been doing lately but didn't want to thread hijack. Always cool seeing other people's custom micro helmets! You can see a bunch more of my stuff on the Kentucky Custom Sports FB page or by following my Twitter account - HokieCustoms 2014 UNC Military Appreciation helmet on standard Riddell Speed Pocket Pro Shell 2017 Virginia Tech Military Appreciation helmet on standard Riddell Speed Pocket Pro shell 3D printed Riddell Speed shell with custom mask attached with micro screws to give a more authentic look! Got this one so glossy that it was difficult to take pics in my lightbox from the glare. One of my favorite more recent projects.
  3. Everyone keeps saying this, but look at the thread title people. It says PRO SPORTS. Last I heard the Virginia Institute of Technology was still a university and players aren't SUPPOSED to be payed. ...and yet there are still very few if any PRO teams that use it, correct? VT was thrown in there for reference.
  4. Thanks. I'll see if I can pen those out in Illustrator.
  5. Anyone have an idea on this one?
  6. Collegiate combat looks like is have the Nike Univers font many have been asking about - FYI Another great set...donation coming.
  7. I could use both - pm sent
  8. Rumors starting to circulate that Virginia Tech "will almost certainly" have an all-maroon uni again (finally!) and that there is a Matte White helmet making the rounds with the equipment staff that has everyone all geeked up. Nothing solid lead wise, so take it with the proverbial grain of salt.
  9. Yeah, I started with the Houston AFL font and the one is completely different.
  10. I'm trying to figure out this font for an old-school player custom Bob Schweichert - QB - Virginia Tech Any help is appreciated guys, thanks.
  11. Plus I thought Manuel played fairly well in spots for a rook. He was hurt most of the season and that was what hurt the Bills. Getting him a Spiller back healthy will be huge for them.
  12. They already did it with the '09 Pro Combat uniforms that where all white with all of these aspects. I basically just applied them to the Black '10 Pro Combat color scheme to make a hybrid of the two since those are two of my favorite one-off Hokie Uniforms. I agree on the helmet logo, It doesn't really "pop" with the darker maroon in the middle.
  13. There is an ongoing Twitter campaign for the Hokies to wear the all-black uniforms again for the UVA game this year which falls on Black Friday weekend. I tried to do a hybrid concept (with the small bit of AI working knowledge that I have) of the '09 Pro Combat unis in the back scheme. This is my first try at a uniform concept. I still don't know how to use clipping masks or anythng like that so all the adjustments had to be done with direct select. Be gentle...