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  1. The Reds' MLB beat writer speculates the Reds may have a new alt in 2020, possibly based on one of their throwbacks. Link here (note: you'll have to scroll past some pipe dreams about acquiring Mookie Betts): Excerpt:
  2. And remember, it's not just as the crow files. We're talking about the folks in between. The Cards have a strong fan base in Memphis/West Tennessee. The Reds pull from Louisville/Lexington and middle and eastern Kentucky. The Braves are the "Team of the South" and have devoted fans in pretty much all of their neighboring states. But alas, I suppose we will have to wait and see.
  3. Well, they claim it (look at their respective blackout areas, offseason buss tours, etc.), but as I understand it, existing ownership votes on expansion cities. I have a tough time believing those three would be happy about a new franchise in Nashville.
  4. Nashville is great sports town. However, I'm skeptical you'd get the owners of the Braves, Cardinals and Reds to sign off on that, given the way those clubs view their TN fans.
  5. Not sure I if should laugh or cry (or both). I guess we'll always have bobblehead nights. Good God.
  6. Soooo.... anyone heard anything about the Reds making changes? I mean, they have 15* solid throwbacks from 2019 to start from... #CancelTheDropshadow *Okay, 14. Keep the 1999 in the throwback column permanently.
  7. If it were up to me (ha!), of the throwbacks I'd go with the '69 set for home, a (modernized, less nightmarish) '56 set on the road, and the '39 set for all American holidays in lieu of whatever awful sets the MLB is pushing for July 4, etc.
  8. There are close ups of all the Reds' throwback uniforms on their twitter feed: Sorry, I'm not smart enough to embed it. https
  9. I don't think it's that Cincinnati is "southern" so much as it is a river city. It seems like most of the major cities that were oriented toward the Ohio River/Mississippi River are to some degree culturally separated for the rest of their state (Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, St. Louis, etc.).
  10. There have been several statements from Reds' beat writers that there will be some recognition (at least by the team) of the 150th anniversary of the Red Stockings, and some speculation that it may be in the form of an alt and/or usage of the Old English style "C" currently used on the Reds' BP hats (meh - Ed.). It would be nice to see to the league do some tribute as well, minus the labor relations nightmare that was 1994.
  11. Indeed. That's why I suspect some sort of change will come in '19, especially with an anticipated 1869-2019 commemoration in some form. Hopefully Castellini won't meddle as much with the unis as he has with the roster, but I'm not holding my breath!
  12. I think you're right that this is the first time for the Reds to wear the red alt on the road during the regular season. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward, including whether/to what extent there are changes in 2019. I could live with this look on occasion, but for me it only continues to accentuate how ridiculous those black-billed road hats are. If they're "switching things up" at the end of another lost season, I would think those would be the first to go!!!
  13. Exactly. It was a reintroduction, to be sure. But it was not BFBS in the same way as, say, the Mets.
  14. De gustibus non disputandum est. However, I still argue that while the motivation at the time was likely to ride some of the BFBS wave, the actual uniform itself was an homage to the early '60s look:
  15. There's plenty of black in the Reds uniforms prior to the 90s BFBS era and their '99-'06 set. In my opinion, the common denominator is not the use of black per se, but the use of dropshadow as an element. Imagine a new alt based on the '99-'06 set that returns to an earlier version of the logo incorporating black: